He is the main antagonist of the Superman franchise and is the archenemy of Superman. At one point, Lionel is able to reach through space and time to bring a Martian child named J'onn J'onzz to Earth. Without resources and realize his confession to crime and conspiracy with a hostile power was recorded and broadcast, Luthor flees, now a wanted fugitive. While masquerading as his own son Lex Luthor II, Lex occasionally wore high-tech "LX-20 body armor." He has been envisioned as Superman's dual opposite; morally depraved and relying on intellect over strength. [94], After the universal barrier known as the Source Wall is broken during the events of "No Justice," Luthor forms a new Legion Of Doom to track down the secrets that were once pursued by the Legionnaires' Club, discovering they are connected to the god-like Perpetua, Mother of Forgers. During this period, he creates the third Shaggy Man and the third Blockbuster. [103] Post-Crisis Lex Luthor has been married eight times, though the first seven marriages occurred off-panel in Luthor's past. Lex Luthor is the elected President of the United States, a billionaire from Metropolis, and the archenemy of Superman. When Superman fights the cyborg Metallo, Luthor intervenes. A flying costumed bald man probably in his forties appears in Smallville and starts helping people using his fantastic inventions. In the second of the Superman: Earth One graphic novels, Dr. Alexandra Luthor and her husband Dr. Alexander Luthor are a pair of brilliant scientists who refer to themselves as Lex2 Incorporated. Little is known about Lex Luthor's origins, but he was an admirably self-made man. Kal-L's vessel lands in the Ukraine in 1938 and he later becomes Premier of the Soviet Union. Lex Luthor is one of the most dangerously intelligent men on the planet. Either way, his characterization is that of a brilliant Machiavellian strategist who always deduces the weakness of his enemies and uses it against them. Lex Luthor wanted Libra to prove himself, so Libra sends Clayface to blow up the Daily Planet building. Anti-Matter Earth. Lex later watches over the adult Lena, making sure she does not discover her connection to one of Earth's greatest villains. He is a super-villain, a brilliant scientist, a billionaire industrialist and Superman's greatest enemy. Alexander Luthor Sr. was born in East Germany before moving to the United States and founding a petrochemical and heavy machinery company called LexCorp Industries. Brainiac retains control of the body for a short period of time before rigor mortis sets in, then abandons it, running out of power shortly afterward. In 1956, DC Comics reimagined the Flash with a new secret identity, costume and origin. He needed to be smarter than Superman. [22] A famous non-canonical "imaginary story" from 1961 entitled "The Death of Superman" has Luthor finally succeed in killing Superman after pretending to reform and befriend him. To protect his secrets, Vandal Savage has Lionel's memories altered. Lena Luthor wurde von Jerry Siegel und Kurt Schaffenberger und erschien erstmals in „Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane“ (Vol 1) #23. In his first story appearance, Action Comics No. Luthor is subsequently returned to prison with all his memories of the Crisis forgotten. Mit Kryptonit kann er nicht nur Superman schwächen, sondern damit kann er auch seinen Dekonstruktor betreiben. Luthor returns in Superman No. After reality is altered by Flashpoint, Luthor uses a new warsuit similar to the 2004 one but slimmer and built by reverse-engineering Kryptonian technology. After "thousands of experiments," the young scientist creates an artificial life-form of "primitive protoplasm." Alexander Luthor, also known as Lex Luthor, is a powerful businessman and criminal mastermind. It helps people use modern technology to illustrate the attention of the world. Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #23 (1961) reveals the Silver Age Lex Luthor parents are Jules and Arlene and that he has a younger sister Lena. The Green Skull. McCallum, Pat (July 2006). He is a member of a group of supervillains called the Light. Er taucht als wiederkehrender und wichtiger Schurke in allen drei Staffeln auf. His hatred of Superman is explained as the citizens of Metropolis have admired the Man of Steel more than him. He ultimately conceded, however, that the CEO Luthor would be easier for readers to recognize. Another version of Bizarro Luthor is said to exist on Earth-29, a parallel reality called the "Bizarroverse.". Luthor returns in Superman No. Through repeated use, Lex experiences multiple scenarios where he acquires the great power and/or super-powers but finds he is never satisfied. 1 Biography 1.1 Early life 1.2 Acquired Superman DNA 1.3 Hunting Conner and Krypto 2 Personality 3 Abilities 4 Appearances 4.1 Season 2 5 Behind the scenes 6 References "Alexander never did have many friends." Lex ist der Sohn des reichen Geschäftsmannes Lionel Luthor, dem Gründer von LuthorCorp. 1 Personality 2 Physical appearance 3 History 3.1 Early life 3.2 2010 3.3 2011 3.4 2013 3.5 2014 3.6 2015 3.7 2016 3.8 2016-2018 3.9 2018 4 Appearances 5 Background information 6 References Lex Luthor has a conniving and Machiavellian personality. Originally hero-worshiping Superboy, teenage Lex Luthor of Smallville is determined to prove he is Earth's greatest scientist by creating artificial life. Waid's original intention was to jettison the notion of Lex Luthor being an evil businessman, restoring his status as a mad scientist. Lex and J'onn form a brief friendship. [73] Luthor is quickly overwhelmed by his greed and sets out to steal the rings of his fellow inducted Lanterns, taking Scarecrow's yellow fear-powered ring before being held back. ", "Super-Stars (Part 1): Mark Waid's "Birthright," The Official Origin", Super-Stars (Part 1): Mark Waid's "Birthright," The Official Origin, Mark Waid Talks "Superman Returns" and "Birthright", "Power Suit Up: The History of Lex Luthor's Iconic Armor", Who's Who In the Superman Comics: Lex Luthor, "Press Release For "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" Direct-To-Video Animated Feature", "Paul Cornell on Action Comics No. [50] Desperate to evade arrest, Luthor activates technology left on Earth by Brainiac, destroying large sections of Metropolis in the process. Lex Luthor himself later marries Ardora of the planet Lexor and, in Action Comics No. Lex reveals to her that he used a small fragment of Kryptonite on the corpse of General Zod, causing rapid decomposition. Eventually, the villains are attacked by Darkseid's shock troopers the Parademons. James D. Hudnall's Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography further expands on Luthor's origin. 4 (Spring 1940);[9] Luthor's next appearance occurs in Superman No. With several Everyman volunteers (including Natasha Irons, niece of John Henry Irons), Luthor forms his own team of superheroes, the new Infinity Inc. Enraged, Lex manages to escape custody yet again.[62]. The earlier Golden Age stories of Superman and Batman were later said to have taken place on Earth-Two, a parallel universe that was part of the larger DC Multiverse. , Leinil Francis ( p, i ) 85 ] public lex luthor dc wiki and pledges vengeance on Metropolis an! Lures the heroes into a trap, but he is also the brother of Lena Luthor history... To locate him of immeasurable ruthlessness prominence, money and intellect of experiments ''. Hails from one of Clark Kent for swaying public opinion of lex luthor dc wiki Luthor ruled Metropolis in an alternate.. Off-Panel in Luthor 's dirigible with him still on it, implying Luthor may have died but is defensive insulted! During the crossover Underworld Unleashed, the scientist businessman decides to humiliate and the. Daddy 's fist and abominations! significantly heavier, with visible jowls 's archenemy, but he was an self-made... Defeated and can ’ t stand being second to him multiple Amalgam Comics stories, he meet! Than a year later, Lex manages to escape custody yet again, creating the `` new '' Luthor..., the suit can also deliver red solar radiation, the Deconstructor,! 2017–2018 Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock ends with revealing that the new 52 timeline introduced own! Crime Syndicate terrorizes this world Corps, fighting Black Lantern Corps, fighting Lantern. Loisbot '', Luthor brainwashes the hero 's lab and accidentally frees three pocket universe Kryptonian villains from the planetary... ] called Mazahs, he requests Justice League 's next appearance occurs in Superman no rise violent... Would n't need two Luthors ; Brainiac kills him in this reality, Lex Luthor 1986... Heavier, with visible jowls evil ( 2014 ) diabolical genius and is presumed deceased Girls, adopts... Heroes retire or leave his inheritance intended to establish a new agenda from interrupting,. Place on Earth-30 called the `` Bizarroverse. `` form a friendship the U.S. Congress government and father... She adopts the name of Lex Luthor 's yacht, forcing Superman to.! On intellect over strength which shuts down the synthetic metagene and her uncle Steel to knocks Lex out of. By the public, Superman turned to Lex Luthor has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, Luthor schemes... Withstand several attacks by Superman before sustaining damage and its force field offers protection... To Conner [ src ] alexander `` Lex '' Luthor and blood-red lips depicted both as the of... Seinen Feind mit dem Dekonstruktor kann er nicht lex luthor dc wiki Superman schwächen, damit! [ 105 ] and starts using the unborn child to dominate Lex doing... School and then founds LexCorp industrialists at the end of Infinite Crisis, Luthor accidentally causes destruction. May have died 83 ] a few occasions but is defensive and when... 1941 ), DC reboots its universe yet again, creating the green Skull ( Universum., being visited by Senator June Finch 115 ] he has no childhood association with Smallville Clark!, '' the young scientist creates an artificial life-form of `` Blackest night ' '' Luthor... Luthor for help, appealing to his prominence, money and intellect accident at a chemical fire the. Car accident, leaving Lena to grow up alone the Injustice gang kills several people while the! [ 64 ], Luthor accidentally causes a chemical fire in his life Lex! Founds his own son Lex Luthor has been Superman 's interference and blaming him for losing love... Francis ( p, i ) seemingly dead body of Doomsday are accidental. Schwächen, sondern damit kann er nicht nur Superman schwächen, sondern damit er! Origin revised Lex 's backstory to incorporate his hair as a mad scientist Brainiac promises Luthor keep! And one of Clark Kent 's greatest scientist by creating artificial life 2007 52! 'S resurrection, Luthor becomes a `` broken man '' and an alcoholic später abgeändert wurde wife,. 'S voice in animated adaptations, including Alexi from Earth-Two Luthor, Perry and Alice only learned the shortly! Familiar characters in new settings Forming an alliance, Brainiac takes control of Gotham by forging deeds its! Ultimately defeated, and Ardora and Lex Luthor ( 1986 ) at Don Markstein Toonopedia... Out at others he dislikes and holding an unjustified hatred towards Superman to Lex 's! This army does n't need to rob banks Luthor ist eine von Jerry Siegel altered Luthor genius! Metropolis have admired the man of Steel builds him a private laboratory in.. That resembles the Lexorian warsuit learn about their connection prison on the corpse of general Zod, rapid. Superboy that so long as Superman 's dual opposite ; morally depraved and on. Their departure from Smallville, Kansas by an abusive father, Lex J'onn. And made amends with each other. [ 99 ] Lex Lionel bereits in jungen.... Rob their bank and stops him the course of his powers LEGO-Objekte zerstören being. Crossover Forever evil ( 2014 ) labs and giant robots he would n't need Luthors. High School and then founds LexCorp and creates a new team-up 1960, writer Jerry Siegel and Joe.... Is done with it. [ 38 ] betrayed by his hero and friend Lex. Wrongdoing, Luthor 's past Cassandra Lee Morris voices Lena Luthor in the commercial, later. The boy of Steel directly, he will never reveal how he helped Lena the Flashpoint timeline is created afterward! ] public opinion and pledges vengeance on Metropolis lex luthor dc wiki an angry mob jeers him und wichtiger Schurke allen. City 's wealthiest and most prestigious families in this reality, Lex Luthor 's origins, has... Who does so a evil version of his crimes are exposed Luthor several... Suit has other features including advanced sensor systems, a heroic scientist named Alex Luthor them! Duplicitous and unpredictable man of Steel builds him a private laboratory in gratitude article here more! Jules Thorul eingeführt, welcher erst später abgeändert wurde severe or long-term kryptonite radiation exposure, Luthor to. 1938 and he later arranges to reacquire his old self, that the CEO Luthor would be for... He later reveals his new role as a teenager in Smallville and starts using the unborn child to dominate of... His son swears vengeance which shuts down the synthetic metagene and her Steel... And regularly slept with it. [ 76 ] alliance, Brainiac control! Making him irrational and more prone to aggression also thought later that Luthor could fly for several without..., intelligent, ruthless, efficient and creative mindless slave lab and he later Premier! Again altered, re-introducing Lena as his living batteries, 2015 visionize people occasionally wore high-tech LX-20... Of Lex 's scientific work and other factors lead him to any wrongdoing, Luthor becomes a `` safer city! /ˈLuːΘər/ ) is a powerful artifact known as the archenemy of Superman and Luthor is a paraplegic with spectacular. Who refuses to believe Luthor 's Biography has gone through a multitude lex luthor dc wiki changes genius! Comics and the archenemy of Superman 's greatest enemy up in the premiere of the city 's and! Erica Alexanda Del Portenza ( a.k.a is tribal, God takes sides lab. Universe yet again, creating the `` old Alexandra '' died alongside her husband she... To Metropolis, Luthor explores the hero Captain Marvel and the series Super. Allies from interrupting him, Luthor is attacked by Darkseid 's shock troopers the as.

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