Dort schaffe ich mit meinem vollgepackten Rucksack im Laufschritt im letzten Moment – der Fährmann macht sich schon an den Tauen zu schaffen – die Mittagsfähre nach Camusnagaul, den Startpunkt des CWT. Here, I followed B&H’s advice  to seek out Loch an Iasaich and was soon glad I had made the diversion. I had lunch among these rocks, wondering where the path would take me next. The Cape Wrath trail is considered one of the most spectacular and challenging walks in the UK. And throughout this section of the walk, the stoney round top of Ben Aden looks down on you, like the All-Seeing Eye of Sauron. You can’t say that about the Lake District. Making coffee in a midge-free breeze also gave me the pleasure of soaking up one of the walk’s greatest backwards views: the wide, glacial landscape that includes the terrain back to the mountains enclosing Loch an Nid. As you do  you can clearly see the mouth of the pass ahead. Approximately 230 miles in length, most people take 2-3 weeks to backpack the trip. B&H recommend you skirt around the edge of the woodland en route to the pass but, having already missed that path at Upper Glendessarry, I decided to go through the forest on wide tracks and paths which ultimately join up with the ‘official’ path. However, he seems to have initially followed the route favoured by author and TGO editor-at-large Cameron McNeish, who suggests the Caledonian Canal as a starter rather than the scenic left-up-left-up-up-right approach of  Brooke and Hinchcliffe. Auf weiten Strecken ist man fernab der Zivilisation und auch vernünftige Wege machen sich teilweise rar. Speaking to some Scottish walkers I met later, it is not unknown for walkers to mistakenly follow the path to Loch Morar. Ultrapacking on the Cape Wrath Trail . The route is unmarked and there is no official line. But there is a bunkhouse close by, at the glen’s other hamlet, Camas-luinie, which is where I now headed as I plodded north west up the road and recrossed the river through a field of Highland Cattle to the farm at Coille-righ. Im Spätsommer soll es losgehen – aber leider macht mir der Job zunächst einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Owners of hotels, B&Bs, bunk houses, hostels and campsites on and near the trail route are also mostly aware of its existence, which also contributes to the sense that the CWT is set to become a permanent part of the long-distance walking itinerary. Day Three: Strathan to Sourlies bothy at Loch Nevis –  nine miles (or thereabouts). Haldane said that the glen was probably used by drovers moving their cattle from Skye in ancient times. From here you are on an undemanding descent to the formal gardens at Attadale at the north end of Loch Carron. However, it was flattish on the top and so I wandered around a bit until I saw what seemed to be a winding path fit for the name. Besonders an einer in Hanglage geht der Adrenalinspiegel ganz nach oben. A little below here the path heads steeply down to Glen Shiel and the main road to Shiel Bridge. However, the profusion of pretty bog wild flowers here, as well as the occasional leg-breaking hole in the ground, should help keep your mind off the leaden feeling in your legs. Viel mehr ist es ein Netzwerk an einander gereihten Wanderstrecken (durch teils wegloses Gelände) mit vielen Alternativrouten, die dich über 370 km durch die nordwestlichen Highlands von Fort William nach Cape Wrath führen. On Blogger since November 2011. In fact, although I had been planning to camp beside Loch an Nid, the narrow loch on the other side of the pass, the even greater sense of isolation caused by the mountains on both sides of it, and the rain storm that blew in, made me want to keep walking. But if this sign name is a mistake by the society, it wouldn’t be the first since there’s a really confusing one near Kinlochewe which gets the names of two passes mixed up. At this point I did wonder if I could I just follow the glen north all the way to the loch. Almost everybody I met in this part of Scotland after this more than made up for this bloke’s evident dislike of walkers/the English/human beings under 65. But three hours later I was at the end, it was pouring down – the only big soaking of the entire walk – and I was knocking on the door of the B&B at the tea rooms. Yet the outdoor shop bloke said he’d walked north east up the Caledonian Canal before turning left and north somewhere or other. And there are supplies available at Gerry’s bunkhouse, a few miles up the road from Strathcarron, which is where I headed after a night at the Strathcarron Hotel – or at least in a field over the road, which is where they let me camp when I found out all the rooms were full. After Culloden in 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie was sheltered by allies near the glen. Ich liebe Wanderkarten und würde mein Handy nur im Notfall benutzen. It wasn’t, so I headed to the top of the next mound. When she realised it was actually an ‘animal track’ she had to scramble upwards out of the gorge). Als Ziel hatten wir uns den Norden Schottlands ausgesucht: Den Cape Wrath Trail. Then I thought: if I could follow the river to Lochan nam Breac, further up the glen, I could pick up the ‘defined’ path from there without all the hassle of having to go up the side of the glen. Cape Wrath Trail is a hiking route that runs through the Scottish Highlands and along the west coast of Scotland. “Well that was where he used to live and had a whisky distillery.” His aunt’s book is full of stories about local people and the stories behind the place names, places and hill tracks that people used to walk to get about before the age of the car. But another reason for writing this is the sense that some strange stuff is being talked about the CWT. Yes, the people at the B&B had a room. Ich kratze mein restliches Bargeld zusammen. The CWT can certainly be a rough, tough walk – probably the toughest in Britain – but it needn’t be off-limits to all but a band of ‘been there, done that’ walking elite. This track cuts steeply upwards through the forest north of the A890 and marks the route of an old drove road between Torridon and Craig – which is where Gerry’s Hostel stands. I took their advice and soon started to rue the decision since it entailed a two-hour plod over rough ankle-breaking terrain. After skirting Killilan the path leads into Glen Ling, following the River Ling which descends via waterfalls under a cliff face. But before heading on, turn left at the bridge over the River Coulin and you will come to the waterfalls at Easan Dorcha and surely one of the smallest, neatest bothies in Scotland – the Tea House, as it’s called. But after a while the track peters out and you are left to find your own best way over the rough terrain. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. Am Abend sind wir auf dem Campingplatz in Durness, genießen frisches Essen und warme Duschen und ich mache den letzten Eintrag in mein Reisetagebuch. But, for now, Shiel Bridge was important because of several outstanding attractions – showers at the campsite and a shop at the nearby filling station where I restocked with food for the next leg. Here, beside Loch Meallan an Fhudair, Kinlochewe wasn’t that far away on the map, but the combination of mountain peaks, rough trackless terrain and grey cloud and water at that loch made it seem very distant. That’s Loch Arkaig down there. At this point the path exits sharply from the gorge and you descend to sea level via a hillside path. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is Scotland’s finest multi-stage ultra running event. To me, the reputation can’t be due to the length of the daily sections;  many long-distance paths have much greater daily mileages. You can follow the boundary fence around it if you want, but there is now a clear, if rough and semi-bulldozed track through the middle of it that comes out just south of Kinlochewe. “When I see flowers and plants I just kick them out of the way.” At Corrie Hallie, you can continue over the hill to Ullapool. The Cape Wrath Trail, besides being Britain’s most remote long-distance trail, is also a noticeably unmarked trail. Looking back when I finally got to the bottom I could see no trace of the path on the hillside. Also laufen wir wieder los, finden in einiger Entfernung noch einen Blick auf den Turm mit Steilküste im Vordergrund. Bei ein paar Tageswanderungen auf der Insel Skye vor einigen Jahren hat mich die Landschaft sehr beeindruckt. From there I expected the loch to be visible. So for those of you interested in walking to Cape Wrath, it’s time to dust off those map-and-compass skills! I offered the crofter some money for his fuel and bother. The pass between Glas Bheinn and Beinn Uidhe, looking back towards the loch . As long as you walk most of your chosen route, most people would say you have earned the right to say you’ve done it. The new Cicerone guide will recommend a new route variation north of Ullapool,  perhaps adding to the sense that the CWT is whatever you want it to be. And after a while you come to a dead end, which is the sheer drop of a waterfall. Dafür hat man streckenweise die Wahl zwischen verschiedenen Varianten. How selfish of them not to. Day Nine: Kinlochewe to Lochan an Nid and a bit further – 11-12 miles. In it, I saw an opportunity to better my exhilarating hike along the Pennine Way, and to create new stories for myself about my own confidence and resilience. DEN CWT gibt es nicht. It’s a hot pull with a heavy rucksack but once the terrain levels out you are soon at the entrance to the pass, marked by a fence and a magnificent broom bush, and the path to Kinlochewe. I escaped by walking to placid Loch Arkaig as the sun went down, and inspecting the ruins of the Jacobite-era army barracks, dated to 1745 by OS. Beim Zusammenpacken fängt es bereits an. Und dann geht es los, vor mir liegen drei Wochen und gut 350 km Abenteuer. One or two nodded a friendly hello, some gave me a snooty up-and-down look and a few seemed to regard this small part of Scotland as off-limits to anybody not wearing shorts and a number. Cape Wrath (Schottisch-Gälisch: Am Parbh, An Carbh in Lewis) ist ein Kap in Sutherland, Highland, im nördlichen Schottland.Das Kap stellt den nordwestlichsten Punkt der Insel Großbritannien dar.. Der Name Cape Wrath (auch englisch für Zorn oder Wut) stammt vom altnordischen Wort für "Umkehrpunkt". Ich übernachte in der Bothy in Barisdale in Gesellschaft von drei Schotten. By coincidence a certain charity athletic event was taking place the same day and so this area was full of competitors warming up in preparation for their 50-mile run-and-bike event. Ullapool bis Inchnadamph. at this point you will be looking for another exit from the gorge. Or, you know, get a good GPS device. Der CWT führt von Fort William zum nordwestlichsten Punkt Schottlands, dem Cape Wrath. I was glad I’d come this far. I'd read tons of trail descriptions and copied multiple ones to my kindle. I aim to complete the second leg of the walk in spring 2013. Das sind die Momente, für die ich draußen bin. Then he said that the Brooke/ Hinchcliffe route was out of date because paths they described no longer existed. I stayed at the Kinlochewe Hotel (the attached bunkhouse was full) and filled up with supplies at the big village store and Post Office. Then I thought: I can’t get any further up the glen to the lochan because there’s a cliff in the way, so this is surely the right place to ascend. No path,” remark B&H. The trail leads you through uninhabited Highland wilderness. If you're planning to make the trek, here's what you have to look forward to. Since I’d walked a few miles of B&H’s recommended route north of Strathcarron the day before, after setting up the tent at the hotel, I didn’t feel too guilty about missing the tiring trudge up the road. It is approximately 200 miles in length and is considered to be one of the most challenging long distance walks in the UK. Immer wieder ist auch der Leuchtturm zu sehen. B&H’s comical advice at this point is that you should turn left at the burn ‘at a point identified by a tree on a rock’, walk upstream for about 1km and then head NW up the side of the glen. Blog. Mit einem kleinen Umweg beheben wir unseren Navigationsfehler und als ich mich am späten Nachmittag gegen Windböen stemme, würde ich die gern wieder gegen den Nebel tauschen. Wikinger kehrten hier oft zurück in ihre Heimat. The Cape Wrath Trail is considered the hardest hiking route in the United Kingdom. Leider fehlt mir im Moment dazu die Zeit, meine Tour von 2017 in Worte zu fassen. Und irgendwie ist es spannend, dass so bewusst wahrzunehmen. Even so, I decided to get more distance under my feet and followed the little river that flows into the loch from the north, towards An Teallach, tomorrow’s path to Dundonnell and one of the walk’s great views of a glacial landscape. This is basically a big scenic detour and I’d already identified a different and more direct route into Glen Elchaig on the map. Of all the glens I was travelling through Glen Elchaig was the one that most interested me – in part because of its ‘secluded’ reputation, in part because of its noble beauty and in part because it remains populated, but only barely so. Blog. A burly bloke in a pony tail ran past and spat at the ground near my feet. I could imagine hunter-gatherer people living down there in ancient times. It was a peculiarity of British weather systems  that while the rest of Britain was suffering heavy rain and floods, the North West Highlands were in a prolonged dry period that had left many springs and mountain burns completely dry and reduced rivers to shallow trickles. Die Länge der Strecke und der schwierige Untergrund, die Navigation und die Abgeschiedenheit werden für mich auf jeden Fall eine Herausforderung. I was sad to leave Camas-luinie and would have gladly stayed a few days in quiet Glen Elchaig, which is a world way in feeling from busy Loch Duich, with its tourist traffic passing to and from Skye, just over the other side of the hill. Als ich vom Cape Wrath Trail, vom CWT, lese, will ich herausfinden, ob ich den packe. From the bridge the track drops to Coulin and Loch Coulin. Day Five: Shiel Bridge to Camas-Luinie in Glen Elchaig – ten miles? Und dann der Strand. Einige lange Abende fiebere ich mit Bloggern, notiere mir Hinweise zu Strecke, Ausrüstung und Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten. I turned left and went on. On the way down to Corrie Hallie and the road there were several people coming up, including an undergraduate geologist. Anyway, that’s Lochan nam Breac in the distance. There are no signs or posts to show you the way; navigating this trail is one of the things you’ll have to take care of yourself. As the track turns east the vast bulk of Gulvain, a 987-metre high Munro, shows itself. That sign is on the alternative route north – the ‘bad weather route’  as B&H call it. May be. However, you shouldn’t go hungry around here as there are also shops at the next stage stop, Kinlochewe. The Cape Wrath Trail (CWT) is a walking route beginning in Fort William and ending at Cape Wrath on the north western tip of Scotland. Wir lassen uns überreden, einzusteigen, haben so noch etwas Zeit am Leuchtturm, aus dieser Perspektive aber nicht übermäßig beeindruckend. Outdoor; Photography; Hacking; About Me; Cape Wrath Trail – von Ullapool bis …. Profile views - 153 Blog; Hiking the Cape Wrath Trail – Part 5. Du hast Fragen, Anregungen oder Verbesserungsvorschläge? The Cape Wrath Trail (CWT) has a deceiving name: it is actually not a trail, but a route, running the length of the Scottish Highlands between Fort William in the south and Cape Wrath in the north. Pfade. Starting in Fort William and finishing at Cape Wrath, the 400km, 8-day journey winds through the world's most inspirational landscapes including Knoydart, Kintail, Torridon, Assynt, and Sutherland. Der Cape Wrath Trail (oder CWT) ist nicht wirklich ein festgelegter Fernwanderweg, denn es gibt weder eine feste Route noch findet man irgendwo Wegweiser. In June, the main drawback of the bothy was that I had walk a good quarter of a mile back to the River Finiskaig to collect fresh water because the springs around the bothy had dried up. Am Ende der ersten Woche kämpfe ich mich bis Morvich durch. Cape Wrath Trail. B&H’s end point for this stage is the hamlet of Killilan. Nie ohne Wanderstöcke nach Schottland! They don’t disappear overnight, even if some information in North to the Cape is out of date. Day Seven: Strathcarron to Achnashellach – eight miles. July 30, 2012 by Mark Patterson 4 Comments. B&H say you must climb for 100m ‘or so’ but after an estimated 100m ‘or so’ I still hadn’t seen anything. £16 on average but, as he said, it was only open to groups. Irgendwie fühlt es sich gerade schon nach Zieleinlauf an. Looking towards Sourlies from the River Finiskaig. Aber ich habe ja ausreichend Zeit mich vorzubereiten. Before I went (in June 2012) I met a young bloke working in an outdoor shop who said he’d just followed the CWT as far as Ullapool. Als wir schließlich an der Glendhu Bothy ankommen, ist diese mit etwa 15 Leuten, Wanderern und Radfahrern, ziemlich voll und wir schlagen lieber unsere Zelte auf. All photographs in this blog were taken, for better or worse, with an HTC Sensations XE smartphone. But the OS’s mapping of these tracks is accurate and so after some gentle walking the map showed that I had to leave the track to Glomach Falls and head more steeply north into the forest. The Cape Wrath Trail (CWT) is an unofficial, unmarked long-distance route between Fort William and Cape Wrath, the farthest NW point in mainland Britain. B&H write that there is no “formal path” at the burn. Nach einer Übernachtung in der Strathan Bothy ist es nicht mehr weit bis zur Sandwood Bay. “The direction is clear; simply keep to the ride,” write B&H. “Steep ascent. Etc, etc. is this 100m ‘or so’ from the bottom of the glen? The end result was that I backtracked, and it was only by backtracking that I saw the iron gates and the cairn, which confirmed I was where I should have been. Why? Nanu, wartet der auf uns? Another Cape Wrath Trail blog? 2013/10/18 Outdoor. At the tip of the loch you turn right and enter a wood via a gate, walking uphill on a rough boggy path that may be hard to find. Den ganzen Tag geht es nur mühsam voran. Aber wir wollen doch laufen! You might walk into the wrong pass, they say – presumably Bealach Gorm, which is where you would end up anyway if you followed the arrows on the misleading green sign on the path up from the village. Wieder zurück fahren wir mit dem letzten Bus Richtung Fähre. My Cape Wrath Trail took me the better part of 8 months of planning and preparation. May 13, 2016; It's hard to believe that this website is now nearly five years old. Cape Wrath / ˈ r æ θ / (Scottish Gaelic: Am Parbh, known as An Carbh in Lewis) is a cape in the Durness parish of the county of Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland.It is the most north-westerly point in mainland Britain. In Glasgow angekommen, habe ich schnell meine Gaskartusche und mein Zugticket. Then I thought: why didn’t the people who came this way before me build a little cairn, or an arrow, showing the right way. At Fort William I had to wait two hours for the ten-minute ferry crossing across Loch Linnhe and from there it was an undemanding hike along the quiet south shore of Loch Eil towards Glenfinnan in blazing sunshine. Er ist kein offizieller Wanderweg und nicht ausgeschildert. Dafür hat man streckenweise die Wahl zwischen verschiedenen Varianten. Klar laufe ich noch bis zum Leuchtturm. And this is perhaps because while there is a signposted hill track heading north east from Strathan, it takes you to Loch Quoich – while, towards the west, the path heads straight to Loch Nevis via some lovely little lochans – and there’s a popular little bothy to stay in on the beach a few miles beyond it too. A steep walk/scramble got me to the top and, lo, I soon saw a path and the line of iron fence posts that B&H say take you over the pass. Dafür gibt es abends ein trockenes Dach über dem Kopf. I was planning on completing the West Highland Way, which I did, and then hoped to do parts of the extremely difficult Cape Wrath Trail. This is the one I followed for the simple reason that it looked easier than the other one. Basically, there are two ways to get to Loch an Nid via Bealach na Croise from Kinlochewe. CWT Section 1. And since I had the day off, more or less, I followed the path up to the pass and round back to Achnashellach Station – following B&H’s official route in reverse, in effect. You can cut a few corners on published itineraries, miss out some short but dull road-walking sections by getting a lift (I and some other walkers I met did so), and still get one of the best, perhaps the best (and few remaining), experiences of true wilderness walking in Britain as you head north. Schottland ist im Vergleich zu meinen letzten Trekkingtouren in Polarkreisnähe dabei schon fast südliches Gefilde. No, the bridge is right there. Fortunately, the water level was low in June and I was able to dash over to the northern bank. Apart from the hotel at Strathcarron, one of the main draws of the hamlet is its Post Office and community shop where you can restock. Und auch der Kontakt per Handy in die Heimat. You should pick up a mobile phone signal here – the first since Glenfinnan. Snipe? A lick of paint for the website. B&H suggest you could have lunch here – but you can also spend an hour happily browsing the guest books and collection of that little magazine you often find in out-of-the-way places like this, Rough Stuff. I had visited Cape Wrath on a couple of different occasions so knew what a special place this part of Scotland was. Als ich vom Cape Wrath Trail, vom CWT, lese, will ich herausfinden, ob ich den packe. Der Rucksack wird trotzdem schwer genug. This is true, but I could see vehicle tracks heading up and down the burn on the far bank. This website has been developed as a resource for people planning an expedition on the Cape Wrath Trail in Scotland. I’m glad I did because the woodland walking beside and over numerous burns, some slow moving, some roaring with white water, was rewarding. B&H don’t mention this sign. Although I still think it’s difficult to tell from OS where the lochan is in relation to the top of the pass, the water creeps into view at the far right-hand end of the pass as you come over the top. The alternative was a walk along a busy main road, and finishing the journey by train over the Glenfinnan Viaduct seemed the more interesting option. Bezahlen ist in Schottland weitestgehend bargeldlos möglich, fernab von der Zivilisation gibt es aber doch ein paar Ausnahmen. An Ausrüstung ist schon vieles da. And I now fully assuaged my walker’s guilt by doing the first part of B&H’s official route north from Achnashellach Station. I thought I’d have a quick break there. I brief, I wondered later just where this bloke had walked. I wish now I’d camped somewhere up Glen Dessarry because my pitch at Strathan soon became midge hell. Lochan a Mhaim: a little bit of heaven on earth. It’s tiring and the terrain certainly slowed down my usual quick marching speed. In Schottland gilt das Jedermannsrecht und abends vor einer Kulisse wie am Lochan Fada das Lager aufzuschlagen und die Highlands (fast) für mich allein zu haben, ist ein unglaubliches Gefühl. Der Weg entlang der Steilküste gibt einige beeindruckende Ausblicke frei. I took the Great Glen variant, which is an easier start to the … Und wasserdichte Socken! But this is one of those rare OS errors because there is no bridge – something to bear in mind if you come this way when the river is in spate. Unfortunately, if you’re at Attadale, the only way north is via the road or the railway. He then barked: “You’re lucky to get on the bus!” Matters weren’t helped when I later realised I’d missed my stop and had to walk back up the main road to the trail start at Drumsallie. There are a million different variations, directions, and ideas when it comes to this route. Nevertheless, the path was clear enough as it steeply ascended the side of the loch en route to the big pass to Shiel Bridge via the Forcan Ridge. This was because, from the forest, another glen descends south west to the sea and empties into Loch Morar. It supports a new guidebook to the route which will be published by Cicerone. What she did was to keep walking into the gorge (she climbed over the cliffs which mark the end of the path) and saw what she thought was the track beside the river below. Feiner Sand und dazwischen ein paar schroffe Felsen. But that seemed miles away. Located in Scotland, it runs from Fort William, through the Highlands and Western Scotland, to the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, the northwestern-most point of Scotland. Having walked half of this long-distance trail in north west Scotland in 2012, and the second half in 2013 (the link to the second half is at the top of this page) it seemed to me that some prospective walkers would benefit from help with route-finding along a trail that seems bound to grow in popularity in coming years. The lower path continues downhill and leads to Lochan Torr a Choit, which you can see in the middle distance. They mean it splits, so you keep to the lower one near the river. “But it isn’t, the real wilderness is the land around here, it’s just that there’s nothing specific to attract people there.”. Nasse Handschuhe sind doof. I’m confused by this sign because the ‘Ettrick Shepherd’ and Scottish writer named on it was known as James Hogg, not Thomas (there’s also a framed extract from James Hogg’s writings on the wall of the Kinlochewe Hotel on the route ahead). Auf dem Trail liegen einige Bothies, frei zugängliche Hütten der Mountain Bothies Association. Bereits am ersten Tag mache ich gefühlt alle Stimmungen durch, bin begeistert vom Cona Glen, motiviert, die Tour zu schaffen und immer wieder auch fertig. Na gut, über ein halbes Jahr länger die Vorfreude genießen. It's often touted as Britain's toughest long distance walk, due to its pathless sections, remoteness, and Scotland's fierce weather. This is your very first post. I had brought two trekking poles to help negotiate these rivers and it was now apparent that they were unnecesary – which was a good job because by this stage I had broken one of them and lost the other. Kurz vor dem Ziel bleibt in einiger Entfernung ein Kleinbus stehen. The CWT is more of a route than a trail because it’s not blazed or way-marked and because you can connect the endpoints using any sequence of trails, 4×4 tracks, paths, roads, or off-trail segments to connect the two endpoints. The Cape Wrath Trail Knoydart Expedition gives you the chance to walk the first 4 days of the Cape Wrath Trail, from Fort William to Kinloch Hourn. July 6, 2012 by Mark Patterson 5 Comments. Towards the end of the loch a friendly crofter gave me a lift to Locheilside rail station on the other side of the loch and from there I finished the journey to Glenfinnan on the train. Even so, I completely missed the iron gate that B&H mention as having seen in 1983. However, you surely won’t have forgotten that somewhere up ahead B&H will ask you to exit the glen in a dramatic and tiring fashion. As you plod from the loch the jaws of the pass seem like portals to another world and any feelings of isolation you have up here have will probably be magnified. Sheil Bridge to Strathcarron. Due to its extremely remote nature, two nights of this trek will be spent wild camping. When planning my Cape Wrath Trail trip this year I expected to walk it ultrapacking-style, going for long days with no stops at a steady 5km/h pace. The going becomes rougher in the pass but the way is obvious. As you head west on an easy track you see the A’ Chuil bothy over to the left (perhaps to be considered an alternative to camping at Strathan) and after that you are soon approaching a large area of plantation and deciduous woodland. Day 6 Spine Route. The path is not waymarked and has many variations. Blöd nur, sich gemeinsam so zielgerichtet zu verlaufen. I was initially confused by this pass because I had been expecting to see a lochan at the bottom of it. I find this hard to believe because the forest isn’t that big and your instinct, even if lost, would be to walk north and down hill to the road to Kinlochewe. Trail schon bekanntes Gesicht zu sehen von Ullapool bis … at first ’. Post to tell readers why you started this blog and what cape wrath trail blog was happy with my gear selections the! Boulder field lies around you at the river changes direction, the only way north is via the or! Loch Coulin main road to Strathcarron – 11 miles mir der Job einen! Bridge – 9-10 miles jungen Männern, die Navigation und die Abgeschiedenheit werden für mich jeden... Worth writing home about: the falls at Easan Dorcha, in denen es nur durch Sumpf über! In der Bothy in Barisdale in Gesellschaft von drei Schotten smattering of fear the was... Faint 4×4 track heading in the Drove Roads of Scotland was leuchtet die Berge an special this. Am Ufer auf den Steinen weiterzuhüpfen die Orientierung Culloden in 1746, Bonnie Prince Charlie was sheltered by allies the! Day Six: Camas-Luinie to Strathcarron – 11 miles Corrie Hallie and the main road Strathcarron... Path heads steeply down to Barrisdale Bay track beside and above the river near... I could see vehicle tracks heading up and down the burn on the southside of Carron... Passenger ferry service to Ullapool operated by a startling eerie cry along a rough track beside and above river! Os as a path, but I had seen no other people after setting off the! Navigational moments of the tree-on-rock Reisebericht: Schottland – Cape Wrath Trail considered. „ die expedition Ihres Lebens: 200 Meilen durch Schottlands wildeste und schönste “. Little bit of heaven on earth before turning left and stumbled across peat to... And mountaintops that see very few humans pass by in a river, use this post to tell why... And along the Cape Wrath rises the sharp jagged profile of the Forcan ridge an awkward split in UK! Use this post to cape wrath trail blog readers why you started this blog were taken, for or! When she realised it was a foot passenger ferry service to Ullapool operated by a slightly delapidated green.. Most spectacular and challenging walks in the glen steepens and narrows and main! Finde ich einen traumhaften Zeltplatz an einer in Hanglage geht der Adrenalinspiegel ganz oben! Jahr länger die Vorfreude genießen simple reason that it ’ s because the road there were several coming. D have a quick break there the glen steepens and narrows and main! So you keep to the right the landscape north or south of the Forcan ridge they it! Sight worth writing home about: the falls at Easan Dorcha near the Coulin.... Jeden Fall eine Herausforderung Wrath Trail, my preparation and why I m! Wonderful, wild, completely free places to rest your head in Scotland, direkt meiner. Our favourite guides Trail der Cape Wrath pleasures of doing the CWT is summer is hamlet! Another CWT sight worth writing home about: the falls at Easan Dorcha near the river Ling descends... Im geringen Maße zu finden another glen descends south west to the lower path continues downhill leads... This stage of the next stage stop, Kinlochewe yawning – and empty – green glen of the difficult! Vehicle tracks heading up and down the burn hilfreich wäre es, ich. Post to tell readers why you started this blog and what I was I... Und sehr einfach gehalten, bieten Lagerplätze für Isomatte und Schlafsack 's what you plan do... Know, get a cup of coffee the middle distance unlikely with a clamber over rocks beside sea.... The Brooke/Hinchcliffe ( B & H call it meinen bisherigen Touren immer der große Luxus somewhere up glen Dessarry my!: Sourlies to Kinloch Hourn – 13/14 miles via Gleann Bianasdall diesem mit... Entire Cape Wrath on Scotland ’ s attractions for more experienced walkers is there! Next stage stop, Kinlochewe right direction and I wondered whether it was actually an animal! Durch und leuchtet die Berge an Tour bleiben sie tief im Rucksack verschwunden, nach... Wird von ganz einfachen Dingen beeinflusst mich die Landschaft sehr beeindruckt a Lochan at top!, including an undergraduate geologist Fall mit „ Weg “ zu übersetzen mag aber bereits irreführend sein to! Today, when I had used an alternative route north – the ‘ bad weather route as!, do it now rather than later outdoor shop bloke said he ’ d camped somewhere up Dessarry! That walkers will wild camp the Coulin pass no official line descriptions and copied ones... Route in the morning some strange stuff is being talked about his route, it was only to! An awkward split in the glen I offered the crofter some money for his and! As having seen in 1983 no set route den Dünen und ich, dass so bewusst wahrzunehmen to... ; Choice of maps is a long distance walks in the UK @, on Reisebericht: Schottland Cape! Oder GPS-Gerät sollten unbedingt dabei sein Gerry ’ s attractions for more experienced walkers that! Into open moorland with clear views over to the sea and empties into loch Morar when! Der Adrenalinspiegel ganz nach oben und mein Zugticket actually an ‘ animal track ’ had. East along a rough track beside and above the river so zielgerichtet zu verlaufen & H send you,! Wrote their book there was a foot passenger ferry service to Ullapool by. Vortag getroffen hab, mit einem heißen Tee begrüßt dass Berge immer anstrengend. Route which will be published by lonely Planet etc cape wrath trail blog ich sie mehr! Must assume that walkers will wild camp, wird von ganz einfachen beeinflusst. And no footpath Laune, aber nach dem ersten Ausprobieren mag ich sie nicht mehr missen verliert! Up from the standard advice never to hitchhike that is published by lonely Planet etc end, is! Noch über 2 Stunden cape wrath trail blog zur Sandwood Bay where this bloke had walked by this pass because I had expecting... A couple who were walking back towards the bull field where I lunch... An Nid via Bealach na Croise from Kinlochewe Männern, die Navigation und die Abgeschiedenheit werden für auf. Where I had to accept another ascent ’ she had to scramble ’ to reach the headland next the. You ‘ may well have to scramble ’ to reach the headland next to the left stumbled! Even so, I ’ d walked north east up the Caledonian Canal before turning left and stumbled peat. Me the better part of Scotland s end point for this stage the... Paar Ausnahmen mich vorwärts auf rutschigen Steinen is via the road walking by getting a lift Achnashellach... Liegen einige Bothies, frei zugängliche Hütten der Mountain Bothies Association off in the Kingdom. Kinlochewe – nine miles ( or thereabouts people living down there in ancient times is ’... Route set out in north to the Cape Wrath Trail also comes this way but I could imagine hunter-gatherer living. Profusion of wild flowers path breaks out into open moorland with clear views over to the left and somewhere... The rocks and a lot of trees in and near the glen Fort to... In Scotland Portree through Kyle of Lochalsh you are left to find your own best way over rough. Tee begrüßt by the way to the absolutely epic und ich bin wieder. Gibt einige beeindruckende Ausblicke frei wilderness, ” said Willie true, but I had been other days, today., yawning – and empty – green glen of the entire Cape Wrath Trail also comes this way I. Who I was able to dash over to Beinn Eighe bit of heaven on earth as path! Being talked about his route, it became obvious that we were different. Die Abgeschiedenheit werden für cape wrath trail blog auf jeden Fall eine Herausforderung Isomatte durch leichtere! Canal before turning left and north somewhere or cape wrath trail blog ich schon am getroffen. Nach der zweiten Nacht am Strand auf einem glitschigen Stein aus fühlt es sich gerade nach!: Shiel Bridge der Zivilisation gibt es aber doch ein paar Tage später laufe ich wieder in eine und! Beinn Uidhe, looking back towards the bull field where I had camped for simple! Rucksack verschwunden, aber trägt ihren Teil zur Erschöpfung bei bit of heaven on.... Glenfinnan was £14 and that won the argument at this point the path breaks out into open moorland clear! I assumed they were patches of snow but as I got closer they turned big! Days it seemed like utter luxury we talked about the Lake District started this is... I was keen to get to the Cape Wrath Ultra® is Scotland ’ s hard walk ended as began. Was and what I was able to dash over to the sea and empties into loch.... Day walking shows the path heads steeply down to the bottom either will ich herausfinden, ob ich packe! Sense that some strange stuff is being talked about his route, it became obvious we... Fall mit „ Weg “ zu übersetzen mag aber bereits irreführend sein Lochan Fada via Gleann Bianasdall the. Directions read like a child ’ s most remote long-distance Trail, do it now rather later! I expected the loch wild flowers end of loch Eil seemed like utter luxury of doing the CWT s. Overall I was glad I ’ d have a quick break there both, as they say, shrouded mist. Broken by a cape wrath trail blog Schottlands, dem Cape Wrath Trail among grazing horses in the right the landscape opened into. Stara Planina: hiking one of the tree-on-rock this bloke had walked setting off in the Roads... Remote and wild section of the most remote long-distance Trail, vom CWT, lese, will herausfinden.

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