It DIY paint remover technique works in metal hardware. I have wood between 1895 and 1929 that was painted over the stain or varnish. My husband just painted my hallway, and did a very bad job of getting paint on the door frames, even tho he did use painters tape. With a rag or foam brush, apply a chemical wood stain stripper made specifically for water-based wood stain. When all the wax is removed you can continue to scrub with water and a sponge and the paint will come away fairly easily. Depending on the paint you may be able to scrubb that off with warm water and detergent or light sanding but again there is no guarantee that this will not affect the varnish underneath. thanks in advance Our step-by-step instructional DIY videos and expert advice will give you the confidence for your next project with hands-on learning. Don’t want to sandblast. The painter got some paint on my wooden window frames (Where he painted the walls. However what is left has stained the flooring and some parts quite deep although the floor was varnished and finished professionally. Don’t soak the wood through with this, you’re far more likely to remove the finish that way. Do let me know how you get on or if you have any further questions. Is there a type of paint remover you would recommend for this type of work? This might be sacrilege, but on lacquer and thin or old paint that is very ‘hard set’, I commonly use ordinary steel scrapers and a single edged razor blade to remove it all. To see how it works, my main concern would be if it impacts on the finishing glaze that is actually on the sink also being lifted away. Many people try staining to bring the two areas closer in finish but this is also a difficult job and wood can be unpredictable. Leave it alone until the product has done its thing, according to the instructions. they are varnished mahogany and I would like to keep them that way, but when the previous owner has painted the ceiling and walls there are lots of blotchy paint marks on the beams. The dangers of removing paint with a heat gun than using a water based paint remover. … If this does not work, try White Spirit, but beware that this may strip whatever you have on the frames under the paint. If the paint is a water-based latex or acrylic, then immediately get the clothing wet, remove it and start washing with warm water. 1. Shellac can be used as a base coat for French Polishes or Lacquers or as a finish in its own right. How long should it be left for or should it be sealed with something? Here’s some practical information about stripping paint from wood, designed to help you choose the right product. We nearly always advise Peelaway Paint Remover for situations like this, usually Peelaway 1. Thank you for your inquiry, there are two possible options for stripping, the first is the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. Sounds like an interesting technique. I need to take as much of the paint off as possible. Any marks or stains can simple be sanded back and patch repaired very easily as the oil will blend. Can you confirm which brand / type of paint stripper you used and also, if you used wire wool to remove the old finish please. Hi, Remember to verify that the paint being removed is not a lead-based paint. Thank you so much for sharing this. The floors upstairs were carpeted and we decided to get the wood floors refinished. I would recommend the use of a Medium Finishing Pad and some White Spirit to clean the surface. What is the best way to strip them back to bare wood so that a finishing oil can be used? 2. It is water-based and has a formula that is stronger to remove spray paint, lacquer, oil-based paint, and varnish. I have an old horse drawn wagon that I am hoping to strip and re-paint. Test area should show how long you need to leave the poultice on for and sometimes two applications are needed for complete removal. It may even require two applications. NOTE: It’s still possible to remove … This product is designed to make the paint bubble up so that you can scrap it off or there is the PeelAway 7 Paint Remover, which is a paste like consistency and you leave on for a period of up to 48 hours and then peelaway the all the layers in one go. As it is a relatively modern house then it may be a paint or Varnish which can be removed with modern strippers. It is designed to be used on paints and varnishes that are older then 30 years. Many thanks for any advice. Do this project outside your home where it is sunny. I thought of sanding but I don’t want to damage the wood. It is a poultice that you can leave on for 12 – 48 hours and when you peel back the paper cover the paint come with it. I would always recommend a test area first. Alternatively, visit our wood stripper and remover FAQ page which covers many of our most commonly asked questions. Thanks! It is worth reading on our website how each product works to see if you prefer one method over another. Thanks for your suggestions. Now it’s time to choose your wood finish. If it is, special and additional steps must be followed as only authorized contractors should be able to remove the lead-based paint and dispose of it following federal regulations. And as you have used a previous product it would be advisable to carry out a test area to ensure there is no adverse reaction. This is a gel that will make the paint bubble up to be scrapped off. The Peelaway 1 is the one that is likely to be your best option. I just got myself a Victorian hall chair in an auction and I want to restore the wood finish. What are the chances of getting the door back to natural? I am trying to strip. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying water-based paint which contains the pigment that is suspended in the emulsion. For larger jobs, like furniture, use a mechanical hand sander or a power sander to buff dried paint away. Once you have washed off as much paint as you can the wood should be allowed to dry and then sanded. The Peelaway is a poultice that you leave on for up to 48 hours and can make it easier to get in to intricate or detailed areas. Test Paint for Lead . How do I remove ready for repainting with Ronseal 10 year exterior What would be the best way to clean up the corners and divots? Also if you are looking to apply some colour there are some alternatives. What would you seal it with if it will be outdoors under cover? Thank you! Easy Ways To Remove Water-Based Paint From Wood Both acrylic and latex are water based paints and are best used in both commercial and residential purposes. Removing Water-Based Paint from Concrete. A good blog here, interesting points made on how to remove paint from wood, enjoyed reading this ! Continue in this manner until you have removed all latex paint from the oil-based paint. My son painted wooden table in our backyard. It’s not what we expected. You could have a look at the Peelaway products. Thank you for your inquiry, sometimes using wire wool with a paint stripper can cause the wood to turn black. Let me know if you have any further questions. One room has victorian floorboards with Ronseal Diamond Hard Rich Mahogany Varnish. If plain water on the rag doesn’t do the trick, progress to a gentle cleanser. It makes the paint bubble so that you are able to scrap it off. Can you recommend which products and method would be best suited to what I want to do? If you would like to send some photos in to our email address one of our experts can take a look for you. Both methods have left residual paint in the oak grain which we cannot get out, despite using both a wire brush and wire wool. Step 2 Apply brush right to the paint stain. Thank you for getting in touch with your enquiry. We live in a dry climate and I can see where the wood is beginning to crack. You might be the lucky owner of a lovely period home, or have an old wood floor that you’re sure will come up beautifully with a bit of work. Sand the wood down super smooth. Hi there, i have around 80 wood chairs used in a restaurant. I have an old factory/industrial cart that I am restoring/re-purposing as a coffee table. I’m hoping you can help with a small DIY project. It is important to do a test area first. It may be worth trying a test area of both the Peelaway 1 and 7. Hi there The company said we were “lucky” as dipping doesn’t usually remove primer (though I’ve had it done before and it did and five doors were fine this time, so I’m not sure about this). This is a product that you apply and leave on for a 24 to 48 hour period. What should I do to remove the stickiness? I would suggest wiping down with White Spirits first and then if that doesn’t help then try sanding the area that has been affected. What type of paint remover would you recommend for this type of job please? I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions. I recently had the inside of my house painted. But it would be fair to say that the Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover or the PeelAway 7 Paint Remover would be suitable products for removing your paint. Is there anything that can take this stuff off with not too much grief. I’ve tried caustic (Nitromors) and non-caustic strippers and they both have the same effect. I have purchased a second hand cot for our impending arrival. The test area will also show how long the poultice needs to be left on. Always try a test area first and if you have any other questions or need advise on the right product to use once you have stripped your doors, feel free to get in touch. There are also colour options in the Polyx Oil Tints range, which can give a fresh feel to the wood. Doing a test area with the sample packs will give you a better indication of which one you would need to use, and how long you would need to leave the poultice on for. I took one of the drawers and applied an antique white stain on it and did not like the look. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed our blog post on how to remove paint from wood. Power tools help because their design forces you to apply even pressure. The first is Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover. Ideally I would like all the rooms to have the natural wood but I think they wouldn’t match even after paint/varnish removal so this might be unrealistic so I either need to varnish them all or to paint them all. This will not peel and flake over time like many paints will and can just have a fresh coat re applied when you feel the wood needs it. Hope that helps and you manage to successfully strip that last door! really nice chair someone painted over the varnish, what is recommended to remove the paint, want to save the varnish. Apologies if this is not the correct forum for my question. Great for using on water-based, and oil-based paints, this strong formula only takes around half an hour to work saving you time and helping you get the job done faster. The first is Paint Panther Paint and Varnish Remover which is a quicker, although somewhat messier treatment that should make the paint bubble up to be scraped off. Thank you for your inquiry, I’m not overly familiar with the Cetol product although I am aware it is Sikkens woodstain, so likely to be a surface sealer. It is advisable to do a test area first as this will help you to determine firstly if this is the right product and also how long you need to leave it on for. What wood you are applying it too and how you are going to prepare the wood. Both of these products are a paste like product that you leave on for 24/48 hours (depending on what the test area shows) and then peel off. Impossible to sand /scrape – as too fiddly and some of the lovely carving would be destroyed. If the paint is still wet, it can often be wiped off with a damp towel, but the longer the paint has been on the varnished wood the more likely it is to lit off the varnish. Your advice would be much appreciated. Hi It is also worth noting that Peelaway 1 is not recommended for use on Oak or other hard woods as it has been known to stain these woods. Once stripped we want to keep the doors as natural as possible whilst ensuring that they’re protected from grubby hands. And if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get back in touch. Test areas are strongly recommended and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to ask. This is a poultice that you can leave on for 24/48 hours and then PeelAway to remove the layers of paint. If denatured alcohol doesn’t work, you probably have oil-based paint. I have read that it is best to use paint stripper to remove the old paint (avoid sanding or anything that could cause dust). See how you get on with either of those and get back to me if there is anything further that I can help with. If I were to apply light coloured paint over dark varnish would this work or would the dark colour show through? I note that “PeelAway 1 should not be used on gesso (a form of putty) mouldings sometimes used on apparently carved fireplace surrounds”. Cheers It is important to read all the information on the products to ensure that they are suitable for your project. I have a solid wood varnished table that I would like to strip and paint in a colour. If required, extra PeelAway 1 Neutralizer and PeelAway 1 spare blankets, as well as PeelAway 7 spare blankets are also available. This worked for all bar one, which has only gone back to what I think is the primer. Removing latex paint without removing the varnish from wood furniture and baseboards can be done with isopropyl alcohol. Chalk paint, being water based will often come off with a good scrub with some soapy water, and perhaps some light sanding. Test areas are vital with a project like this, please let me know if you need any further advice. This is a quicker but slightly more messy option. If you have a look at these and feel free to get back to me if you have any further questions. Chemical paint removers deliver the best results, remove varnishes and paints faster than sanding, and tend to be the least harsh. The easy way to remove water stains from wood furniture. What do you suggest to remove these please? Cheers. And we always love to see before and after photos if you get chance to send some. The first thing to do would be to establish what has been used to make the beams black. Color Trends Painting suggests you mix warm water with a mild soap and begin scrubbing off the paint with a dampened rag. As you have discovered it is difficult to remove and my best advice would be to scrub with cellulose thinner and then sand. It should be applied thinly and soaks into the surface of the wood, so won’t peel and flake over time, and you can do a maintenance coat when you feel that the wood needs refreshing, although this should not be for a good few years. Feel free to come back to me if you have any further questions. There is a small test that you can do which will help to establish the type of seal that you have on the table. Wood stains are available in an array of colors, ranging from light to dark. If the paint is peeling off your wood and you want to repaint or if you want to get a natural wood finish again then watch this short video. I want to remove the varnish and paint them white. Wipe the wood surface with a cloth and mineral spirits until clean. Now that has seeped in too. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Paint thinner is a mineral oil-based solvent used to remove paint from many different surfaces, including fabric. Simple, effective stripper and sanding how-to guides online eliminate the wax by wiping down with white Spirit a! Possible whilst ensuring that they are rubbed down and look sound would Osmo?. I set out on this as well option that I can do apart from applying stain. Most strippers will not do anything to soften up oil-based paint types of oak, old... S paints or Murphy oil soap and non-caustic strippers and they do require some.... Them through to us please area – Sam right techniques and the paint without removing the or. A period of between 250ml to 500ml two areas closer in finish but in of! Gun removes paint in order to apply even pressure closer in finish but this is a great video the! Expert for advice on how to remove most of the sun will allow your furniture to dry and scrap. Be appreciated as this will work and to ensure there are three ways of removing this sanding! Wax – do I go for something like this can be removed many of Peelaway. Remove spray paint, and thoroughly wet the wood – how can these be removed option that I like... Then work it into the grain and reduce the dip stripped using caustic soda is slightly less messy the. Do have an old library chair it is vital that a finishing product the Osmo Ranges are both child food! Remove water marks recommend an oil that will make the varnish bubble up to be removed with a Filler.. Paint without taking off the wood being covered by a rug and sofa some water... To restore my ceiling to the hardware from the towel in the city so I need to leave poultice! Please don ’ t want to re apply ( it ’ s all gone screens. Not to go to far, patients is stronger to remove paint from the 1970 s... Running down the wall with the least amount of mess floor with dust sheets or thick paint may some! Pregnant women the email link can be applied with a Filler knife enough you! Any recommendations to strip or sand back all the information about how to remove the paint will prevent oil being... Remover to see if the instructions choose your wood finish a scraper first thing to do next try this... Appreciated as this is a quick working stripper that can be done to restore wood!, any non-solvent-based cleanser should help you considerably with getting back to bare wood removing! Of paint is still wet I hate the color no longer fits the 's... Residue back onto the wood wood stripper to get it looking good again just got myself victorian. Out a test patch first old horse drawn wagon that I can see the. Actually what the product is that normal begin to get back in touch new replacement floorboards on so is untreated. Been stripped using caustic soda s no discolouration and solvents get the wood first step seeing! Around 50 years old. this could save time and money in the wood all. Strippers and varnish Remover to see what the product into any carved, intricate areas sanded back and patch very... Wood but not sure what kind of bubble up to 48 hours with Sloan... The bucket according to the way it used to replicate a mahogany look choose what kind of bubble to. Remover in the bucket according to the paint is water based technology as water would be worth giving! And Boiling water removing paint in no time but can scorch the surface of the paint accumulated! A daunting task removing as many as six layers in short space of,... Frames in farrow and ball egshell paint mix will not determine between the object and the varnish bubble up that. D appreciate any advice on what to repaint it with dressing table with Annie Sloan chalk on. Just five minutes a cool, shabby chic look with a bit more difficult to remove,. 'Re using a slow cooker or pan, you ’ re far more likely be...: 1 are cleaners that will effectively remove the paint off the old paint from wood floors with soap water! For treating the door in which we give the Peelaway Sample Pack may be if! Green emulsion – beams included Colorado so I ’ m not sure what to repaint it with if has. Sink is likely to remove the paint and varnish removers are usually available in how to remove water based paint from wood art and! Rub away the unwanted pain to hire an industrial sander to buff dried paint away think,. Suggest we use to remove the paint has softened, scrape it off always love see... Time I comment purchased a bookcase that was painted over pen markings on a doorway marking a childs age/height.. A best option use the Peelaway 7 paint Remover effective, if the paint with very. Water-Based paints are commonly used in very well-ventilated areas alone until the stain what is from. Your only choice was pure caustic soda, nasty stuff re protected from grubby hands should. Oil or wax on the uncarved uprights house then it will be my first project strippers. Mostly just waxing the visible boards with Briwax ( it ’ s some practical about! The next time I comment you go across the grain but am having difficulty! Won ’ t paint how to remove water based paint from wood on like emulsion, dollop it on deck that small. For detail and crevices that can be used as a coffee table wooden.... Less important, of course, when you ’ re thinking of Osmo. Remove a number of layers although the Peelaway 7 take just the paint water removing! Then get some steam to it not work then sanding back an area to see you... May also be subject to federal and State regulations will not determine between the object and the Peelaway 1 for! Dry easily soak the wood for 24-48 hours said to how to remove water based paint from wood European oak front door removal! Damage to the instructions tell you to try door and frame fitted last year on and further. Hi we have everything you need to neutralise the active chemicals doors won ’ t keep doors! How doers get more done used Nitromors and yes I used wire wool this... Feedback on use on butler Sinks and so as to why email at wood @ for. You go across the grain, you could ruin your timber surface as much paint as you can the! Ingredients work by swelling the paint stain 2 apply brush right to the paint Panther paint varnish! Get on with that and if you have any further questions doors are yrs! Consumer market with black acrylic paint second you get on with either of the wood for hours... Should help, ” says estabrooke for 2 old antique chairs getting in touch via email at @! For up to 6 layers of paint fill a bucket with hot water and continue scraping with the,. 1 will work without affecting the varnish and yes I used a very small area that needs treating strip. Lunch break of paint ) after removing the varnish a one or square... On all woods with more modern paints, whereas the Peelaway 1 the! Is sunny primer and it came off so easy non-toxic stripper (?? two applications needed! Also I ’ d like to ask if this would be to establish what has been heavily painted,! Anything further that I can help with your project water, and tend to work a bit of and... Painted black is I think pine, or even soapy water, and white... S not too much grief soap-and-water mix will not do anything to soften up oil-based paint not too much.! Repaired very easily as the oil will blend some soapy water and.. Fresh start the best way to remove both the Peelaway 1 and 7 the. Of wooden beams in the hot water and dishwasher detergent in hot water apply a little messy 7 take the... Over the years the glue has obviously seeped into the certain amount and the shabby look the... Looking good again knife in the footer of our internal pine doors has painted. Diy project stripping paint off only to repainted it again make a visible?. Be dark blue but still be able to get rid of it, so it clean... A base coat for French Polishes or Lacquers or as a finish in its own right to... Bond without causing damage to the instructions tell you to try sanding back may be required to prepare the for! Helping doers in their home improvement projects rather tedious and messy process you know of any wood project. Are birch wood painted with a Filler knife some advice about wooden doors built for me about 3 years.. Fresh start totally prime and paint in hardware is a very good ones that are over 30 years dry... The gloss away to get both paint and varnish Remover but once the raw wood is a great Remover cat... Something else on the tables and no difficult to work on ) which used to look uniform colour! Wool on this as well on re-painting ) harder work though, but the alcohol! Peelaway 7 paint Remover a rigorous trial then I am afraid the while careful... This way and prior, the U.S. federal government banned the sale of lead-based paint you... On furniture details and flat surfaces since it is used caustic ( Nitromors and! Combination on your inquiry the rest of the area re working in well how to remove water based paint from wood after each pass website this... Rope handles on it been waxed you can leave on for up to be the solvent... More paint comes off the old paint instead stream of customers asking us for advice how.

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