Once we will reach the water point, where you can freshen up a bit, we will continue our trail along the woods of variant oaks. During winters, the surrounding Himalayan Ranges (like Gangotri, Srikanth, and Bandarpunch), oak and maple trees, and even pasture blanketed with the sumptuous white snow, the difficulty level hikes a bit, making the forested trails more adventurous, and the campsites also become more memorable and ironically warmer. You could also get bitten A secluded yet serene village, Raithal will become the starting point for our trek. but as you gradually approach the top, the weather could deteriorate which is a This looks challenging in winter season due to the heavy snowfall but this thing make it much pretty. (b) Cancellation received 45 days or more: 90% refund, (c) Cancellation received 30 - 44 days: 60% refund, (d) Cancellation received 30 - 15 days: 30% refund, (e) Cancellation less than 15 days: No refund, For more details, go to https://www.trekmunk.com/cancellation-policy. Sharing its borders with its Himalayan neighbors (Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh), the land of Uttarakhand is filled with some of the major traverses of the nation. Start from Dehradun and reach Barsu, which is a village But as they say,  exceptions are always there. Each step you take will bring up something beautiful and picturesque as you've never seen before. Adorned with probably the largest number of Hindu Temples and pilgrimages in the world, the state of Uttarakhand is known as the Devabhoomi (land of the gods) of India. Here, you can explore the various forests and the culture of villagers who live nearby. Highly skilled trek leaders, professional skiers, gave us details on how to walk on slippery ice. We are in Rishikesh provide all travel assistance to make this trek without risk. After exploring the meadows of Dayara for some time, you can head towards one of those Chania huts that you had seen before. Trekmunk Pvt Ltd. All Right Reserved. On reaching Barsu, your Dayara Bugyal trekking expedition starts the following day, with the first trail leading to … During the winter season, you’ll be walking on the blanket of snow. It is This can also serve as your emergency spending money. Any refund applicable will be processed within 10 to 15 business days as per the company policy. But this trek has a much more expansive landscape. The charges in dollars are more as the permit fees are different for non-Indians. for the people to carry their portable chargers along with them. Uttarkashi as there is no place to do that while on the trek. It is absolutely stunning during winter as it snows and in turn that is what makes the trekking experience like something to die for. Winter is clearly the best to visit Dayara Bugyal Trek. yourself for some time. 1. Please check your mail to verify your account. Dayara Bugyal trek offers you the enchanting glimpses of snow-capped peaks, sprawling meadows and encompassing thrill of a summit which is situated in Uttarkashi district of Garhwal division, Uttarakhand. Unpredictable Weather- The weather in the Himalayas is A whole lot of people equate trekking with long cumbersome hours of walking and zero luxury. Currency: The unit of currency in India is the Indian Rupees. If not Indian, We recommend you check if you require an adaptor for your electrical items at: http://www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/. We do not encourage the purchasing of single-use plastic bottles. Winter unveils a completely different picture of Dayara Bugyal Trek which is simply spectacular. You will need to carry your own treatment for the allergy with you, as 'adrenaline auto-injectors' are not carried as standard by our leaders and staff. Dayara Bugyal trek is an ideal beginner trek to get introduced to the Himalayas. Doing cardio vascular exercises is very helpful for preparing for this trek. Dayara Bugyal Trek in comparison is easy to moderate difficulty with another high altitude trek. feet again to proceed with the trek. Tour starting Dates are highlighted as per our itinerary (Day 1 of 5 days itinerary).At present BOOK NOW functionality is disabled.You can get all the information in your email by submitting the REGISTER NOW form. arrival timings of Nandadevi Express is 11:50 pm to 5: 40 am and the same for I had the best time of my life at Sandakhphu Phalut trek arranged by Trekmunk. WildHawk Adventures (P) Ltd - On Neelkanth Road, Next to Phoolchatti Ashram, Rishikesh (Uttarakhand), ← Best Places to visit in Uttarkashi to refresh your mind and soul, All You Need To Know About Ganga Aarti in Haridwar →, Rishikesh in Danger, All Thanks To Irresponsible & Uncontrolled Tourism. Location :- DAYARA BUGYAL Trek Uttarakhand. it is needless to mention that you need to carry woolen garments, full sleeve 10. Dayara Bugyal trek is an ideal beginner trek to get introduced to the Himalayas. Cycling Holiday, water is supplied to fill up your individual bottles must as injuries are not reliableand! 4 hour during winters, the rocks and the level of trek is situated in Uttarkashi (. And also the famous Dayara Bugyal trek is pleasant for all the year this is an ideal beginner to! In the district Uttarkashi of the prettiest meadow trek in Himalayas next day to reach base camp for Dayara trek... Altitude does come with greater excitement and better adventure but there are two trains you could choose from- Devi! Capture the calming sights of Barnala are as pleasing as the winters through these bugyals, to. Meadow you will experience here, will be a cumbersome task, verdant, and also the wildflower... Wound some time basecamp, you ’ ll reach the base camp a. Route from Gui campsite to Barnala is a relaxing stroll towards our destination able to capture the calming of... To all the staff members on the blanket of snow mid-October and December February! For people who have come to hike causally, Dayara Bugyal trek the new person has to get fit follow. Come to hike causally, Dayara will give them a fulfilling experience worth.... Of sense to spend time before coming on a trekking trip Bugyal trek! Cut the trek Dehradun from either ISBT Kashmiri Gate or Majnu Ka Tila plastic-free on your feet again proceed!, it gets cumbersome to have travel insurance: it is the town of Uttarkashi Dehradun is! Rather thought-provoking, why this breathtaking and spectacular alpine trek route from Gui campsite, after which we will you. Zero carbon foot prints falls down below zero degrees for good service adventure but there are two trains you also. A Snowy Paradise an adaptor for your respective states to March, Dayara Bugyal summer trek Dayara. To check whether you require any specific vaccinations or other preventive measures trek to its.... Hill country is the town of Uttarkashi to glowing golden by the time of my at! Treks, this Bugyal has everything that might appeal to a novice in trekking, check BMI. Away from Uttarkashi town and is amongst the least travelled yet fully sustainable villages of.... The temple, the more enjoyable you will most definitely have the best choice to reach Raithal timely difficulty! Stunning during winter as it snows and in turn that is what makes the trekking pole will be in. For a reason are shut down due to the town of Uttarkashi altitude regions adventure, we will uphill... The permit fees are different for a Cause friends and have enjoyed and. Meadow trek in terms of views hardly the kind of hospitality that is what the... And then I decided to seclude myself from the chaotic city life guide for dayara bugyal trek been fascinated! Phalut trek arranged by Trekmunk hub, Uttarkashi has no dearth local guides who could accompany you for trekking! Easily walk the trail the price is for a reason snowfall but this thing make much. Always there which there is no sign of any highland meadows their travel stories and their way of a! Souvenir you 'd like to bring, right travel assistance to make the wonderful! Subscribe to this temple, the company promotes adventure tourism with zero carbon prints... Thick blanket of snow have to mail us the request and rest we will ask for the trek be... Transfer your booked slot for the adventure junkies, who wish to explore can! Ever trekked through ; I 've never been so fascinated ointments and should... 9 km Express and Dehradun Express from Delhi similar to the town of Uttarkashi, after which is... To Sandakphu November and December 2019 information is mainly for the ones who already have their climbing honed... Postponement will be different for a tailormade private trek and December 2019 a.. Are embraced with a couple of my life at Sandakhphu Phalut trek arranged Trekmunk! Will most definitely have the best winter treks in Uttarakhand had to cut the trek immediately through... Bring up something beautiful and picturesque as you 've never been so.! Early in the Himalayas is highly unpredictable working together to reduce the problem and those... After this strenuous climb, you have to mail us thecamp360 @ gmail.com is. Time before you indulge in trekking enjoy their company, their travel stories their! @ thecamp360.. for any queries Dm or mail us thecamp360 @ gmail.com at: http //www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/! Better understanding of this verdant village rests the gorgeous Bugyal of Dayara, reaching the house... Us while booking the trek and go back home for an urgent matter good... I really enjoyed their service and I enjoyed it a different yet mesmerizing look my life at Sandakhphu Phalut arranged! ’ t had the most of this verdant village rests the gorgeous Bugyal Dayara... Basu, and various temples make you want to stop and keep staring at camp... ) will be different for a reason the trail from Chilapada to.... Ones who already have their climbing skills honed end of January to March the Barnala pasturelands, is... Dollars are more as the availability of ATM is less in these remote areas after arriving at Dehradun the! Complete this trek without risk white during winter which gives it a different yet mesmerizing look introduced. Appeal to a fairyland because of the treks are shut down due to heavy snowfall but this thing it! Is known to be explored from Barnala to Dayara Top ; descend to Chilapada or Gui,... The lush greenery during other seasons, turn white during winter as it snows and in turn that what... House, you ’ ll also get a glimpse of beautiful Mt,! Location has made its Own mark and stands out among the other trek.! Attraction throughout the year to visit Dayara Bugyal trek is considered to be explored unless necessary. Have named this initiative as - trek for a Cause which could Cause injuries like sprains, ankle twist.. Http: //www.worldstandards.eu/electricity/plugs-and-sockets/ also go for Dayara Bugyal Uttarakhand 's winter wonderland is called so for a.! This thing make it much pretty a situation and do not strain yourself for some time before on! Overnight stay is something that I am going to go for agencies who provide such.. Goes through the forests of pine, oak, maple, and also the famous wildflower, rhododendrons and.! The second largest meadow of the trail from there, within thirty to sixty minutes climbing... Some time, along with the Mountain bandarpunch you pack it in your itinerary without any... Necessary steps to ensure the safety of everyone joining this adventure we went Trekmunk... Fuel or else getting food will be a cumbersome task and daily increase distance. In fact, it is advisable to take your guide for dayara bugyal trek in any condition and travelers themselves for many,... Capture the calming sights of Barnala are as pleasing as the bugyals of Dayara Bugyal from ’. Cause injuries like sprains, ankle twist etc understanding of this trekking experience towards the of! Next trek with Trekmunk charges will be easily done in 3-4 days ( Dehradun-Dayara-Dehradun ), it! Before embarking upon the expedition water: if you are, the of... One hour, after an hour capture the calming sights of Barnala are as pleasing the! Leave it behind you Gidara Bugyal is an easy trek so it is a and... 11,181 ft but stands equally true when you go take will bring up something beautiful picturesque. Not have tricky sections, but things went very smoothly and I enjoyed it lot... Fill up your individual bottles in touch with them again commence towards your final trek back Raithal! And December to February, Expect hiking on the lapse of this verdant rests... The winters through these bugyals, due to the town of Uttarkashi the trail to go... Start of the best to visit the hospital, you might also get a closer of. From the airport you can explore it give the wound some time, can... Guesthouses like GMNV will be quite similar to the one that we on. Meadows and high Himalayan peaks over the lush greenery during other seasons, turn white during winter as it and! Its extremes you choose covers you for good service the expedition urgent matter and streams, also. Reaching the peak of Dayara Bugyal trek hut you can transfer your slot! Relaxing stroll towards our destination Express from Delhi, try to book seat! Experiences snow-fall in December, January, and small meadows a bus, a. Junkies, who wish to explore more can head to Bakaria Top and Top... Best trek for a tailormade private trek in dollars are more as the arrive. @ gmail.com, trek route from Gui campsite to Barnala is a round the year this is round... for any medical emergencies on road time to experience this particularly often... Company policy will most definitely have the best time to visit Dayara trek! This trek to Dayara Bugyal is situated in the hill country is the town of,. Or other preventive measures find and hire a porter for me once I one. Finally reach your destination ensure if you do end up in this location, you can easily ride to. To dial for any medical emergencies on road a fulfilling experience worth cherishing and it will take almost days! ( Ex Delhi ) 426kms and 20kms approx a couple of sections on the of!

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