Another note when rolling, don’t press the roller too hard into the ceiling (or any surface when painting), this will flatten your roller over time and minimize the amount of paint that it is able to hold. When you are ready to paint, the first thing I recommend doing is going around the edges of the room with a brush and your ceiling paint. Finally, because you are spraying a heavy texture up onto your ceilings, a popcorn ceiling texture can hide all kinds of imperfections in your ceiling’s drywall. Dark colors visually shorten tall ceilings. After application, it is simply sprayed white by a painter and the ceiling is done. Any sheen on your ceiling tends to look awful and magnifies imperfections. Popcorn acoustic ceilings are cheaper because they require less time, labor, and skill than smooth ceilings or other textures such as knockdown. Now, it is time to find the right tone from the … When your paint dries, the stain will bleed straight through. Hopefully, the project looks great! So should you roll your popcorn ceilings when you repaint them or should you spray them? To do this, I start by running a strip of tape along the walls right where the wall meets the ceiling. Unlike the drab, bland look of popcorn ceiling, these options also give you lots of room to personalize your style and make your ceiling match your tastes. If you want to match its current color and not put on a fresh coat of new color, you have a couple options. The standard technique of painting ceilings lighter than walls is to whiten your wall paint with a ratio of 80 percent white paint to 20 percent color. Another option is to use your box of painters plastic to cover the floors. Finally, check for any runs on the walls after spraying as this is a very common issue even for experienced painters. Thin the paint with water using a ratio of 1/2 quart (475 mL) of water for every 1 gallon (3.8 L) of paint. If a second coat is needed (personal note: I almost always do a second coat. Start by running your masking tape about the part of the light that is attached to the ceiling. While you may not have thought about it before, painting popcorn ceilings can actually be quite a challenge. Your roller won’t be able to get into the small edges, so a nice 3″ paint brush is perfect for this step of the project. A bit of texture coming off is normal and shouldn’t be a worry. Painting a new smooth wall or ceiling can go a long way to upgrading and giving a new feel to any room. Make sure to let it dry before painting as well (30 min). (check out Spraying Your Ceilings if your texture is falling off!). Next, take your 12′ painters plastic run it along the piece of tape you just taped on the wall next to the ceiling. You may not even notice that your ceiling has been yellowing or browning over the years, but odds are, it’s not the bright white it started out as years ago. This will save your arms, neck and back as well as drastically speeding up your painting project. White will actually help you to make your ceiling look higher and it’s going to make the entire room bright and vibrant, but it’s not the ideal color for everyone. Pull out the paint! As discussed above, the pros are actually many and quite practical. To do this, cut out a square of plastic that expands over the window / door at least a good foot in every direction. It’s actually a lot like cooking, you don’t want to start your job only to realize you don’t have everything you need. I like to clear a space where I can place a 4’ x 5’ canvas drop cloth and lay out all of my tools any materials on the drop cloth. Acrylic is ideal for popcorn ceilings,but it’s too sticky and can cause damage if applied as it is. Congratulations, you painted your popcorn ceiling! Check out these DIY Painting tutorials: //
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