Full-time students may read up to five modules per regular semester, while part-time students may read only up to two modules per regular semester. It will provide students with a solid foundation in data science and machine learning, and computing skills in data analytics. This new research institute is a key pillar of the NUS’ Smart Nation Cluster, which aims to contribute to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative by developing deep and strategic capabilities in data science, analytics and optimisation, and cybersecurity. “To achieve these goals, IDS will foster strong collaborations between researchers from different disciplines, as well as with industry and policy makers. The first involves the development of novel enabling technologies to identify, model and predict the flow of talents across geographical regions over time. Many businesses and institutions are already using data analytics to enhance productivity, reduce cost and improve product and service quality.”, He elaborated, “NUS has extensive strengths in data analytics, operations research and cybersecurity. Environment, Integrative Sciences Reports, Press It is jointly offered by the Faculty of Science’s Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, the School of Computing's Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. At NUS-ISS, we believe that data science has its own specialisations and unique learning paths can be followed by different individuals. The NUS PhD (Data Science) programme is jointly hosted by the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS) and the Institute of Data Science (IDS). However, they have also become prime targets for spreading fake news and misinformation. The NUS PhD (Data Science) programme is jointly hosted by the NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS) and the NUS Institute of Data Science (IDS). Those who are working in Singapore and applying for admission into the part-time MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning programme may upload a copy of their most-recent pay slip. Memory Ageing and Cognition Centre (MACC) The NUS Mind-Science Centre (NMSC) is an academic research centre at the Department of Psychological Medicine under the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Students who take elective modules from two or more Graduate Certificate tracks will be eligible to be awarded at least two Graduate Certificates along with the Master’s Degree upon completion of the programme. Awards, Dr Oon Chiew Seng: Overcoming adversity and seizing opportunity, A Class of Their Own: Passing on the legacy of thinking, Conservation scientist Prof Koh Lian Pin appointed as Nominated Member of Parliament, NUS scientists find new mechanism of cancer formation, The role of universities in startup regions, Arts & Social Harnessing big data to inform decision and policy-making. The new NUS Institute of Data Science will coordinate these interdisciplinary efforts and create a critical mass of researchers focused on this important area of research. Eminent NUS historian Professor Wang Gungwu receives prestigious Tang Prize The 2020 Tang Prize in Sinology has been awarded to Professor Wang Gungwu, University Professor at NUS Arts and Social Sciences and one of the world’s foremost experts on the Chinese diaspora. Interdisciplinary data science hub at NUS. The project may involve an analysis of a large collection of search queries to understand the needs of information seekers and offer insights into how behaviours are shaped through information obtained online. We work closely with patients, the public, NHS organisations, researchers, and clinicians to promote the safe and ethical use of data for research into the causes, prevention and treatment of all diseases of the heart and circulation. This began a … From oil driller to “data driller” Read More » a bank statement) indicating the availability of funding of at least S$40,000 or its equivalent. CM1401 Chemistry for Life Sciences* OR ST1232 Statistics for Life Sciences * If a precluding module to CM1401 (i.e. Engineering, Financial You will get to learn practical skills targeted at building industry professionals with an emphasis on basic Python programming, the Pandas and scikit-learn libraries, and Colaboratory Juptyer notebooks. 16. The University reserves all rights to review fees as necessary and adjust accordingly without prior notice. MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning (about DSA5201) Student will study different practical issues of data science through this module. Hence, applicants will only be able to select the “Self-finance” option in GDA2. NUS launches new Institute of Data Science, Press Learn from the best of academia and industry, The NUS MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning is supported by leading NUS researchers in data science as well as data scientists from industry. Because the MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning is a self-funded programme (i.e. Education, Design & CM1121 or CM1402 or CM1501) is passed, the precluding module is accepted to be fulfilling the Second Major in Life Sciences in lieu of CM1401. Dr. Amirhassan Monajemi . The Data Analytics and Consulting Centre is a consulting unit closely linked with the DSA programme. • Admissions to the programme is granted on a competitive basis as places in the programme are limited. Room, Staff This webinar is jointly organized by the NUS Centre for Trusted Internet and Community, and the Institute of Data Science.

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