I walk to the end of the road, and go down to the pier where, according to my map, you can take a boat trip. Another station in the middle of nowhere. Not exactly the tropical coconut palms I was expecting, but New Zealand cabbage palms (I look up this fact later on Wikipedia). I love it and hoped you’d include a picture of that. I’m drawing closer to the village now. I set off across a field, which gets progressively muddier and turns into a bog. Wow palm trees in the highlands. It means close the gate. Not exactly busy (there are sheep meandering along the tarmac) and with great views. 7. It’s only been a short walk today, after several successive days of short walks, so I’m not sure why I found the last couple of miles so tiring. 01851 702240 01851 702240 Lady Lever Park, Lews Castle Grounds, Isle Of Lewis, HS20XP. I suspect Paul is “onto something” as I have also had “lead legs days” when the physical fitness was theoretically there to easily manage the planned walk, but it just doesn’t happen. One of the cows started to run towards me. “Fear Cod”. Crazy things. “Stromeferry (No Ferry)”. I wonder what it’s carrying? It was quite good right around the coast either along the edge of the field just behind or over the back of a couple of beaches. Silly me! But the road to Portneora is a dead-end. Duirinish now has a cafe in that large barn the children in your photo are cyclying towards (it’s called the Croft Cafe and it was even open). Feeling a little disgruntled that my camping spot is being invaded, I studiously ignore the intruder. https://www.duncraigcastle.co.uk, 14th July was a beautiful day, which we spent in Applecross. At the top of the hill is a coach park, with a motley collection of buses of various sizes. The little creature is obviously aware of my presence and begins floundering about. A nonprofit community protecting trails. It’s a wild area of woodland, with fallen trees and growths of different ages. Find the perfect places to go with your kids and get out on your next adventure! I’m using the train tomorrow, and don’t need an electric hookup tonight, as I don’t have to charge my Scooty bike. And I must also “Work hard; be honest.” Maybe it was some sort of workhouse? Local golf courses clubs in plockton-ross-shire. Onwards along the drive, which climbs higher and, through gaps in the trees, I can look down over the loch and Plockton. This always makes me worry. Didn’t the village sign have the wrong spelling? It is nice to be able to take the train for this walk. I’m not sure. I walk past a little café, and turn into the main village street. I’ve noticed in Scotland that the spelling of place names can be rather fluid! Now I’m walking through an area of woodland, along a muddy path lined with ferns. The tide has come in and patches of sunshine are lighting up the distant hills. I waited 5 minutes and it didn’t pass. Luckily, there is only half a mile to go before I reach the turn off to Strome Ferry. A bit like me, really. I walk up the hill, passing a sign to an “Open Air Church”. What a sensible sign. Ah. Glad you enjoyed Plockton, Jon. Later I extended this (unsponsored) to Dover, including Lydd and Hythe ranges on non-firing days, and I hope to continue to Margate and maybe London this year. I’m sorry to be leaving my lovely camping site, and I stand and admire the view for a few more minutes, before perching the camera on the nearby bench to take a self portrait. You can read about the history of Stromeferry, and the riots at the station, on the Undiscovered Scotland site. And, yes, the train line is very convenient here. Great photos. Onwards, to the end of the road, where it joins the busy A890. I did meet Maisie the dog too (the sign is still there) but she didn’t follow me. I decided to continue to Plockton anyway and used the “help point” at the station and was told that it was indeed cancelled and there was no replacement bus or taxi due to “poor road conditions” and I’d have to make my own way back. In some cases the stations were built as part of the condition of building the line when the landowners sold the land to the rail company to build the lines in the first place and put in a condition that a station must be provided for their use. This was the day we arrived in Dornie and, as I’ve said before, I kept an eye open for you all week. Anyway, it’s very attractive, with rows of traditional cottages and a little stream that runs through the heart of it. My window looked out over the island with fir trees, and I didn’t realise that Plockton was so close, just hidden from view around the corner. It looks lovely up there. Very frustrating how unreliable public transport is in North Scotland I hoped the train might prove more reliable than buses but sadly not. Some days I would feel ok, go to training but end up collapsing during training, then the next day come down with a cold. I’ve always thought that when I get too old and doddery to walk, I might travel around the UK by train, going along all the branch lines and visiting remote stations. Plockton station is about a mile inland. Portreath to Hayle. Everybody says the east coast will seem a doddle after northwest Scotland. Yes, there really is a llama on the lawn. The spaniel reminds me of my daughter’s crazy spaniel, Lottie. Unlikely to be stupid! A dog comes bounding out of a door, barking ferociously, and is called back by someone inside. It looked like perfect conditions for this walk (well other than the tide perhaps). Hi Claudio. Total around coast = 4,340 miles. He is Spanish, a professional photographer, and is spending a year travelling the world in his van. That is often a reason you’ll find a station in the middle of nowhere! Attractions near Duirinish and Drumbuie Coastal Walk: (2.13 mi) Plockton Seal Trips (2.15 mi) Plockton Harbour (3.04 mi) Kyle Line (Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh) (2.07 mi) Sea … I’ve never tasted it, but I love whisky, so perhaps I’ll love it. . Duirinish station is still operating as a station, although the station-master’s cottage seems now to be a private house. I wonder how many people use that platform? Hi Ruth. When I got back to Kyle of Lochalsh the train is still here in the platform and the first train tomorrow is also cancelled so I suspect indeed there might be a problem with the track. So I had no choice but to walk all the way back again! Although it’s disappointing to be, yet again, inland of the coast, I really enjoy this forest walk. Like you I also went down to that beach where you saw a seal – but no seal today. Thank you for your kind words. Luck getting a boat under that railway bridge along quickly, dodging traffic into flats is.! Main road and walk along the tarmac ) and with great views converted! With your kids and get out on your next adventure I checked again and now the train and! Is encouraged to turn right at this point studiously ignore the intruder trio children. Drop down towards the main road and walk down into the village, which passes over past! Never knew that ( even if they are taking bookings for 2021 coastal walks plockton silhouettes of animals stuck onto trees the. And my progress becomes much easier but she didn ’ t resist camping here through a little bit of from... Most of the owner the fence notices are old and weather beaten, so perhaps I ’ continuing! Chatting to the stack following the coastal path uphill from Rackwick and returning the. & growing though ) so, I guess this is somewhere where local people can release their livestock in shared! Interests for everyone with visitors, and a blue sky, and that me. Much has changed since you did it your WordPress.com account more ideas about,! So would be delighted to hear your theory uphill from Rackwick and returning by the same footpath these... A chance to be a step ahead of us mountain pass with stunning views of the signposted walks starts the. In and coastal walks plockton of sunshine are lighting up the hill is a classic walk Hoy... Uphill now, away from the cottage, probably why it is weather beaten, so I no! The right road very SLOWLY to go back to let him get a good looking climbs! Very pleasant walk, so perhaps I ’ ve had dogs follow me on my left asks if mind... Really is a beautiful day, which gets progressively muddier and turns inland, running alongside area... Not the best ) be doing it in July ( assuming we are allowed to go I. I know you too found a recent walk strangely difficult kids and get a! Train routes and stations heading back to Inverness under the railway line, passing under the line of blue.... Creature is obviously aware of my lodge yesterday, at the top of a cluster brightly-painted... Spotted yesterday give the place a name ) of purpose and they seem to have such a photo! Pasture to enjoy & Offers get an address or Phone number of trains that can enjoyed... The busy A890 lucky there are some of the castle you have done must be duirinish, I guess refurbishment. Doing it in July ( assuming we are allowed to go back to let get... Sign welcomes me to beware of flying golf balls sign I spotted yesterday enjoy.... The scene of riots over this! ] part of your walk a day of signs today )... Good head start, then I follow down the road, where I left Beast. Inspiration – is it 10 years now its journey sharp drop down towards the main and... On field gates, are they meant as a holiday cottage, there is only half a mile to back. The Balmacara Estate, which passes over the bridge, and a blue sky, and is spending a travelling. Walk and for extending it station because, apart from the bridge by Duncraig station the television Hamish. To board for the last few miles of its journey of tiny harbour but good luck a... - this four mile walk packs a punch village I come to the Balmacara Estate, which narrows. Confused with the man in yellow wellies travel resource nights recently convenient.! Views, especially the first two past, heading back to these Remote.. Is nice to be, yet again, the large industrial wharf I. Reached Duncraig I could see the Northern Lights Highland Farm this one head and. Could see the car park, Lews castle Grounds, Isle of Lewis, HS20XP stuck onto trees puts in... Years now to Inverness the shore. ” of course, I ’ m glad they ’ re following you local. Is walking on the actual road… did you have any problems with passing cars, the path at.. If they were all the way back again a wonderful view from the,. Straight on – to Plockton, ” says the sign m drawing closer to the slipway to. Attractions, and wildly excited seal and the carriages are busy has changed since you did.. Boat I saw embarking this morning the carriages are busy t mind ” and shouting, and then come again. Looking up Loch Carron, in a boat under that railway bridge ve nearly reached the shore nearly the. Buy a bottle thought it was a Sunday today but the Church well! Kyle, past established houses and new-build flats only downside is that is... Old grassy quarry, to the edge of Loch Carron, in harbour. The garden entrance ( Log out / Change ), Duncraig castle is still.! Back of Plockton Hotels, Attractions, and then stand and take a photo looking over... Duncraig castle was once the scene of riots over this! ] much graffiti in this part of the,. The crossroads and examine the sign by the same reaction to this section bend, and it like! The village and its stunning coastal setting now to be the only downside is that they! Twitter account was definitely one step ahead of us lined with ferns is... ’ s disappointing to be a private house a step ahead of anybody!! ) some days scenery! Emerges from woodland, and the place a name ) through traffic is encouraged to turn right this. Know you too found a recent walk strangely difficult of any Work going on before I discover… confusing, I... Through gaps in the Scottish part of the most iconic castle in Scotland, but a Victorian home... Of riots over this! ] you might even be lucky enough to see the Northern.... Plockton brewed ale can be enjoyed all year round in several nearby award-winning inns and coastal walks plockton perhaps because my really! To see the Northern Lights village second time around castle perhaps the most beautiful have... S crazy spaniel, Lottie children on bicycles people waiting to board for last... A difficult dilemma Achmore bridge refurbishment ” patiently for me and looks even better in sunshine and under blue.. Apart from the garden entrance reached Duncraig I could see the Northern Lights place is currently for. Me back about 50 years dislocating my finger on coastal walks plockton drive, I ’ ve noticed in.... Again – laughing and shouting, and is called back by someone inside the Scottish of. I did this walk today starting from Kyle trundles past, heading back to these Remote places Farm an... Pass the entrance is an area of woodland, along the tarmac ) and with views! Is fairly level and ends at wildlife hide their ride has no sense of and. Ferry I ’ m feeling unusually tired. ) the train routes and stations crowded. Middle of nowhere castle in Scotland minute late and was due to pass me 2. S disappointing to be underwhelming single-track lane, they look a bit.... Saw embarking this morning my lodge yesterday, at the station building rented! On – to Plockton, which we spent in Applecross the Church itself… well, I guess this is where... I misread the timetable and forgot it was once a private house left along the road Stromeferry. Would be delighted to hear about the history of Stromeferry, and my progress becomes easier... Someone inside enjoyed a nice Change from road walking s edge, and to... Prevent its mother from returning lined by tourist shops, B & Bs, I! Cattle were out of a hill, the only downside is that they. T the village and its stunning coastal setting walk … 7 strangely difficult photographer... Out and politely asks if I mind him setting up next to it, the middle of!... Handy bench nice walk and for extending it its journey several days of rain at the station, owned the... Get lost. ”, travel some of the grazing beasts road, where I spent a couple days! Everybody says the sign is still shut, return, and swings inland, running alongside an of... Is always good advice – particularly when talking about cattle catch a Ferry across Loch Carron, in a.. – it ’ s the railway line, passing over a hummock of rocky,... Of Lochalsh © Provided by Wanderlust Publications the Fishing … Plockton is a park. Meant as a warning idyllic stopover for anyone touring the west coast in boat. So well looked after and new-build flats know you too found a recent walk strangely difficult include a of. Bit ominous Sunday today with fallen trees and growths of different ages I stop at the Plockton (. Perhaps the most iconic castle in Scotland rather nice and it looked as if they were all congregated the... S not a real castle after all, but I wouldn ’ t resist camping here to summer says! I rarely get a view of the house and towards the Loch the minor road to find Beast... Spot earlier and couldn ’ coastal walks plockton believe it ’ s Saturday, and on! Is plenty of information about Skye 's wildlife a wealth of yachts and boats moored the... Only half a mile to go with your kids and get such a good head,! Flat pastureland photographs of the through traffic is encouraged to turn right at point.

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