– tvs 61 great white (?) We have organized three Rock Band Picture Challenges for … the rolling stones68. d1218. My second cryptic picture quiz, this time containing 40 clues to the titles of 1990s pop songs. though seriusly i think those are gay kissers in that pic. Beach Boys (surfer boards with guys) 49.) it’s not 50 cent!!! cake. Those aren’t pixies, they’re fairies-Pink Fairies, maybe. Maybe the 3 boys on the top of the building are ‘Fun Boy Three’ (They wrote ‘The Lunatics Are Taking Over The Asylum’). b-52s05. hrmm killing prince, never heard of that you dumb whore, maybe it could be PRINCE!!!! The planes are b52 bombers. B52’s (the aeroplanes) 6. I think there are more then 75 bands.I can`t believe that nobody mentioned “THE ANIMALS”. Madonna (madonna of the Rocks painting) 7.) eagles22. dead kennedys19. to those who say the coin is nickleback….last time i checked…that was a QUARTER not a nickle but ok? There Are 370 K-Pop Groups, And If You Can Name 30, You're A True Fan. Which is why we've taken the names of some of the biggest bands from the '80s, and put them into tricky anagrams. Jeez, learn your music! Deep Purple 21. havent you guys heard of any aussie bands????? The paltinmum blonde on the sidewalk is ALICE IN CHAINS…SHEESH. Find Pop Quiz stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. cypress hill17. it’s all 50 cent, nickelback AND ramones together. QUIZ: How many of these 21 bands from the 90s can you name? On the left picture of a SEAL, JFK&RFK=DEAD KENNEDYS, Next to that is the Virgin Mary with Jesus=MADONNA. – The two guys in black, It’s definitely a kennedy half-dollar, not a silver dollar or a nickel. “Cypress Hill” The only hill with a tree on it. Sex Pistols50. eels23. white zombie73. from the newspapers or gossip magazines, stick them on paper and photocopy. guns n’ roses30. smashing pumpkins, white zombie, the eagles, gorillaz?…, Crowded House Jewel The Angels Deep Purple U2 Man the list goes on …. the cult61. it says united states half dollar. There’s Garbage in the street. Police (in the background looking at the cars) 16. the beach boys58. red hot chili peppers49. That is a SQUID not an Octopus!!! ^^. It may just be me…but the white stripes on the road also represent Abbey Road for the “Beatles” That’s what I think that is. Peter, Paul and Mary (the three holding hands skipping in front of the Rolling Stone towards the foreground. Also I’d like to know where the Pink Floyd came from, there was no description on the post. scorpions51. Once you think you know what the answer is, flip the card to see if you were right. cake12. im not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but in front of the stand, theres the crate. queen46. Just thought I’d throw in that the coin is not a nickel or a 50 cent piece….I think it’s a silver dollar. the queen is holding Sex Pistols. I’m gonna have to say “Jane’s Addiction”. BTS Songs by Any Word. phish43. Fish/Goldie (the goldfish and possibly the golden guy) 19. Ok, I got a few more for ya, the Jets (two planes, can also be b-52’s I guess) Blind Melon Twisted Sister (the two girls contortionists) The roots (in the street grate behind the queen) BeeGees (B and 2 Gees on the wall) Seal (poster by white zombie) Iron Maiden (Its in the middle of the street) and before reading the posts i kinda thought the white zombie was for Insane clown posse??? and also i don’t know if anyone put Jet, but there’s a couple planes in the sky. the carpenters59. A mailbox is not the same as the Postal Service. I prefer to make these up on my laptop, for two reasons. red hot chilli peppers (at the vegie stand). ( "blondie"'s gum) 52. I don’t think they’re Styx, I think they’re Nine Inch Nails. clearly some of the ones ppl keep saying have not been mentioned have in fact been mentioned toward the top of the page. The stripes in the street are also known as The White Stripes. How about Men Without Hats for the two blues brother looking types, just strikes me they should be wearing hats,or am I thinking too much? Yellowman 29. Dinousour Jr. the killers63. Red Hot Chilli Peppers! 50 Cent (1/2 dollar) ****Clueless items**** -Bag of onions or potatoes on ground next to veggie/fruit stand -Stacked boxes with bagged food next to veggie stand ****questionable/multiple meaning items IMO**** -the pink and yellow rectangles (I thought I’ve seen them as album artwork) -post man -1/2 silver dollar -the right window with people in it (there are two and i think the one on the left is Culture Club -The different looking monkey from the gorillas -the blonde chewing bubble gum. spoon56. Alright, not your every-day Optical Illusion, never the less “The Virgin Digital Find the 75 Bands” competition is the cleverest piece of marketing I’ve seen in ages. good luck…, Yellowcard (yellow poster)Television (um…obvious)Deep Purple (color of building in the back). How about “Prince” And if the Queen fires He’d be called “Formaly known as”. Sex Pistols… the queen is holding two pistols that are vibrators. The group in white pointing up to the huge snake – they look like Hare Krishnas to me – isn’t there a band with Hare Krishna in their name? that makes 19 for me. eels23. Besides, that’s also how someone would appear as if they were anonymous. That’s on *this* side of the monitor. FORTY FREIKING ONE. the stones in the back! We provide the best game answers, solutions, walkthrough, cheat, guides and explanation for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android with screenshots Iron Maiden (chess piece) 24.) black flag08. The Picture Round is Extreme Closeups and the Wild Card is on Vanessa Mae. The Eels 11. to Major Spooilerf Alert you forgot scorpion so much for posting only one!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prev None of 30 Next. The three girls running together could also be Three Non Blondes. Anyone know what the turtle-looking thing is, below the Roots and next to Queen’s behind? Rolling Stones (big boulders near the cars) 27. It says SHOP. I prefer to make these up on my laptop, for two reasons. Styx – sticks next to Matchboxes in shape of 20 (matchbox 20). aL I think the dinosaur would be “T Rex”. It looks like “Police” infront of the red car. The Doors 42. the spoon is loving spoonful…come on people! whose ass did you pull that out of? Iron Maiden 37. Between Phish and the Cranberries has been called ‘Jewel.’ I believe those are Air Force ‘Wings.’, And what people are calling the Madonna. Picture Rounds. Surfboard Clown- There’s this person at the balcony staring out. Pet Shop Boys (shop window labeled ‘shop’) 65.) how bout m & m above matchbox twenty sorry bout spelling but no one said anything bout spilled m n m on street duh and i like country!!!!!!! Talking Heads/Television (in the building next to the Main St sign) 33. Skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in front of pet shop ) 55. Hole (in the road to the right of the contortionists) 36. gorillaz27. 4. Could be The Ramones (logo) for the big coin near the queen and gorillaz or the monkeys for the King Kongs,and cypres hill for the “mountain”. Queen52. There is a difference. The Roots/Grateful Dead (the grate to the left of the queen) 48. Those are The Cranberries in the crates in front of the fruit stand. “the police” infron of the cars in the back, the candy on the ground above machtbox 20 could be “hard candy”, and there is an plant behind queen that could be “robert plant”, the fallen trash can could be “cradle of filth”. Deep Purple (the building in the background) 35. the cult61. Alice In Chains (far right, below the spoon) 23. I think its “Reel Big Fish” because of the size of the fish and the bowl, besides Phish is spelled differently. talking heads57. Radiohead. Has anybody else seen it? the scorpions – bottom left hand side on/near the “cake”, kong-the gorilla that looks like king kong, The Person on the hill might be a song refferce to “The Fool on the Hill” by the beatles, PETSHOP BOYS, PETSHOP ON THE WINDOW, 2 BOYS STANDING UNDERNEATH, well i think the vines that everyone is talking about are actually sticks, so it would probably be the band styxx. Skinny Puppy ( tiny dog in front of pet shop ) 55. – 3 girls running 69 goo goo dolls/toy dolls (?) (Next to the watermelons) and are the guys with the surfboards the butthole suffers? “The Killers”: the blues brothers looking guys in the centre, Hello. Dedicated to visual phenomena and real life illusions. blind melon..(melon wearing shades in the fruit cart/stand)… i think…. No one’s mention the hulking gray figure on the crosswalk – looks like a figure of a queen made out of stone – Queens of the Stone Age? 32. goldie? Smashing Pumpkins03. actually the big thing in front of the building is a rock maing it THE ROLLING STONES, and the guys are POLICE….BLUE OYSTER CULT is the blue oyster necklace to the right of the goldfish! When that man hits the pumpkin, its going to go Wham! Ok I never do this kind of thing, but here goes. !Crowded House !!! The gameplay is fun and the number of level packs is mind blowing. the queen is pointing the guns at “prince” duh that was easy. the “20” behind the prince, are they match boxes? Hahaha!! “the lemonheads”- the lemons with the smiley faces in the corner…anyone said that yet? the pixies65. Is ther a band named Squid? A comment on th “Three Non-Blondes”-thing: The coin is not a silver dollar it clearly says half dollar on it…so it could definately be 50 cent. White Zombie (A.K.A Rob Zombie)- Um….You people have been staring at it. i think the lemons with the faces on them are more likely to be referring to the lemonheads. blur11. Pop Music 2020 Picture Quiz - a mixed bag of 20 pop acts form 2020 to identify . screens) i am 99.9 percent sure I am right. Black Flag 19. oh, I forgot one. my friends feel that the guys standing on top of the building represent hawthorn heights. I’ve found 54, but the other 21 elude me. that isnt STYX behind the queen./ its grateful dead. scissor sisters50. the beach boys58. Is that a White Zombie below the picture of Seal? He spends his time finding the most popular optical illusions so that YOU keep coming back to your site for more! white stripes- the crosswalk. Cake36. and seriously, u ppl obviously didnt read the rules at the top…. also what are those smiling oranges(?) shush)- there are posters of two of them on the building the zombie/corpse is leaning on. – roots 65 bondie (?) the guns the queen is holding or frickin dildos!!!!! Scorpions (bottom left on cake) 58. Scissor Sisters (pink scissors) 29.) Therefor i think we can ad DINOSAUR JR. to the list. I see some “Cranberries” next to Green Day! hole31. Pet shop boys ( boys in front of pet shop ) 54. Sunny & Cher (couple standing near the cowboy) 67.) If you like a particular decade of tunes, maybe try our 2000s music quiz questions, 90s pub quiz questions, 80s music quiz questions, 70s music quiz questions and 60s music quiz … – shadows 63 phish (?) Moody Blues – Knights in white satin behind Blues Bros? (And if you fancy testing you knowledge of '80s bands even more – see if you can name these obscure bands from the '70s and '80s.) the white stripes. Many quiz masters merely cut pictures of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen etc. There are bushy plants on top of the mountain, Bush. come on! not in picture: 73 pet shop boys 74 cake 75 scorpions. jane’s addiction33. radiohead47. The hill at the back is Cyprus hill; we know this because it is a Cyprus tree on a hill yes? The Contortions (to the left of garbage) 53. Also you have a conflict with Skinny Puppy amd Lil Bow Wow (the small dog). Collectively – They are all The Pretenders. Kiss17. The Eagles 17. Cowboy Junkies 30. there’s a chunk on the left missing. What about The Pixies flying around? matchbox twenty39. korn36. Iron Maiden60. twisted sister70. So how many of these bands are actually under the Virgin label? Could it be ‘Real Big Fish’? Look what I found on internet! People in white robes are either the Manic Street Preachers or The Proclaimers. The Police (police men) 42.) Smashing Pumpkins (Man smashing pumpkins) 34.) Culture Club (people dancing in window) 45.) Come on guys. Duh no one got that yet? Madonna (the painting next to the dead presidents) 22. Tangerine Dream,Rapunzel and in the poster ATOMIC ROOSTER!! i dont know about these if they are bands but they could still help, ih and we have the gorillaz rolling stones iron maiden queen the pixies 50 cent, and i believe i see avril lavine with some bubble gum in left hand corner, those fruit look suspicious… they’re all happy, with the matchbox 20 one i say that there are 21 matchboxs used… and everyone? matchbox 20? Check him out on https://plus.google.com/u/1/109932087769818686311/ View all posts by James Dean, Ok I’ll start (remember only one band per user please), 1. Could that be The Carpenters on top of the building? The Pixies (flying fairies) 2.) the gorillaz are the famous bacd gorillaz the band of feel good inc and others, “the rolling stones;” is that “queen” and “prince?” “iron maiden,” “led zeppelin,” “garbage,” “smashing pumpkins,” “green day;” maybe “the postal service?” “radiohead,” “U2,” “50 cent,” “the sex pistols,” “guns ‘n roses,” maybe “nine inch nails?” “matchbox twenty,” “blind melon,” “red hot chili peppers,” “alice in chains;” maybe “the eagles,” and “spoon?” “black flag,” “the beach boys”. OK, one more. goldfinger. Ratt (rat) 28.) U228. The Dead Kennedys (1/2 dollar) 68.) Picture: Radio X Here's your challenge: we'll show you a series of emojis - all you have to do is get our cryptic clue to the name of a well-known Radio X band! But the concept is correct. Omg the crows are obviously The Black Crows! !can they look any more like killers? twisted sister58. Black Crows33. skinny puppy54. Eminem is not a band. Only true 80s pop music fans will spot the 30 classic songs hidden in this picture; The company, who you can follow on Twitter, very kindly created the picture puzzle to help people stave off the boredom during the Covid-19 lockdown. The train (the queen’s dress has a train). Behind the yellow guy, under Whitesnake…. I think your missing eminem there’s a bag of them by matchbox 20. skinny puppy54. I think the yellow and pink rectangles aren’t The Doors, There was an app on the iPod touch that’s the same like this. I see the shop with the blow up doll in a red bikini (at least that’s what it looks like to me). The Byrds/Black Crowes (on the Main St sign) 31. Lyudmyla Kharlamova/Shutterstock. Led Zeppelin 30. Pop Quiz: Guess the Bands From the Picture Puzzles Start Slideshow. its CYPRESS HILL under the planes not one tree hill, the boy and the girl on the corner on the right, Come on guys what about STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO, The two people are manifesting their love by the streetlight hahaha. Am I the only one seeing a bag of EMINEMs on the street above the 20 matchboxes? Cypress Hill ( cypress tree on the hill ) 56. This is most accurate now! I think there is enough room for new band names wich can find some inspiration here. dead kennadies(no, i can’t spell. People: stop reading into it to deeply. kiss35. the futureheads has gotta be one, bottom right theres a calander for august 06, and theres loads of faces drawn on the fruit on the stand with the calander, the flying fairies in pink are “pink fairies”, geeza it sugababes init one of thems white not destinys child duh. Queen (duh!) Ok what are we missing in the list? ehhh… i know the beach boys makes sense.. but theres more than 2 of them. Blondie up stairs the Corner Shop. No one has mentioned Rat yet. What about Crowded House? it can’t be nickelback- thats a half dollar. Jewel. Oops. There is an image shared on social media that has gone viral. The first one I saw was Alice in Chains…lets see how many more I can find :) (. EXO Discography (K-pop) ... Hidden Group Logo (3) Red Velvet Members Spelled Backwards; K-Pop Crossword; Word Ladder: Stray Kids Songs ... K-pop Groups by Picture. !! Bob Segar (Main Street sign) 48.) black crowes07. Seal56. and i’m pretty sure the giant spoon is just SPOON, not THE LOVIN’ SPOONFUL, Blur, Nine Inch Nails, Beach Boys, Radiohead, Black Crowes. Blind Melon 9. Nine inch nails 26. skinny puppy27. 30 super hard Taylor Swift quiz questions to find out if you're a true Swiftie; Read More Related Articles. 90’s Pop Songs Picture Quiz Picture quiz. why would they stick a rapper in there? Sex Pistols 4. This Quiz is a free purchase so you can check the quality of our downloads. Behind the QUEEN, under THE ROOTS, right of GUNS N ROSES is a very young dinosaur. the doors62. a perfect circle. See those guys in white behind the Blues Brothers lookin’ dudes? Small face- all the faces in the picture are small. …And I was thinking the people in white were “The Cult”…take that cypress tree offa dat hill and you’ve got Mountain…Could the woman with the cowboys be The Cure?…If the Queen was a bit slimmer, we could have had Thin Lizzie…The 3 non-blondes could be The Clash as well…. THIS PICTURE IS GREAT!!!!!! cranberries15. so the list so far is?01. alice in chains04. The Doors (to the right of the cult) 37. Whitesnake 34. Pixies09. You do realize this is about 5 or 6 years old? Knocked over trashcan= GARBAGE. the guys in white with hands up is CHIOR BOYS thats a new one ,cypress tree on hill and next to cart is the plants. the rolling stones68. (There was a group called “The Adventure Boys” and whats more of an adventure than being on the roof of a tall building when one is young…I guess this could count for 2 more bands.“Main Street Band”-name of the street in picture“The Adventure Boys”-boys atop roof of building under gorilla’s. scorpions51. Prince 64. The hole in the road has also been said to be mud as in Mudvayne. The Verve Sex Pistols (in the queen’s hands) 2. I think it can also be Nickelback.. hehehe. How did anyone miss that. (in front of the “Queen”) Iron Maden (In front of the Rolling Stone) Garbage…there are a lot of them! bag on m n m’s in street spilled you know look like skittles above stynx and match box 20 so how you spell the guy mnm? Prince or Jester – The person the queen is holding the guns on. OK – so I see someone already said Iron Maiden for the figure on the crosswalk. phish43. How about the Monkees and Kong? Obviously, the potential for multiple answers is HUGE! Pink ? Men At Work Crowded House Mountain White Stripes. red hot chilli peppers are in the car in the front, Platimum Blonde – girl on fire escape with bubble gum, red hot chilli peppers in the market crate, Next to Alice ‘n’ Chains is Blurr (WOOOOHOOOO), The green hill in the background could also be “cypress hill”. Lisa, "Playing With Fire"! Basically, I've got 265 out of 270 correct but the other 5 are driving me crackers! “Led Zeppelin” as you can see the blimp is lead! the cars60. Pink ? postal service? However, as a Counting Crows fan i was distracted by the month – it is “August and Everything After”. bee gees06. Just a few thoughts but is that a “Queen” holding those guns? I did a search and all I found were regional “local” bands with that name, hardly the international act that Virgin would chose for an international contest. …74. the guy right by white zombie checking the mail. – blonde w/ bubble gum 66 postal service (?) Rolling Stones 19. Dead Kennedys (the posters to the right of the white zombie) 15. Many quiz masters merely cut pictures of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen etc. Sum1 plz 2 tell me? talking heads57. Tool How could you not get that trezz? kthxbai. I know i’m not supposed to do more then one but…. Anyone have a guess what the 4, differently-colored panels behind that group signify? ONE POST PER PERSON! Ok so the coin is not a silver dollar, if you look closely it says “HALF DOLLAR”– which is 50 cent. “Alice in Chains” — Alice from Alice in Wonderland wrapped in chains, above fruit cart. I’m surprised no one has gotten this one yet. maybe, or smiling lemons??? could the two women in the pink and yellow be shakespeare sistors??? the scorpions .smashing pumpkins .cranberries next to green day .that’s all. i think its a surfboard-pink nosed- human? I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. How is the 41st day of the year in August? The fish in the bowl looks oddly large…how about REEL BIG FISH? Gorillaz (gorillas) 21.) Blur (blurry man) 56.) !, Korn, Great White, Sex Pistols, Garbage, U2, The eels, Cowboy junkies, Beach Boys, Counting Crows, Madonna, Twisted Sister, The Carpenters ou Soundgarden (Please mister postman/ Mailman…. bouy on the corner shannon knoll what about me. great white28. There’s some GORILLAZ in the backgrounds, guys. Questions from your biggest organ to a 60s models bulging crotch. There are more than 75….notice there are about 20 answers for each one…and the fact they seem to have left out aerosmith, beatles ac/dc 3doors down, and what is that octopus squid scopion thing? Also, people, lets read the post and put only ONE BAND NAME AT A TIME. Guns & Roses (in vases) 9.) okay so right above the stix and matchbox 20 and right below the scissor sisters…. madonna38. Could the woman in the yellow shirt be an OutKast, per chance? about. definitely kiss…..and right next to the queen and below the roots…. does anyone know of the band D12? okay, i have read ALL the comments and i don’t get the 50 cent deal. you are missing the stones! The Cars. RECKON you are the ultimate 90s music fan? Gorrilaz04. … Hole? destiny’s child67. Counting Crows 41. Okay I have to comment on Ms.Observant’s post….. 50 Cent (behind the queen) 10. dude,vurdlak, u were only suppose 2 put one on at a time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! white zombie/cannibal corpse- that dead lookin pale thing on the side walk, pixies- um…there are two pixies above the mailman…. The people in white are Maniac Street Preachers, the mountain is Cypress Hill, the cowboy is Cowboy Junkie, 3 non blondes is actually called “4” non blondes :), Cake, Hole, Green Day, Lemonheads, Talking heads, Beatles, The Doors, Radiohead,Atomic Rooster? Crowded House – People in the windows on right side of pic. Madonna – A portrait of a madonna on the shop’s door. there are 3 11’s from the crosswalk that show up..?? pink44. I’m pretty sure its full of cranberries.. for The Cranberries? Contrary to what was posted earlier the two pictures look to me both Kennedys that are dead, John and John-John. How did everyone miss the bag of M&Ms or EMINEM right in the middle of the picture! This tough pop music quiz spans a number of decades and covers a lot of different artists. Eminem 13. led Zeppelin aint a band and at first i sed the doors twice. the CARPENTERS……..t.a.t.u is a big no…. The spoon is… Spoon. Also i saw no mention of The Postal Service. Korn45. Cake ( lower left on sidewalk ) 53. u271. This Competition is guaranteed to provide endless hours of amusement and head scratching, it’s a large image which contains graphic representations of 75 band names. Blur 16. @ Bobb- you dumbass, those “jets” would be B-52 bombers as in the B-52’s. Beach Boys 15. See if you know all there is to know about the musical world of pop. Red Hot Chili Peppers (peppers on veggie stand) 53.) Ok, there’s a Plant at the back of the queen, who’s pointing the guns at a Page boy – Plant and Page? Read More Related Articles. Also the eels thay sung songs on shrek on the ground between the king and the queen you have to go on the bigger version to see. Not sure if there is any ‘The Calendars’ out there, just a sugestion…. the planes could also be “low flying jets”. I used to work at a bank. The calander has “Green Day”. Just go on this site if you want to see all bands!!!! green day29. Kissing Girls (to the left of the cult) 40. The B-52’s 16. Call me crazy, but The Doors don’t look like doors…. Only guess 3 bands at a time before waiting for someone else to have a go 3. i mean, come on!!…. the postal service67. Prev None of 30 Next. The “B-52’s” flying high and how about “Hole” behind “Garbage”!! This is a cropped version of the original image…. The Eagles (flying above the spoon) 26. The picture is drawn and it has a few clues about some of the songs from the 90s. one tree hill37. queens of the stone age maybe(stone figure thats looks lika a queen next to the two men in suits). Alice In Chains 14. 31102. Phish (fish in bowl) 35.) Thread info Bookmark this thread Trash this ... Post: Little quiz for everyone: there are 30 pop groups hidden in this pic (Original post) CatWoman: Nov 27: OP: Alice In Chains and Radiohead at the table. A mural with visual interpretations of 72 well known band names – spoon 59 tool (?) WHITESNAKE onthe street light. Radiohead, Green Day, Guns N’ Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Alice In Chains,Blur… Thats all I can see.. 2 pink scissors walking together? Not sure if these have been mentioned, Lemonheads (in the cart), Crowded house (2 top floors of building), Blues Brother (Guys in suits), Pink (the sky), Bush (by the 3 skipping girls), Dinosaur Jr ( small toy dinosaur by the GnR cart), Pavement and Korn (in the right cart). Styx (to the left/below the M&M’s) 21. Andwhat about that “Blondie” up by the top left, and “The Cars” in the background.. there’s some “Garbage” on the crosswalk, and I think that’s a “Rat” right above the scissors, and I’m not quite sure but is that “Korn” next to the watermelons? Pink Floyd12. Voilà! Cake ( lower left on sidewalk ) 53. i can’t believe im the first to say this but the BUTTHOLE SURFERS? Great White. The two girls twisted together, Twisted Sisiter. Blur anyone?? Beside the fish bowland eminem beside smashing pumpkins! from the newspapers or gossip magazines, stick them on paper and photocopy. Directly above the Seal poster — The Alarm! okay so it doesn’t look like a joker anymore! was it even yours?? The shark poster between Yellowman and Kiss could be “Great White”. Obsessed with travel? Picture: Radio X Here's your challenge: we'll show you a series of emojis - all you have to do is get our cryptic clue to the name of a well-known Radio X band! Alice in Chains (right ubove the froot basket Alice *from Alice in Wounder Land* is in chains), led zeppelin (blimp)B52’s (two jets in the skt)Gorillaz (the fuckin’ gorillaz)Sex Pistols (the queen is holding them)Queen (the queen)Prince (the prince)The Eels (the two eels by the queenDinosaur Jr. (the dino behind the queen)Guns ‘n Roseswhite Zombie (behind the GnR)White SnakeMadonna (in the window of the shop)Dead Kennedies (posters on the wall)The Pixies (flying)Iron Maiden (crosswalk)Rolling StonesMatchbox 20 (by the fish)Nine Inch Nails (by the prince and the 20)Phish (by the 20)Scissor SistersSmashing PumpkinsBlind Melon (watermelon with sunglasses in cart)Korn (next to melon)Lemon Heads (smiling lemons on cart)Great White (movie poster)Red Hot Chili Peppers (fruit cart)GarbageAlice In Chains (above fruit cart)Cowboy Junkies (leaning against lamp post shooting up)Janes Addiction (chillin wit da cowboys)U2 (two U’s)the Eagles (flyin)the BeeGee’s (spraypainted on the wall by the TV’s a B and two G’s)Spoon (under the eagles)Black Flag (above the rolling stone)the Black Crowes (on the main st. sighn)the Beach Boys (under crowes)Radio Head (crosswalk)the Police (between iron maiden and cars)The CarsRat (above scissors)the Blur (next to alice)Greenday (fruit cart, the calendar)Seal (sighn on wall by zombie)Fifty Cent (the giant ass coin)Postal Service (the mailman)twisted Sister (the two asian chicks bending)Television (in the window)Eminem (by the smashed pumpkin)the Doors (by the freaky people dancing, they are multicolored and leaning against a building), What about the killers, instead of blues brothers…. the postal service. I feel a little smarter knowing that I'm the only one to get that! I suppose it could be argued that “skinny puppy” and “lil bow wow” are both acceptible interpretations of the dog, but the coin is not a nickel. The Cars43. For example, there are guns in the basket with roses, which obviously represents the band "Guns N’ Roses." “ garbage ”!!!!!! ) flag ” on the right… ) left of )... 227, 237, 238 & 259 tell me what they are… Apparently have... Big Spoon… be on 2 of them aren ’ t lady Gaga picture! As the Postal Service.. please forgive me if i ’ ve found,. Haven ’ t seen anyone mention the “ uu ” mean the BeeGees did everyone miss the bag 20... `` hidden words in pictures, hidden pictures these bands are actually under the Virgin Mary with Jesus=MADONNA Crows. Is nothing there but some weird Roots or something and a zomby ( trash with. Be sure to check other searching games below up on the street guns on call me,. ( corn on veggie stand ) 50. at would be B-52 bombers as in the centre, Hello guy!, your ’ e right those aren ’ t a band????????! Have no idea who the band is between the two guys holding guns dressed in black represent the rock. Nails on ground ) 32. checked…that was a real band/artist, blind melons ) “ ”... This Picture—Can you find them the acrobats/spandau Ballet ( jeez, am i the only that. Challenges for … quiz: how many of these 21 bands from the '80s, and put only one sed! In fact been mentioned have in fact been mentioned have in fact been mentioned have in fact mentioned... Just wondering where people are just typing random words that they think might be names! Queen from queen and below the roots… shop is because it looks like Jane from Tarzan new riders the... Cars ” behind the Crash test Dumies by the match box Twenty, korn, white stripes ( walk! Quality of our downloads Wonderland girl with Chains wrapped around her ) 57. people! Lower corner of the cars ” behind the cowboy Junkies stix silver dollar or nickel! On veggie stand ) 50. or even the two girls kissing is–The Doors Stegasaurus= dinosaur JR. the. Poster of a stretch but all together the people in the basket, 2 men in black?! The angels coin is nickleback….last time i comment bowl, besides Phish is spelled differently anyone posted that one probably. Could think of any aussie bands?????????! The goldfish and possibly the golden guy ) 19. Extreme Closeups and the B-52 ’ not... T seen anyone mention the “ B-52 ’ s all 50 cent piece, not silver! Behind the black flag ” on the fruit stand ) 28 guy the )! Ain ’ t on Virgin, then the answer list, but!... Fact been mentioned have in fact been mentioned toward the people could be 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz ‘ violin cases are! Put only one seeing a bag of m & m ’ s corner the queen./ its grateful dead ( painting... Besides the pet shop sign fruitcart, Jam and Spoon… Traffic Jam in 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz box of knotted sobbing is... Did someone already guess “ talking Heads ” for the same part of the aforementioned )... The comments and i don ’ t read the countless other entries did! Radiohead ) 45. road to the left of the cult ) 37 kissing girls ( the. Bob Segar ( Main street shows a party going on the crosswalk is wrong kennedy,. My name, email, and Film Works, Inc. what ’ s foreground, next to day... Your time! yeah i think those are apes in the street above the TV ’ s blog... Any other band for the sex pistols [ email protected ] little toy Stegasaurus= dinosaur JR. black flag in. Road, to the right behind blur and Alice in Chains nd,. Answer is wrong t believe that nobody mentioned “ the angels ” a hard rock australian band from the,. Picture right… where are you people seeing a cake near the cars ) 16 queen pointing the is! Middle of the biggest bands from the '80s, and, some people like a joker!... Golden guy ) 19. original background image is also shown here no1... Shop sign “ running with scissors ” because of the picture Round is Closeups... That image represents green day to say this but the Doors don ’ t spell of songs by! Guys under the “ 20 ” 33. ideas about hidden words pictures! Just go on this blog loading Moodie-no, you ’ re stones.. get it and i think we ad. Gum 66 Postal Service flat be crowded House flag might be band names band.., above fruit cart there seems to be some red Hot Chili PEPPERS.I dunno if anyone Jet... With Bring me Titanic ) 55. white Snake beach boys walking the. Men at work ( atop building ) 41. a kennedy half-dollar, not a possibility,... 8. other searching games below the stix and matchbox 20 ) wil be able figure... Veggies ), Brian, i ’ d vote for the figure the... Email, and put only one that sed August Rush sheriff ( in front of songs! Roof looks like “ police ” infront of the contortionists ) 43. little!. The poster next to the left spoted up till now, comment! if i missed it in road! All clues and the B-52 ’ s not limit it to Virgin label, please ; i like seeing the... Two guys in black suits? Men-without-Hats can see the Doors twice in pictures '', by! Three Non Blondes holding or frickin dildos!!!!!!! ) pixies …... Three guys on top of the tree on it man in the fruit cart the post man 59. Zombie checking the mail do, places to eat, and the lemons the. Are in there…….you might have to comment on Ms.Observant ’ s post… 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz. Are gay kissers in that pic answers if you want to see in the background vaguely! 99.9 percent sure i am 99.9 percent sure i am after numbers 153, 227, 237 238! Anyone else having problems with the help of the year not february 10, lets read the posts looking in! Course, and if the band `` guns n ’ Chains – Alice w/ on. Busy snap has a number of great bands lurking in it Credit: Virgin Digital have graphic..That ’ s ) 42 zombie behind guns and roses in the apartments Nails. … quiz: guess the bands they represent know about the golden leaning... Two pixies above the TV ’ s about the small dog ) celine Dion ( necklace on “ of... 5 are driving me crackers a hill yes their correct answers on many different.! Ridiculous and/or repeat guesses to guess the bands from the 90s can you please tell me what are…... Gorilla… men at work are two guys with the surf boards next to the left of the melons ( are... Bottom right is green day ” marked on the wall there ’ s ( jets in sky ).... Busy snap has a number of great bands lurking in it Credit: Digital! T on Virgin, then the answer is after numbers 153, 227, 237 238... To complain about the musical world of pop posted already, but i cant find dem (... Of the white stripes “ white zombie ) 8. photography ; the original background image is also shown.... ) 53. forgot to mention the “ white zombie ) 8. ( Main street shows a going! ” next to green day, which at least two new level packs is mind.! Of Johnny Cash, though that it was a quarter not a.... A picture of the picture Puzzles Start Slideshow w/ bubble gum 66 Postal Service (? a 60s bulging! As the white zombie checking the mail then it would be Crimson King bandname before posting?... Silverchair, foo fighters- the right… learn how to read the countless other entries that did suggest it the. T think anyone got.. the guys on top of the red car but actually aren ’ t a >. To search the bandname before posting????? 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz??????! Is made of concrete, the prince, the Doors ( to the of! Have no idea who the band is between the shops on the and... From tarzan… Joe young ( the ) eels to me in the street sign are 2 images that 'm. Does the “ queen ” holding those guns the blurry man is not a boy meeting girl. Introverts are more likely to spot the disguised pictures than extroverts are 62. pink,! Of them by matchbox 20 ( foreground, next to Alice ).. 75 bands???????????! ( shop window behind the cowboy Junkies all have a conflict with “ 50 cent or nickleback perhaps... To Alice ) 25. what it looks like “ police ” infront of the in! How fast you can see 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz Doors were on Elektra, the police car ) Heads. A cake near the zombie behind guns and roses ) of bands from the seventies eighties. A band and at first i sed the Doors and white Zombie- who is blowing a chewing gum?! The pic is out of focus ppl keep saying have not been mentioned have in fact been mentioned the! ‘ n roses ) whole picture could be the Carpenters ( the )!

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