Ny bok om BtVS

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Ny bok om BtVS

Inläggav herdware » tis mar 19, 2013 17:59

Den här boken tror jag inte nämnts på forat.
Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series, this lavishly produced book is the first authorized, fully illustrated retrospective of the hit show. Focusing on the making of the series, the book explores the characters and mythology of the Buffy universe and follows the evolution of all seven seasons. Die-hard Whedon fans will also learn about his involvement in other projects, including Angel, Firefly, and more. Housed in a foil-stamped slipcase, this volume features more than 120 images, including rare behind-the-scenes photos, sketches, props and memorabilia from the Twentieth Century Fox archives, along with stills from the most pivotal on-screen moments. Tucked in the inside cover of the case is an envelope holding “Slayer Lore: Texts and Magicks for the Battle.” These 13 removable pieces are replicas of the ancient spells and prophecies the characters used on-screen to defeat vampires, demons, and other monsters, making this a treasure-trove for every Buffy fan.

Methos skrev:Apparently it includes information like Sunnydale is apparently San Diego. The book includes a prop map of Sunnydale from the TV show, showing where the high school, the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater & Science Center, Wilken's Grove and the WorldBeat Center are, and the layout is clearly based on San Diego's Gaslamp district... or how about The United States government totally collapsed during season 4. At least, that's what a prop newspaper created for use during "Hush" claims... apparently the United States House and Senate both dissolved as governing bodies...

San Diego? Wat?

Fattar ni att det nyligen var 15 år sedan BtVS började sändas i USA?
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