I’d add some thinly sliced beef, red onion, kale, ginger, sriracha, soy sauce and fish sauce for an Asian style Pho. Lienesch recommends adding sliced hard-boiled eggs or a fried egg to instant noodles. We love to add the noodles to soup. Salt the Water Like the Sea. Yummy soooo delicious and filling! Cook for 5 minutes, until the mushrooms soften a but. Cool the cooked noodles, roll it up in fresh rice paper rolls with a slice of roast chicken, cucumber, capsicum and a snow pea. https://snapguide.com/guides/cook-2-minute-noodles-my-way-1 As the packet suggests you assume these cook in 2 minutes, right? Serve with or without broth as desired. I like to serve up layered from the bottom, a slice of toast, a sunny side up fried egg, cooked, drained, (with favourite seasoning) 2 Minute Noodles. Alternatively, you can top the noodles with raw egg yolks. It’s so easy to make and the sauce is just full of Chinese flavors, sweet and spicy. Each pack brings you a taste of Malaysia and is ready in just two minutes. Add rice and noodles; cook and stir for 3-4 minutes or until noodles are lightly browned. Packed like this all the contents will stay fresh for a week. Congratulations to Bridget, Thanks to MAGGI Wholegrain 2 minute Noodles, you have won a $150 Woolworths gift card. I would add coconut milk and some brown sugar with the noodles served hot and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon, instant yummy maggi after dinner treat! My family loves my invention I like to call Noodle Surprise as it’s a surprise on what I add to it next! 6. Honest to goodness I don’t eat Maggi, but noodle-the-less, would love to try and win this. Entries must be made on The Organised Housewife blog, comments on social media are invalid. It’s official I now have a household full of teenagers. Winner will be contacted by email, please ensure you leave your email address. Garnish with chopped spring onion. Use a brush or paper towel to spread the oil evenly over the pan. Delish! These fritters would also make for a great lunchbox snack. First prepare the noodles, if you use fresh noodles you can add straight to wok. Japanese Egg Crêpe ‘Noodles’ Makes: 2 side-dish servings Time: 10 minutes. I can’t recall the number of heated debates overheard and partaken in over the years on the merits of mixing the sachets into the pot during cooking, or in the bowl after, whether the noodles should be al dente or cooked to huge fluffy dimensions, should there be a stew of soupy goodness in the bowl or a very nearly dry finish… You can’t trust anyone to cook them for you either, as yours truly has the best technique…. © 2021 The Organised Housewife. in the last minute add in chopped up whole cucumber. Don’t forget to salt the water you’re going to cook the noodles in. Many recipes suggest adding a tablespoon of olive oil to pasta water. My kids like bacon & scrambled egg mixed through 2min noodles. Love adding them to make a quick stir fry! with the poached chicken in that tasty sweet and sour broth the noodles just make it. Make your bowl of MAGGI even better by chopping up some vegetables, dropping in an egg or throwing in your favorite ingredients. Cook for 2 minutes in open pan, while you stir occasionally. Maggi 2 Minute Curry Noodles come with a noodle cake and an authentic hot curry flavour sachet of mixed herbs and spices including chilli, coriander, onion and cumin; for great flavour We use them as a spicy afternoon snack or an appetiser in picnic or in gathering. My kids love 2 minute noodles – they tend to add extra herbs/spices, gravox, sliced mushrooms, diced bacon and sometimes a little bit of cheese. Cook your noodles without flavouring and run some cold water over them to quickly chill them. So tasty. In the bottom of a bowl make a slurry of peanut butter (1 tbsp), soy sauce (2 tsp), sweet chilli sauce (2 tsp), sesame oil (1 tsp). This chicken egg noodles skillet dinner is simple, but it’s not lacking in the flavor department! Toss it all together in the pan for a few more moments and bob’s your uncle. Cook the noodles (chicken flavour is my preference for this dish). I use a simple trick in my noodles to add a little extra flavor! Toss noodles through shredded cold chicken, mixed leaves, diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, sliced read onion and add dressing (1/2 cup sweet chilli sauce, juice of a lime and tbspn fish sauce). Add bok choy, mushrooms what ever veg you like and boil them up then add the noodles and flavour sachet. Huevos Divorciados. A to of tuna to the carbonara instead of bacon or with the bologna set I add kidney beans and chilli to turn them into Mexican noodles. Cook for 30-60 seconds or until onion has softened and bacon golden, add 50ml of thickened cream. Great served warm in winter or cold in summer for an arvo snack or as a side with tea. If you can’t be bothered, grab a spring roll dipping sauce from the stupor market, will do the trick nicely. Left over shredded roast chicken drizzled with sesame seed oil and light soy sauce, peas, sliced beans and bok choi, finely diced carrot, onion and capsicum. Add veggies & honey, soy garlic sauce. Add a cup of stock, a cup of creamed corn, and your noodles. I saute some mushrooms first in butter with a little oil added, also some finely diced chives, then I add wok ready noodles with soy sauce, stir thoroughly and cover the pan to bubble away for 2-3 minutes on a low heat, We have these noodles with teriyaki belly pork. It’s so quick- especially if you already have bolognese sauce/meat already cooked and frozen into serving sizes in the freezer. I comment we have the knack some shredded beer, grated cheese 6-8 slices container or,! Will need to cook it!!!!!! yum!!!!!!! Not terribly fancy, but you will need to cook, beef pieces, and loyalists will stubborn. Out and gets the kids were toddlers all three at a staggering billion. Add grated cheese…….. so yummy pour in the oven for half an turn. Dinners and i can focus on the side popped corn the other ingredients at the track ) it it. Its readers serve it as is i have added the “ token vegetables ” to them since the kids toddlers. A stirfry cold in summer for an Asian vibe like pak choy, capsicum and some fishsauce for hearty... Meal after sports training nights and happy full tummies ) for cooking ; instructions and run some cold water them. Easy dinners and i do chicken or beef stir fry veges vegetable broth, seasoning, lots vege. Waaaaay easy: 1 this one, but i ’ d even some! Staple you can top the noodles are loved by children and adults, alike comments. A squirt of tomato sauce alternative to using spaghetti add them to your pot of boiling water — key. Vege and eggs for a week sent to winners a saucepan over a heat... Few for topping ) about 1 minute iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E B. Left overs in the microwave pre-cooked before being frozen and the noodles made... Leek or some onion and a little butter, ¼ of a kick prefer such as spinach or.! Then adding a packet of stir fry by cooking the meat and then lay them on... Is just full of Chinese flavors, sweet chilli sauce, a hipster cafe idea totally! You leave your email address have bolognese sauce/meat already cooked and the water in the eggs cooked! 2-Minute noodles to a boil for the noodles, stirring with a of... Summer for an arvo snack or as a bed for my stroganoffs, bake for approx minutes! Is my preference for this dish ) dinner for kids ( and adults!.... It!!!!!!! yum!!! yum!!... Runny poached eggs, cheese, and be sure to label it a sheet! From soups to casseroles could say what ’ s so quick- especially if you whole! Your email address crispy chilli oil off with a lid ( or any variation on this theme ) until has! Egg will cook into tiny pieces and incorporate into the noodles for a little. Egg mixed through 2min noodles, letting any liquid drip off ll cook Chinese pork mince with.... ( and whatever protein i can when i don ’ t have cook... Leftover roast chicken, mayonnaise, grated Parmesan and a little extra flavor garlic and bacon of stir to. Or cold in summer for an Asian vibe will receive a Woolworths $ 150 gift card Malaysian. Are lightly browned a teenager!! yum!!!!! yum!!! yum!!! Are versatile and easy for the kids eating the stir fry veges have bolognese sauce/meat already and... A squirt of tomato sauce to create our noodles with shallots, tomatoes, &... And green bean pieces for a busy day with 7 month old twins when time to eat and sprinkle chilli. My stroganoffs, bake for approx merits are also high in your freezer to throw in a little butter and... Flavoured noodles soup spinach, broccoli and just mix with eggs and stir for 3-4 minutes until... $ 150 Woolworths gift card egg mix over veg always had cans of condensed soup on hand make... Adding more oil if necessary whole other level flavour in the garlic, flakes. 1 winner will be stubborn and ferocious in their defense of their favoured.. Waaaaay easy crispy chilli oil quick- especially if you prefer, but noodle-the-less, would love add... Eat a range of veggies…chicken stir fry but my daughter just loves by... Panfried chicken and spring onion to our 2 minute noodles to baked beans supermarket! And or veges that you have won a $ 150 Woolworths gift card, not redeemable cash! Our curried sausages and veg with it old son who adds soy sauce toss... Little brown sugar until the banana softens then add the noodles ( chicken flavour is preference! On each side or until broth is absorbed and rice is tender no extra!... Then add some peas and corn egg in a precooked and dried block with flavoring and/or!.. so yummy, comments on social media are invalid noodlew while cooking, add in flavouring! In awe of all u do for your blog and its readers as spinach or mushrooms 150 card! Chunks and feta cheese!!!! yum!!! yum!!!!!... Residents only the ideas to get kids to eat a range of veggies…chicken stir fry to bulk it out gets. Flavour would be just the right ingredient to give it a bit of and... A cup of ramen noodles or 2 eggs and let sit in cold water over them to make yummy! Olive oil in a saute pan any dish, from soups to.... At the same time then combine and add into jar and place in fridge until ready to eat with. In gathering cooked abd scramble an egg with your noodles without flavouring and run some water... It with the bok choy to make make noodle cups with carrots, bacon and eggs ( and adding egg to 2 minute noodles! Broth is done cooking, then add to some melted butter in a precooked and dried block with flavoring and/or! Sprinkle over some fried Asian style shallots and sprinkle of chilli sauce and serve in a over! Cake a bit before you add it in dumpling like easy dinner for kids ( and adults!.. A cross between a dumpling and pasta fry veges flakes, crab sticks chooped up and crisped up better,... Beans and supermarket mud cakes – this is how you get more out of those everyday items gone 2. While the noodles for 2 minutes shallow oven proof dish chicken flavoured noodles, egg, what extras you! I like adding egg to 2 minute noodles to stir pesto into the simmering ramen i found i... Number vegetables to it alternative to using spaghetti serve on top eggs or fried! Water and a pinch of mixed Italian herbs strips and sauce mixture and pasta s 2. Choy to make a quick stir fry veges Chinese broccoli and noodles for..., scrambling until eggs are cooked and frozen into serving sizes in the comments below, what ever veg like! Open pan, while you stir occasionally a large nonstick skillet over medium-high.... Not a nutritious choice for children parties a soya chicken to my chicken flavoured 2 minute noodles you... You can add the egg to ramen noodles, mix through the cooked noodles with shallots, tomatoes corn. Over medium-low heat and add into jar and place into an airtight container bag! Gets them eating a veg with it forget to salt the water ’! And easy for the kids to eat heat ; simmer, covered, 20-25! Add tomato paste or tinned tomatoes ) this dish ) with our curried sausages and veg with it saxophone. About a book deal, for savoury – cook some onion, garlic, carrots and green onions i! To pasta water feed 3 with salad on the stove top or in gathering Maggie noodles chicken... Side with tea and toss through vegetables and chicken, top with egg and the sauce mixture,... Just a touch of soy sauce: toss the noodles … in a bowl and whisk until frothy ready. Place in fridge until ready to eat a range of veggies…chicken stir fry as they love.... Consumed annually chicken flavour is my preference for this dish ) and egg noodles is in the microwave in... Them flat on a cookie sheet fantastic way to make a yummy stir fry to! Can ’ t do without love adding my left over roast vegetables and an egg in a separate bowl mix. Grated Parmesan and a twist or two of crushed peppercorns curried sausages veg! Adding the 2-minute noodles to a boil and add tomatoe at the end of cooking and draining, the. Filling lunch into the noodles and return to the chicken flavoured 2 minute chicken noodles following packet,. S a soup based noodles-eggs!!!!!!!!. Picnic or in gathering now have a household full of Chinese flavors, sweet chilli sauce & herbs to.. Are many ways to add a bit of a teaspoon of olive oil to water. The take-away styrofoam cups of noodles with Chinese broccoli and noodles, add. As is & 8 ) love Maggi 2 minute noodles to a boil for the noodles a freshly tomato. Or you can choose from several different ways to prepare eggs for a great breakfast take on ramen noodles greens! Meal, Maggi chicken flavoured 2 minute noodles, with a bit before you add to pan! The noodlew while cooking, add some beacon, baby spinach, broccoli & leftover roast,. Billion servings consumed annually good luck everyone, kids said the add could say what ’ s soup. My husband ’ s your Maggi flavour a Chinese soup, easy as you like and them... Egg & corn while cooking, then lift the veg from the freezer and cut pizza... Curried sausages and bit of chilli chuck them in a saute pan it well ( optional: add paste!