Similar to the Husky Corgi Mix, adults can reach up to 15 inches in height and can weigh anything between 20 and 30 pounds. Your veterinarian is the expert and they can suggest the best diet and food to suit your pet’s needs – so be sure to ask them if you are unsure or if anything changes in regards to your pets health! As with any dog breed, it’s important to attend regular veterinarian check ups and to keep up to date with all vaccines and recommended treatments. This is an extremely rare color, with the blue eyes. This is also why they have a variation in their standard size, and no two dogs will be a like, even from the same litter. Shipping Area: Nationwide. The Siberian Husky is a working breed that was traditionally used as a sled dog. Be warned though, they are also known for having a shrill bark which they deploy when they are in protect mode, and this is why they are said to have ‘small dog syndrome’. If the answer is yes, then you might consider this puppy. 1 Year Old. Thinking of adopting, but still aren’t sure if this is the perfect mixed breed for your household? Luxating Patellas: Skipping or hindlimb lameness. The Pomsky’s coat is usually soft and fluffy, though they length may vary depending on breeding. It is estimated that the average cost of keeping one of these pups per year is $2000, which is significantly more expensive than the majority of other dog breeds. Pomeranians live longer than many other breeds, partly due to their smaller size. Thank you everyone for your interest in our sweet little Yogi, Cindy and Boo-Boo Bears. These pups are intelligent and super quick learners, so this means that they are quite easily trained. They typically never top 10 pounds in weight. As of yet there have been no significant health concerns reported regarding this mix, and it is likely that Pomskies will live for 12 -15 years. They are also expensive, so you need to plan for this. Puppy Snapshot. Most siberian huskies will not be overly aggressive, but if they see a dog they want to bother, they will do it in a fashion that’s slightly annoying with their dominance, rather than a complete dominance display. This boy should mature around 20lbs. Find out more about the Siberian Husky Pomeranian mix, including puppy prices, temperament, traits, and more! Secondly, it is important to socialize your puppy with all other animals and humans alike to avoid over-aggressiveness inherited from the parent’s protective streak. There are also long waiting lists for certain characteristics, such as the bright blue eyes. They are 8 weeks old. Because of their appearance, they became a quick favorite of Royalty looking to spoil them at every turn. This is a very unique breed, with an extremely unique breeding process. Because of this there is a relatively small amount of information on them and their genetic make-up, but here is what we do know so far. The key is to be consistent and to keep small tit-bits handy for the positive reinforcement training. Pure White Stunners which are also known as white Pomsky puppies are gorgeous and classic. I am looking for a black and white pomsky with blue eyes. While every dog is different, this may help you determine their potential intelligence level, energy output and nutrition needs. If the dog’s genes cause the black eumelanin to turn another color all of the black coloring will be changed. This also means that they can withstand the cold but can’t tolerate the heat too much. $ 608 . Pomsky pup available . These pups will have wooly coats and possibly Semi Wooly coats. However, a dog that has the look of a Husky but is smaller in size is the look that most people are opting for. Her one black eye makes her look like Jack Sparrow. Most dogs require a bath every 4 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately not at this time. Mom is a black and white pomsky and is app.25lbs. Backyard breeders have also jumped on this trend. For any more info or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. considered a toy Pomsky. Because there are also very few registered breeders then it is almost certain that you will have to travel to find your canine friend. Resources like can be a good place to start, but again it will depend on availability. This can damage their skin and be harmful to their natural coat oils. Pomskies are friendly and energetic balls of fuzz and will keep you and your family entertained for hours on end. Remember that any dog is a long-term investment! They will continue to mature mentally until they are around 3 years old, which is typical of most breeds. Be sure not to wash them too often. She likes to bounce around and jump into your lap. Since that time, they’ve become a very “posh” breed, often fetching very high prices as a purebred puppy. Some dogs will be entirely indifferent to other animals, while others will be very social and outgoing. This is the most unique colored Pomsky we've ever had. your own Pins on Pinterest Generally, the smaller and more Husky-like the pups look the more you’ll slide towards the higher end of the scale. Pomeranians are definite lapdogs and enjoy spending time with their family. They can be stubborn, and they can also be agitators. Toys made for huskies such as treat-filled Kong’s can be a great distraction and will keep them entertained for hours! December 6, 2015. The majority of Pom-Husky mixes inherit the Huskies distinctive eyes. Registration: None. We excel at providing stunning pure White Pomskies. Male. The longer the breed is in existence, the possiblitily does grow that at some point the AKC can recognize them as their own breed. It is important, however, to put aside how cute they are and take a closer look at their personality traits, what it takes to look after this adorable pup, and to decide if he will fit in with yours and your family’s lifestyle. The Pomeranian Husky mix breed, also known as the Pomsky, is a very popular designer dog and it is clear to see why! In between baths you can also use special doggy wipes or waterless shampoo from your local pet store. Both parents are known to be sociable and loving, so be prepared to dish out daily attention and cuddles. He has a lovely dark Siberian Husky facial mask and will mature to 13-14 lbs. German Spitz vs. Pomeranian: Breed Differences & Similarities. He will get a fluffy fox tail as he matures and develop perfectly. What our puppies leaves us with? The most obvious appearance of this type is their solid colored coat which is frequently coming in white. She is spotted black and white. They can be a bit high maintenance when it comes to grooming. Remember, your Pomsky’s name is going to be the first human word he learns, and it’s going to segue the both of you into future training. It’s important to start introductions slowly if you are in a multi-pet household. She is Ee, awat, kyky, BB, DD She weights 12lbs and is considered a mini Pomsky. Let us help you find the perfect puppy. Yes, if socialized early and properly, they can get along just fine with cats and other animals. (Pics 1-3) Pic 4 is dad and pic 5 is mom. Thankfully, over-aggressiveness is quite rare, although it is still important to socialize the pup in any case. Are you interested in the white coated puppy? This mix is relatively new, and they haven’t been studied enough to be able to say what their common health problems are. The most popular color combination for Pomskies by far is the black-and-white coloration that makes them look like a miniature Husky. This teddy-bear dog has a soft fluffy double-layered coat. Their smaller size makes them less likely to be effective when it comes to guarding. Super playful and sweet tempered. However, because this breed is a mix, there are no guarantees as to what they are going to look like, and as this breed is relatively new descriptions are of first-generation Pomskies and by far from definitive. They are very likely to bark and let you know when strangers are nearby. There’s a good chance if you can’t find one in your area that you’ll have to travel out of state to find your dog. Often a grain-free diet would be suggested here. Purebred Pomsky had a F1 (50/50) litter on October 12th; they haven’t posted yet the genders distributions, but they mentioned the colors of the eight puppies from the litter – three are black and white, two are grey and white and three are black and white piebald’s; it is possible that one of them is even of the rare augoti color. Discover (and save!) Not only does regular grooming keep them healthy, but it also acts as a bonding session between you and your pooch, as well as decreasing the amount of dog fluff on the sofa! I have 3 Mini Teddy Bear face Pomeranian & Husky mixed puppies to rehome. Just like with their unpredictable size, Pomskies come in all shades of colors and markings. She weights 29lbs and is considered a standard Pomsky. This sweetheart is charting 15-25lbs, he has beautiful blue eyes and his ears will stand up as he grows :) Joy is a boy and he has a sweet demeanor and playful personality! If you want to see one in action, then look no further! Let’s learn more about this designer dog, and what you can expect when you welcome them into your home. The Pomsky can come in an array of beautiful colours such as; Black, White, Grey, Brown, Red, Copper, Blue Merle, Wolf Sable, Blonde and much more. Their coat should be brushed daily using a bristle brush. Pomsky. They typically will not be bred in normal settings due to the size differences between the two breeds. It will be you in the backyard calling for Stinkerbell to come inside. Personality and Temperament ACTIVITY LEVEL. Payment Method: Paypal, Cash. He is going to look like a mini fox as an adult and is going to draw attention everywhere he goes. The Pomsky is a charming and loving dog that is smaller in size than the Husky but much larger than a Pomeranian. He has a very sweet, loving, playful personality. So we have added this section to show you some of our past grey and white pomsky puppies. It will be a struggle to tire out this mix, so an agility sport such as frisbee or dog agility courses can be great fun for you and your friend! He has a smooth coat and two bright blue eyes! Discover (and save!) It is important to note that black eumalanin can turn into other colors. This means they can be all-white with blue eyes, dark grey with brown eyes, or even red, and anything in between. They have the majestic look of the Siberian Husky combined with the fluffy adorability of the Pomeranian. With that being said, you can still check rescues before going out and buying a puppy from a breeder. The Pom-Husky mix has inherited his intelligence from the Husky parent, who are known to pick up commands easily and respond well to positive reinforcement training. Waterless shampoo comes in many different forms such as foam or spray. His adorable face will steal your heart away. This helps to stimulate blood flow to ensure a healthier coat, and to remove dead hair. Date of Birth: October 11, 2020. Champion Bloodlines: Yes. Age. The Pomsky can be a wider variety of colors because of how their parent breeds look. This video is unavailable. Using a shampoo that helps prevent shedding will also keep hair under control. Color/ Markings: black and white. The Pomsky tends to be good-natured and playful, gentle with kids, and very lively. It’s also possible that your pup ends up with two different coloured eyes, known as heterochromia. They're black and white with blue eyes.... October 4, 2020. Availability Date: 02/22/2020. But don’t let these cute looks fool you, this is one smart bouncy cookie. Ready to go on January 9, 2021. Pomskies are very trainable but train them you must. The Pomsky has got those Pomeranian genes in there- and don’t forget it! They are very energetic and require daily exercise. Parents on site. This means they can be all-white with blue eyes, dark grey with brown eyes, or even red, and anything in between. Reply. He also has an amazing temperament loving & friendly who is use to our young children and loves attention from anyone and everyone. You can find them with coats that are tan, brown, black, white and with mixed colors. "Spitz" is a word used to describe the family of dogs that all have distinct characteristics: small, pointed ears with fur, thick double coats, almond-shaped eyes, and a fluffy tail that often curls over the back. Both breeds have no shortage of energy, and both breeds can have a tendency to carry a stubborn streak. Coat & Colors They can be white, black, or a combination of anything in between. Jason Gest. He is not for sale. She is bi-eyed and her left eye is a parti eye. So be prepared for slight deviations. If you are expecting a tiny teacup pooch forever then this breed is not for you. Beautiful Mini Pomsky puppies For sale. She is Ee, atat kyky, Bb, DD. Pomsky Puppy For Sale in STAPLES, MN, USA. If left unattended or unstimulated for long periods of time they can cause surprising destruction to your house and furniture. They are still considered a small dog breed, but can become larger than people think. The first recorded litter of puppies were born in March 2012, and therefore the majority of Pomskies alive today are first generation. Let’s look at each of their parents in a little more detail. Ralph's blue eyes are stunning and his black eyeliner really makes them stand out! It takes years for dogs to become AKC eligible, and as of now, this has not happened. In the case of the Pomsky, this breed’s parents are the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. Any black areas on a Pomsky (or any canine) are from cells that produce eumalanin. They make better watchdogs than guard dogs. Usually some variation of white, black, and grey, similar to their Husky parent. in accordance with terms & conditions, We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. Call or message – so establishing the pecking order in the household is key. And when you are getting up close and personal it will also help you to see fleas or ticks, or any other nasties lurking amongst all that hair, so everyone’s a winner! The appearance of this pup is what’s made it one of the most sought after Pomeranian mixes today. POSITIVES . £500 deposit to secure, remaining balance due on the day of collection. Description. Otherwise you can expect an unruly dog which may upset the household with his barking and little dog syndrome. Coloring often follows the typical black and white — or gray and white, brown and white, red and white or blue and white — pattern of a husky but can also be pure black, pure white or tan like a Pomeranian. The Pomsky has been one of the most popular designer dog breeds since 2017 and is still up there in the leaderboard. Our pomsky puppies vary in sizing as we are now breeding F2 … Come with the first shots and the deworm... October 2, 2020. Don’t be put off by this though, this is a good sign that your pup has been well looked after! All puppies have now been spoken for. She is Ee, kyky atat, BB, DD. The Pomsky can be a wider variety of colors because of how their parent breeds look. Size at Maturity: Small. Pomsky Pals is a site where you can get more information on the Pomsky. Yes, they can make a fantastic family dog. You may also need to think about shipping your puppy if you buy from an out of state breeder, if you aren’t able to pick it up in person. When adopting a puppy, it is important to start the training from a young age for several reasons particular to their breed. Possibly White. Maisy is our AKC black and white wooly female Siberian Husky. Here are some common questions we get about the breed. Norman is probably the most famous Pomsky in the world. Pomsky Puppy … The mother is always the Siberian Husky and the father always the Pomeranian. Hey JoAnn, Unfortunately we are not breeders, however if you would like to get in contact with Curve Hill Pomskies all of their information is above. Because of their striking good looks, it’s not uncommon to see Huskies mixed with other breeds, like the Malamute Husky mix, or the Huskydoodle mix. Firstly, Pomeranians are stubborn little creatures and will likely view themselves as the pack leader (another small dog syndrome indicator!) These puppies will have wooly coats. The average price ranges from $2,000 all the way up to $5,000. Their coats can come in many colours, the most popular are Black and White, Red, Brown and Cream. She weighs 10lbs and is . His downy undercoat means that when he sheds twice a year, you will know about it! Pomskies are less likely to attack an intruder or defend their property. These breeds are very popular with individuals that can afford to buy them, and their high maintenance attitudes and coats are often offset by how charming they are. COAT. They love to be the center of attention, and will often be considered the “class clown” when running with the pack. You can expect your pup to weigh about 20 pounds after they are fully mature as an adult. This means any designer dog that’s crossbred with them as a parent will likely have a very healthy energy level. They are heavy shedders so you’ll need to be prepared to manage excess dog hair. He comes up to date on vaccinations and wormings with AKC registration… Ready … Black And White is a male Pomsky puppy for sale born on 3/21/2020, located near Muncie / Anderson, Indiana and priced for $2,500. What that means is that you can expect a very expensive dog, and many breeders do not endorse the creation of this breed because of the fact that it can be both difficult and time-consuming to ensure you get a successful litter. Nutrition is dependent on your pet’s size, energy levels and allergies amongst many other things, and it will change over time. They can be loyal family companions though, despite their stubbornness. Mum is our small F2 Posmsky black & white brown eyed girl, she is very friendly and a fantastic mum who has a loving temperament, 6.5kg, loves spending time in the garden, DNA tested for over 190 health conditions (all clear). Because of their affectionate personality, the Pom does get frequently crossbred as a designer dog. They are sociable, fun and everyone will likely fall in love with your pup! Some have shorter coats, while others have a longer, fluffier coat.

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