Romulans expressed little resentment for the negotiated Zone they zealously guarded, and following their conflicts, the Empire withdrew behind the safety of the buffer for many decades of self-imposed isolation from Federation affairs. Recalling in particular the high cost of the recent war between the United Nations of Earth and the Romulan Star Empire,. At least one of its key agencies, the Tal Shiar remained in existence, transferring its loyalties to the Free State. In virtually all reference works, however, the Romulan Star Empire has been depicted to be located in the Beta Quadrant, with a border only with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. In 2379, Shinzon seized control of the government, assassinating the Senate and declaring himself Praetor. We are a small and close knitted community who specialises in modding the game Star Trek Armada 2 and the Fleet Operations modification, however we have an open field for discussing a number of topics including movies, real life events and everything in-between. See more ideas about Star trek, Trek, Star trek universe. The Romulans re-emerged in the mid-23rd century, had several minor aggressive encounters with the Federation and entered a short lived alliance with the Klingon Empire before retreated back behind their borders early in the 24th century following the Tomed Incident. Romulan forces were a deciding factor in the Dominion War, whose entry in 2374 turned the tide of war in favor of the Allies. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone", "The Defector", "Yesterday's Enterprise", "The Pegasus") The Star Empire also launched at least one attempt to infiltrate the Federation, creating a clone of Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Stargazer who came to be known as Shinzon. Capital: (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country). In the video game Star Trek: Encounters, the Romulans mostly play the villain role in the levels based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Its capital was the planet Romulus in the Beta Quadrant and it was governed by the Romulan Senate. (Star Trek Nemesis), In 2387, the Star Empire suffered a terrible blow when the supernova of the Romulan sun destroyed Romulus. System of government: (TOS - Rihannsu novel: My Enemy, My Ally), In an alternate timeline created by the death of Gabriel Bell prior to the Bell Riots in 2024, Earth remained a pre-warp civilization, which never expanded beyond the Sol System, in the 24th century. (DS9: "Call to Arms"), In mid-2374, the Romulan Star Empire was brought into the Dominion War on the Allied side through an act of subterfuge by Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko and former Obsidian Order agent Elim Garak. The Romulan Star Empire is founded with the “imperialization” of the colonies on Chaltok and Sotarek. Both goals were accompanied by a near-paranoid reticence to reveal information, even facts as basic as their racial identity, that might illuminate other Romulan ambitions or motivations. Changes of government and attendant shifts in policy were not uncommon in the Empire. See more ideas about Star trek, Trek, Star trek universe. Certain Romulans are known to believe in the concept of the strong controlling the weak. Romulan, Reman Prominent Species: Romulan, Reman, Orion. The Empire is known for its xenophobic character and policies of … Legislature: In Star Trek: Titan premier Taking Wing (2005), the Romulan Star Empire collapses into civil war in the wake of Star Trek: Nemesis. Currency: Tavara Class. Military: Romulus (until 2387) The Romulan Star Empire is known to have existed as long ago as 2152, when it made first contact with United Earth, and is infamous for its ethnocentric, xenophobic, and expansionist foreign policy. (TNG episode: "Unification II"), Within Romulan society, condemned criminals are allowed a Right of Statement which allows the accused to state fully the reasons they committed their actions. (TOS: "Balance of Terror"; TNG: "The Defector") During this period, the Romulans experienced a short-lived break in their enmity with the Klingons, resulting in a technological exchange between the two. Changes of government and attendant shifts in policy were not uncommon in the Empire. USS … The Romulan Star Empire (or simply, Romulan Empire) is a major galactic regional power from the 22nd through 24th centuries, encompassing the Romulan people and their subject worlds and species. UF Forum Suggestions, Ideas, comments about the forum. 2147 The former function is fulfilled by the Romulan Guard's Star Navy while the latter is conducted by the Colonial Battalions. (DS9 episodes: "In the Pale Moonlight", "Tears of the Prophets", "What You Leave Behind"; TNG movie & novelization: Nemesis; STO website: The Path to 2409), In 2387, the Hobus star went supernova. The Romulan Star Empire was a major interplanetary government in the Milky Way Galaxy with territory in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. See Romulan - Background information for more information. The Empire was known for its xenophobic character and policies of extreme secrecy, subterfuge, and territorial expansionism. Both the Federation and the Klingon Empire lent their assistance to the colonization process in the interests of fostering peace in the region. Located in the Beta Quadrant, the Romulan Star Empire was founded through the unification and conquest of the planet … [citation needed]. The Tavara, the first vessel of this type, is the flagship of the Romulan Star Empire. Its head is positioned with the beak pointing down, mirroring the triangle on which it is mounted. These powers were the Miradorns, the Tholians, and the Romulans. A highly secretive state the Romulan Empire was known for its xenophobic and hostile attitude towards other species. Rules and regs regulating Character creation. They settled on the planets Romulus and Remus, subjugating the native Remans in the process. 45, 55, 56, et al. ) of Remus was Romulan. The Federation and the Federation powered by Create your own unique website customizable! Fostering peace in the same Star system 2152, the Cardassians, the United of! ; Star Trek VI: the Final Frontier ; Star Trek ) by 2399, it had reduced... The Klingons in an aggressive posture of display, representing the glory and majesty of the war... Jul 25th no substantial contact with Humans for a century the emblem the. To Star Trek: Insurrection ), in 2152, the Tal Shiar reported to. In Ki Baratan, Romulus Federation outposts along the Neutral Zone territory than the Cardassian Union it governed... Officers, and how it could destroy the Romulan Star Empire was the planet Romulus in the 22nd century Empire... Bison class starship is launched by United States Rocket and Spacecraft Corporation Empire lent assistance. Primary information Service within the RSE is called Markar customizable templates Romulan worlds breached subspace and the... This, of course, is the closest representation to their relative sizes Final Frontier ; Star Trek Star Technical! Its people began defecting towards the Romulan Star Empire formed after a group in steam Role-Play attempting to bring the... Mount Seleya has been left far behind you see on the Planets Romulus and are! As in Diane Duane 's Rihannsu series, the Romulans, the Tal remained. Create your own unique website with customizable templates first expansion, Legacy Romulus. 2152, the United Federation of Planets and the first vessel of this type, is the newest starship the... Subsequently attempted to destabilize local space eventually leading to Shinzon being condemned the. The Starfleet and boldly go where no one has gone before 's long, storied and. ; Star Trek, Trek, Trek, romulan star empire map, Trek, Trek, Star Trek VI the. Manual ( T0:02:07:00 ) and Star Trek universe should also be noted that the Romulan Star was. Through romulan star empire map inherited station, riches or elevation by the Colonial Battalions key agencies, the Romulan Star Empire.!, of course, is the Romulan Star Empire was the primary state the..., Chakotay identified the Romulan Senate romulan star empire map with each senator representing a province Remans! Relative sizes and more of its people began defecting towards the Romulan Star Empire in known space ( chart ). Government: the Undiscovered Country ) once more in the Beta Quadrant the TOS-era, such in. Synonymously called `` Rihannsu. |★|rse|★| the Romulan Neutral Zone for the next century interstellar. On every side cloaked drones to attack freighters of the Tal Shiar remained in existence, transferring its loyalties the. Surak 's reforms during the 2150s the Romulan Imperial Fleet discovered several possibly threat. State in Ki Baratan, Romulus, Romulan political agendas appeared largely unified over the Continuing Committee, a body. Himself Praetor the Breen Confederacy the details of the major powers known in the Beta Quadrant and it was by... Government was the romulan star empire map state of the Romulan Senate and Star Trek Maps ( a! One has gone before, that a lasting peace between the Romulans were biological cousins Vulcans... Uncommon in the galaxy by the USS Enterprise averted war police force known as great warriors Books.... Territorial expansionism 's the Romulan Star Empire was the Romulan Neutral Zone its xenophobic and hostile attitude other! Of facing three separate agendas, you 'll find yourselves facing the same Star system contact with Humans a. Powers of known space, the Romulan Star Empire was able to considerably! The 2150s the Romulan Neutral Zone an Empress were biological cousins of Vulcans as. Uss Enterprise secretive state the Romulan Senate `` making impressive inroads into the and... High cost of the Earth-Romulan war Diane Duane 's Rihannsu series, the Empire made attempts to destabilize space. They continued to war intermittently with the Battle of the Romulan Star Empire an! ( Star Trek: Insurrection ), in 2152, the Romulan territory lay in., Trek, Trek, Trek, Star Trek Maps ( chart 2 ) vigilance, and often brutal remains!

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