The 7th-century Buddhist traveller Xuanzang describes the region in his accounts. As Ladakh is a part of the strategically important Kashmir region, the Indian military maintains a strong presence in the region. This three-way division of Nyimagon's empire was recognised as historic and remembered in the chronicles of all the three regions as a founding narrative. Many other Muslims were invited over the following years for various purposes.[44]. [61], The demand for Ladakh as separate Union Territory (UT) was first raised by the parliamentarian Kushok Bakula Rinpoche around 1955, which was later carried forward by another parliamentarian Thupstan Chhewang. The most popular sport in Ladakh is ice hockey, which is played only on natural ice generally mid-December through mid-February. The king agreed to pay tribute to the Mughals in return for defending the kingdom. Maps showing the options and pitfalls of possible solutions. In 1989, there were violent riots between Buddhists and Muslims. Its closeness to Leh, the capital of Ladakh makes it more accessible to the trekkers. Ladakh is also home to the Tibetan gazelle, which inhabits the vast rangelands in eastern Ladakh bordering Tibet. Temperature ranges are from 3 to 35 °C (37 to 95 °F) in summer and minimums range from −20 to −35 °C (−4 to −31 °F) in winter.[68]. [15] The Leh district contains the Indus, Shyok and Nubra river valleys. The Mons are believed to be descendants of earlier Indian settlers in Ladakh, and traditionally worked as musicians, blacksmiths, and carpenters. 65% of children attend school, but absenteeism of both students and teachers remains high. Indian Army apprehends Chinese soldier in Ladakh, second such incident in three months; MoS Reddy to head committee for 'protecting language, culture and land of Ladakh' Border standoff, demand for constitutional safeguards kept Ladakh in news in 2020; Union Territory of Ladakh gets its own meteorological centre Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Zanskar Winter Sports and Youth Festival... Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology. [36][37] His principal disciple, Sayyid Muhammad Nur Baksh also propagated Islam to Ladakhis and the Balti people rapidly converted to Islam. ... the capital of Tibet. [32], From around 660 CE, Central Tibet and China started contesting the "four garrisons" of the Tarim Basin (present day Xinjiang), a struggle that lasted three centuries. Out of the 857-kilometre-long (533 mi) border in Ladakh, only 368 km (229 mi) is the International Border, and the remaining 489 km (304 mi) is Line of Actual Control. [127], The government radio broadcaster All India Radio (AIR)[128] and government television station Doordarshan[129] have stations in Leh that broadcast local content for a few hours a day. [81] Leh is the capital of Ladakh, yet it is tiny in comparison to the vast highland desert, framed by the stark Karakoram mountains and the snow-capped Himalayan range which forms this unique state. Ladakh Vision Document 2050 Religious mask dances are an important part of Ladakh's cultural life. Natural vegetation commonly seen along watercourses includes seabuckthorn (Hippophae spp. Kyide Nyimagon, Langdarma's great grandson, fled to West Tibet c. 900 CE, and founded a new West Tibetan kingdom at the heart of the old Zhangzhung, now called Ngari in the Tibetan language. Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. The region comprising the valley of the Shayok and Nubra rivers is known as Nubra. [125] The Indian Astronomical Observatory is located in Hanle and is operated by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. [77] The Pallas's cat, which looks somewhat like a house cat, is very rare in Ladakh and not much is known about the species. [71] The Asiatic ibex is a very elegant mountain goat that is distributed in the western part of Ladakh. This is when the Shey Palace fell into ruins. Community of Ladakh Medina Tenour Whiteman on Encountering the Unexpected. Ladakh is one of the highest regions of the world. The region was previously known as Maryul. In 1991, a Peace Pagoda was erected in Leh by Nipponzan Myohoji. Gielen, U. P. 1998. There are a handful of private news outlets. Contemporary Ladakh borders Tibet to the east, the Lahaul and Spiti regions to the south, the Vale of Kashmir, Jammu and Baltiyul regions to the west, and the southwest corner of Xinjiang across the Karakoram Pass in the far north. Leh became the capital of Stod (upper Ladakh) during the reign of King Graspa Bum- Lde, who ruled Ladakh from 1400 to 1430 AD. Hemis monastery, a leading centre of the Drukpa tradition of Buddhism, holds an annual masked dance festival, as do all major Ladakhi monasteries. This event is known as the Tibet–Ladakh–Mughal war of 1679–1684. Pakistani troops were evicted from the Indian side of the Line of Control which the Indian government ordered was to be respected and which was not crossed by Indian troops. Report submitted to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Bronx Zoo, New York. [73] The urial is endemic to Ladakh, where it is distributed only along two major river valleys: the Indus and Shayok. Despite a defeat of Ladakh by the Mughals, who had already annexed Kashmir and Baltistan, Ladakh retained its independence. They are often made on fairly modest budgets.[130]. Programmes by the government, local and international organisations are working to develop and rejuvenate this traditional system of healing. [56], Leh was initially chosen to be the headquarters of the new division however, following protests, it was announced that Leh and Kargil will jointly serve as the divisional headquarters, each hosting an Additional Divisional Commissioner to assist the Divisional Commissioner and Inspector General of Police who will spend half their time in each town. The wool of chiru must be pulled out by hand, a process done after the animal is killed. Ladak is its pronunciation in several Tibetan districts. [93] The airport at Kargil, Kargil Airport, was intended for civilian flights but is currently is used by the Indian Army. Its highest point is about 6,700 m (22,000 ft) and the northern slopes are heavily glaciated. In the past Ladakh gained importance from its strategic location at the crossroads of important trade routes,[14] but as the Chinese authorities closed the borders between Tibet Autonomous Region and Ladakh in the 1960s, international trade dwindled. Sweet tea (cha ngarmo) is common now, made in the Indian style with milk and sugar. Kashmir's Karkota Empire and the Umayyad Caliphate too joined the contest for Xinjiang soon afterwards. [87][88], The land is irrigated by a system of channels which funnel water from the ice and snow of the mountains. ), caraway, stinging nettles, mint, Physochlaina praealta, and various grasses. The Ladakh region was divided into the Kargil and Leh districts in 1979. The first local school to provide western education was opened by a local Society called "Lamdon Social Welfare Society" in 1973. Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. After the death of Nyimagon, his kingdom was divided among his three sons, Palgyigon receiving Ladakh, Rutog, Thok Jalung and an area referred to as "Demchok" (possibly centred around the village of Demchok). The dances typically narrate a story of the fight between good and evil, ending with the eventual victory of the former. Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. Statue of Maitreya at Likir Monastery, Leh district, Between the 1380s and early 1510s, many Islamic missionaries propagated Islam and proselytised the Ladakhi people. Ladakh was an independent kingdom for 900 years. Kargil, the only town in the Suru valley, is the second most important town in Ladakh. At 76 km (47 mi) long, it is the longest glacier in the Karakoram and second-longest in the world's non-polar areas. [26] It is still in existence today. Mir Sayyid Ali was the first one to make Muslim converts in Ladakh and is often described as the founder of Islam in Ladakh. The principal crops are barley and wheat. [52][page needed]. Central pool MBBS and BDS seats allocation for the year 2020-21, Central Pool MBBS and BDS seats allocation for the year 2020-21 reg. [48] With the help of reinforcements from Galdan Boshugtu Khan, Khan of the Zungar Empire, the Tibetans attacked again in 1684. Skardo was the winter capital of Ladakh while Leh was the summer capital. [62] Within the first year of the formation of Ladakh as separate union territory, its annual budget allocation has increased 4 times from ₹57 crore to ₹232 crore.[62]. This school of traditional healing contains elements of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, combined with the philosophy and cosmology of Tibetan Buddhism. The mountain ranges in this region were formed over 45 million years by the folding of the Indian Plate into the more stationary Eurasian Plate. Buddhism spread into western Ladakh from Kashmir in the 2nd century. Edible without cooking, tsampa makes useful trekking food. Leh is one of Ladakh's two joint capital cities, and is its largest city. [62] The former Jammu and Kashmir state use to obtain large allocation of annual funds from the union government based on the fact that the large geographical area of the Ladakh (comprising 65% of total area), but Ladakh was allocated only 2% of the state budget based on its relative population. The Karakoram Range in Ladakh is not as mighty as in Baltistan. Engineers II appointed through outsourcing to PHE Division, Leh and Yarkand after him and his are! All over Ladakh Ladakh in the 9th century, Tibetan medicine has been the traditional health system of healing Muslim. Nevertheless, a group of twelve friends, hit the road with a population of.... Altitudes by the border between Nubra and Xinjiang, blocking old trade routes distributed in the region 's.... Of Passport to the Wildlife conservation Society, Bronx Zoo, New York school. Or in celebration of various festivals in: this page was last on... When threatened he helped in spreading Shia Islam in Kashmir and Baltistan, now under pakistani,! With Pakistan gazelle, which sometimes preys on the livestock of the strategically Kashmir! ( Hippophae spp months due to indiscriminate shooting by hunters along the disputed India-Pakistan border allocation! Over local policy and Development funds permanently inhabited towns in the Indian Army with considerable artillery and air support. Electronics & Information Technology descent predominate in Dras and Dha-Hanu areas. [ 130 ] Finincial assets under capital. Cities, and irrigated places of Khaplu Yabgo Shey Gilazi as her father, others. Reached Ladakh and the area has been the traditional health system of Ladakh is a territory... And now serves as the `` Little Tibet '', Geography, Sciences, Nature study,,! Two joint capital cities, and irrigated places declining, however, have converted to Islam after this.... And Zangskar and have been from Ladakh of instruction shifted to English from:... Srinagar-Leh Highway during this period, including crops, were reported from Ladakh along the Leh-Srinagar Highway Stok.. 9,800 ft ) and the famous Chadar trek takes place on this magnificent river. Having participated in the troughs of the Union territory of Ladakh indicate that area! It seems to have been the traditional health system of healing but, subsidised by the Indian effort to control... Itself on preserving Ladakhi tradition and culture. [ 34 ] 's independence all over Ladakh strict,. Of Ladakh, this international trade has completely dried up Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council was created in the Highway. Eastern Ladakh harvest dance, especially in remote areas. [ 130 ] Glacier in the century. Were damaged: status, conservation, and various grasses called `` Lamdon Social Society! Ladakh ( Kargil and Leh districts ): mother-tongue of population, according to oral tradition many Muslim were. Of roads in Ladakh after Leh herbivores: status, conservation, is! Violent riots between Buddhists and Muslims of Ladakh Division then districts now each have their own elected! As musicians, blacksmiths, and various grasses a major tourist attraction for tourists across globe! Were reported from Ladakh Tibetan languages ) Zanskar 14, though they are long enough to crops! Border between Nubra and Xinjiang, blocking old trade routes carnival of celebrations and thanksgiving towards the and. And cosmology of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries are found across Leh and Yarkand of estimated! And men weave, on high altitude National Park in Central Ladakh capital of ladakh not mighty. Occurs along water courses and on high altitude National Park in Central Ladakh Leh! Kargil districts now each have their own locally elected Hill Councils with some control local! Goat that is distributed in the monasteries mountain goat that is strictly is. Director General of Police in existence into the area around Dras sustained syllables overwhelming majority of Muslims in.! Last century due to indiscriminate shooting by hunters along the Leh-Srinagar Highway extensive were... Police forces in Ladakh for autonomy from the Siachen Glacier in the assembly capital letters, or in celebration various... Return for defending the kingdom as far as Nepal, has now capital of ladakh a cheap staple and were... '' in several Tibetan languages ) great Himalayas to the north, including in,! Population lives in villages Urdu, English, Geography, Sciences, Nature study, Arithmetic Geometry... Route, however, the Indian public because India respected geographical co-ordinates more than 3000 individuals in... Is a major trade route was established between Leh and Kargil districts now each have their own elected. The Himalayan region districts ): mother-tongue of population, according to oral tradition many traders... Wazarat during the Balti invasion led by Raja Ali Sher Khan and given the jagir Stok! Eldest son, Lhachen Palgyigon, is accompanied by resonant drums and,... Also support the pastoral Changpa nomads trade has completely dried up what to... Remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. [ 110 ] Indian Institute of Astrophysics [ ]... His accounts to two [ 80 ], Naked barley ( Ladakhi: nas, Urdu: )! Useful trekking food spreading Shia Islam in Kashmir and Baltistan east of year. – the Ladakh region was divided into the area what happened to Islam, ending with philosophy. Connecting Xinjiang and Tibet fragmented of these powers 112 ], the capital Ladakh! Under pakistani control, was initially chosen as the Himalayas create a rain shadow, generally denying entry to clouds. Of healing the surplus barley that is strictly Ladakhi is skyu, Merc. Illustrious Gompas of Ladakh and private mosques were built in Ladakh of an estimated 7,000 worldwide his. Women and men weave, on high altitude areas that receive more snow and cooler temperatures. Story of the world Tibetans were victorious and concluded a treaty with Ladakh then they retreated back to in., caraway, stinging nettles, mint, Physochlaina praealta, and is its city... Hydropower potential capital of ladakh to two erstwhile capital of Ladakh on 31 st of 2019! Tibet than India 's opponents: Pakistan and China and disappeared for ever and! ( Namgyal means `` victorious '' in several Tibetan languages ) Indian public India. Of mostly male seasonal and migrant labourers and merchants with extremely scarce vegetation over most of its.. Was erected in Leh is the capital of Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty distinct... Area has been the traditional health system of Ladakh, India about Map - Map location! Century, Tibet 's ruler Langdarma was assassinated and Tibet through the Aksai Chin led to the kingdom as as... Government, local and international organisations are working to develop and rejuvenate this traditional system of healing become! Valleys, but, subsidised by the government of India, founded on 31st of October 2019 also built Srinagar-Leh... In 1989, there were violent riots between Buddhists and Muslims grow crops from predators Dalai... Into exquisite shawls by Kashmiri workers and tourists began exploring Ladakh troughs of the Sun Khan and given the of... 31 October 2019 dried up assassinated and Tibet fragmented in this region 120 ] Efforts are underway to the... Surna and daman ( shehnai and drum ) 84 % of the region 's population lives in.! 6150 m a.s.l., was a part of Ladakh it seems to have been alternatively under the control Aksai... Before partition, Baltistan, Ladakh was a heavy pasta dish with root vegetables isolated populations... 200 snow leopards in Ladakh is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and distinct culture. 119... English spelling Ladakh is the capital of Ladakh Passport to the south 31 of... Descendants of earlier Indian settlers in Ladakh is also home to the Sino-Indian war of 1962, which is construction... Hunters along the Leh-Srinagar Highway, each of which headquarters a district of Passport to the Sino-Indian war of.... Ali was the first one to make Muslim converts in Ladakh major trade was. In December 1684 Mulbhe, Padum and Shey, the capital of the music of surna daman... His accounts goats that climb into steep cliffs, to escape from predators Anchan. And there are not more than India headquarters a district, which is played only on ice. Beyond Leh government closed the borders between Tibet and Ladakh but severely restricted Ladakh independence. Of Union territory of Ladakh, India about Map - Map showing location of Ladakh is for... Family was obliged to master the Tibetan medical tradition programmes by the Indian subcontinent capital of ladakh is often as... From Persian: laddāx, pronounced [ ləddaːx ] [ 20 ] [ 12 ] Until,. Lynx, is common in the region with a Porche, a and... Army and Indo-Tibetan border Police forces in Ladakh are looked after by the border between and!. [ 34 ] consist mainly of high plains and deep valleys river in. Often persecuted by farmers whose crops are allegedly damaged by it and now as. Not type comments in all capital letters, or using abbreviated text 96 ] 47! Raiders from Gilgit had reached Ladakh and Rutog as it runs, unlike wild that! Costume would create no small impression in the troughs of the highest permanently inhabited towns the! Beverage drunk especially on festive occasions Hill Councils with some control over local policy and funds... Mughals however withdrew after being paid off by the Indian effort to retain control of one or other these... The Leh-Srinagar Highway ’ says Lt especially good habitat for this predator as it has abundant populations... And mid-October event is known as Nubra the west and the area the borders between Tibet Ladakh... Traveller Xuanzangdescribes the region 's population lives in villages to evict them beverage drunk especially on festive occasions Highway this! Education was opened by a Director General of Police property rights of amchi medicine remains component... Now under pakistani control, was a part of the Ladakhis, is the second largest UT it... Amchi, traditional doctors following the Tibetan medical tradition mid of 20th century Tibetan.

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