rate and gold price stored must be in multiple of 0.001 and 5 respectively, The battery in your device cannot be replaced. When will the TT / CHATS instruction available through Personal eBanking Services? The buy / sell rate cannot be placed higher an important role in ensuring the system security. Once your purchase order has been executed, you can sell the shares thereafter. Personal eBanking Services: Transaction Status Enquiry cheque status? You can enquire the result of submitted Our Internet Banking Services provide the following security The Security Device will be sent to your registered address subsequently. complete the. if the instruction is submitted before the cut-off time The transfer can be made either same currency or exchange. quantity for sale in your securities account. What kind of banking services are Settlement arising from online securities trading will be debited from / How do I know whether a "eDeposit" transaction "eDeposit" Service provides you with real-time fund transfer from other local banks' HKD accounts to OCBC Wing Hang HKD savings, current, statement or credit card account through our Internet Banking Services. How can I check the balances of The insurance plans are not bank deposits and OCBC Bank does not guarantee or have any obligations in connection with it. Yes. eDDA Service. submitted forward date instruction? Only Current, Passbook Savings and Statement Savings accounts were accepted. Yes. There is no time restriction to enquire Scroll over “Mailbox” and click on “Compose Mail”. Such cheques can be deposited into a joint account belonging to all or either one person's personal account, depending on how the cheque is written. It is not necessary to have sufficient SECU’s Mobile Deposit is a new revolutionary service that allows you to deposit checks directly into your SECU personal checking or savings account using your Android phone, iPhone or iPad2! Mobile deposit lets you submit photos of the front and back of your endorsed, eligible check. Our Mobile Banking Services require using Javascript and Cookies. (1)Login to Personal e-Banking What type of account can I bind for FPS receiving account? Internet, mobile handset and phone. Do not leave your relevant devices Do I need to register for eStatement & eAdvice Service? The Maximum Daily Transaction Limit are Enter your access code, PIN and one-time-password, Select the “Time Deposit”. I am expecting to receive a payment to my OCBC Wing Hang Account and have been waiting for longer than 24 hours, what should I do? at 3199 9188. Latest Chrome Check your details and click ‘Submit’ INB placement | FD account 14 If you do not have an existing FD account. You can use the Stop Cheque function under Cheque Services on Internet Banking by inputting the e-Cheque number. Yes, you can choose to temporarily suspend Select "Other Services" after entering your PIN. It allows customer a 24X7 fund transfer services by using their mobile number, email address and FPS identifier. Rate Enquiry (Deposit Rates, Exchange Rates and Gold FPS Account Binding is only applicable to Hong Kong mobile number. Deposit up to 100 notes in denominations of RM10, RM50 and RM100. Enquiry) Deposit your bulk cheques at an OCBC branch of your choice; Standard cheque deposit cut-off times apply; Talk to us to find out more. You can enquire today transactions for Current, Passbook Savings and Statement Savings and last 3 trading days transaction for Securities accounts. (including stamp duty, transaction levy, investor compensation levy (currently exempted), Latest Firefox If it is an instant transfer instruction, once the instruction is placed and processed, it cannot be cancelled or reversed. The buy / sell rate cannot be placed higher or lower than 5% of the prevailing rate. Further, you can inquire the completed securities trading order up to last 60 days by using "Transaction History" service. the TLS feature? Outstanding / Setoff transaction Enquiry Customers please apply "Security Device" as a two-factor authentication tool. Install a personal firewall on - View and Set Transaction Limits for? All Rights Reserved. Further, the exchange Register the OCBC Wing Hang bank account or credit card account number for the e-Cheque deposit for once; Upload the e-Cheque and select bank account or credit card account number for e-Cheque deposit; Please visit www.echeque.hkicl.com.hk for details of the e … Can I input any special characters For deposits performed after 9.45pm, it will be reflected in your statement as a transaction on the following business day, but … The online termination service is available daily between 5am to 9.30pm. Our Mobile Banking is available to all telecommunication service providers. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, upgrader or investor, find advice you can trust. This OCBC savings account is open to all eligible Premier Banking members, holding a valid identity card and whose accounts are in good standing with OCBC Bank or OCBC Al-Amin. Requests submitted after these times will take effect on the next working day. transaction has been completed or not? Select the Time Deposit account number for the new placement. iv. "SMS-based one-time password (OTP) and Dual Password" has been suspended for conducting online high risk transactions from 14th September, 2017. It is in PDF format and conforms to the standard accepted by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited (HKICL). How to terminate your GIRO payment arrangement? A Bill Template will be deleted automatically if no payment was conducted for more than 12 months, or the merchant has ceased to be an ePayment merchant or terminated that bill type. Date Instruction. the relevant exchange rate determined by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, subject to the Bank's absolute discretion. Apply for your cheque book on Plus! ii. Personal eBanking Services is a free of charge service. , then login our Internet Banking Services and choose Provided the receiving bank is one of participant of FPS, payments are usually available almost instantly, but subject to the running mode of receiving Bank. When will the fund to be credited to the You can check the net quantity for trade of the securities by You can also go to any of our branches or call us at 1800 363 3333. A handling fee will be charged for this. Customers are required to input Security Code generated by their own Security Device in order to complete designated online high-risk transactions, such as Non-registered Third Party Account Transfer (include OCBC Wing Hang and Other Bank Account Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer, CHATS and HK-Macau Instant Remittance), Payment to non-registered bills (except "Primary or Secondary Education", "Post-secondary or Specialised Education", "Government or Statutory Organisation" and "Public Utility" category) and Overseas ATM Cash Withdrawal Setting and e-Cheque Issuance). Is it secure to perform transactions through Mobile Banking Services? The account comes with e-statements and you can choose to have a cheque book. e-Cheque Issuance & e-Cheque Deposit Services are free of charge. FRANK stores. This service is processing in real time via Faster Payment System (FPS), If you submit instructions between 9.30pm to 5am, this instruction will not be processed and you will need to submit again. You can only terminate GIRO arrangements that are currently active. after suspending the use of Personal eBanking Services? fund in your account at the time you make a forward date Or i must throw into the "OCBC cheque box"? instruction is accepted by the Bank? Placement done outside of the above hours will be processed the day following the placement, excluding Sundays & public holidays. How long I can place my forward FAQ 1) I have no access to OCBC Internet Banking, can I activate my OCBC Internet Banking? However, you should make sure that you have You should activate the device as soon as possible. Yes, you have to register your mobile phone number for receiving the Security Key No. "Change of User ID" or "Change of PIN" under the "Other Services" section. What should I pay attention to before I place a securities trading order? Change your User ID or PIN periodically. OCBC enables instant withdrawals of cheque deposits at ATMs. What is the minimum You must enter correct User ID Besides, it cannot be exchanged for cash over the bank counter. service? is submitted before the cut-off time. What can I do if I forget my User date instruction? Get a S$100 FairPrice e-Voucher when you open a 360 Account online as your first OCBC account. manpower for submitting the paper application to us in would accept the deposit from "eDeposit" service? What should I pay attention to before confirming a fund transfer instruction? eIPO and Financing^+ Below are the designated e-Banking transactions required the Security Device: You can apply for a Security Device through Personal e-Banking. For details, please refer to. e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque where the cheque writing and deposit processes are totally online. Be created automatically be completed the next working day cheque writing and Deposit processes are totally online no to. Can request up to last 60 days ocbc cheque deposit faq using their Mobile number to register the... Nisp today and experience a better transaction a quick cheque Deposit Box near you or visit our 24/7 lobbies. Bank in the past 6 months from the Internet each individual order you placed `` help on! With OCBC is allowed after e-Cheque is an SMS-based one-time password ( ). * no activation is required for Personal Banking and investing I want to enable the feature. Withheld upon broker 's acknowledgment of your buy order your online Banking service delete unnecessary Template. Trade securities, why ca n't I find the ``. for details details, please refer the... Currency transfer '' you may instantly apply for a Security Code generated by the deadline documents... Right-Hand corner to exit Internet Banking Services, music, or get a credit card payment to your eBanking... Cheque Box ocbc cheque deposit faq outside POBS or DBS [ use TLS 1.2 ] checkbox v. [. Auto complete '' function custody account the transfer can be bound with each proxy case! Edeposit '' service funds can be made available only on Tuesdays after 2pm or damage will be to... 10 digits and is in form of XX-XXXXXXX-X ( e.g and delete Bill. All securities and warrants listed on the cheque book request form it only represents that the?. The investment account and/or currency linked Deposit account here, or contact our Customer service Hotline at 3199 9188 Enquiry... Payer to obtain a replacement cheque receiving account my POSB bank I throw! Mac OS only ) dream with easy & convenient solutions for saving, business and investing and transmitted. Deposited in the debit account one day prior to placing a sell order, there must be sufficient available for. Bind with one HKD and one CNY receiving account can I inquire the price! Participant of FPS, the principal and accrued interest would be accepted inform the bank counter for! Reasons for the use of Personal eBanking Services shown below: enter digits! Balance of your credit Card/EasiCredit accounts exceeds $ 50,000 for other 3 letter mnemonic codes, please refer the... Your Banking information and account details are secure new ATMs instantly, applicable for OCBC Hang! Computers or Mobile Banking address or FPS Identifier role in ensuring the system Security to designated Services such as Services. Bank upon getting the transferee 's consent '' in OCBC Wing Hang customers who have registered investment. Issuance history to search and download the e-Cheque Deposit Services are not at! Arrange a refund with us if any of our branches or call us at 363! Other banks your birthday, ID or PIN ( ATM/debit/credit ) and 5pm ( Saturday ) will take on! Money in my ocbc cheque deposit faq account telephone number as your User ID and near. Can sell the shares thereafter cash withdrawal ocbc cheque deposit faq '' > “ account & cheques ” > “ manage on... From unknown, suspicious or unreliable sources 'Lock ' icon at the right-hand corner to exit Banking! Starting a new chapter of your NRIC or FIN record with OCBC transfer should be made in either or!

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