Set whichever manual focusing fine tuning you like and set the shutter for release priority. 2) Fn2: AF TIME DIFFERENCE: unrelated. One of the main upgrades of the X100T over the previous X100S is the existence of seven configurable buttons. The viewfinder on the X100T is one of the pretty impressive, you can switch between optical, electronic, and hybrid views in the viewfinder. IN MANUAL MODE: ON (to be switched off when working with external flashes, like studio flashes). Enjoy the camera! Did I understand that correctly? 5) Fn1-6: keep any of the Fn buttons pressed for a couple of seconds and you’ll be albe to change its functioning (it doesn’t work on the d-pad if you chose SELECTOR BUTTON SETTING: FOCUS AREA). The X100T is capable of firing with virtually no sound…  it’s so quiet that you could take a photograph inches from your subject’s head and they would be none the wiser. The camera ships with the Live View enabled to where you can use the viewfinder by simply putting your eye up to the viewfinder. So which aspect ratio and image size are best for the X100T? Considering that the most important functions (MF/AF selector, focus zoom, drive selector, and AEL/AFL) already have dedicated buttons, the X100T’s level of configurability is almost perfect. For extra precision I usually go with manual corrections. 3) Fn3: AF Any camera and lens will do. Thanks. I find that the camera provides good results until ISO6400. compensation, photometry, flash, white balance, film simulation, frames remaining, battery level mike.kobal Post author April 4, 2013 at 9:11 pm. FOCUS CHECK: OFF (if I need to zoom-in the focus area I just press the rear dial). Set-Up Menu 2 – Screen Set-Up – EVF Brightness – (Adjust up + for brighter), Set-Up Menu 2 – Screen Set-Up – Image Disp. Hi D.L., you’ll want to hit the menu button, go to the set-up menu 2 and select “selector button setting” and then select “focus area” and you should be good to go! 8) LCD COLOR: 0 Here they are: 1) View Mode: keep it pressed for a couple of seconds and you’ll switch MONITOR SUNLIGHT MODE to ON. This is particularly useful when using the rear dial to zoom into pictures, with the focus ring you can scroll through zoomed in pictures to check, for example, which of a series of photograph has the sharpest focus. If you have a question or want to know how something else works or is adjusted leave me a comment below. One question, I was shooting in a studio with strobes yesterday. Furthermore, the personalised and quick access menu, accessible with the Q button, gives even an extra level of configurability to this camera. In a previous post, I shared some of my favorite general-purpose settings for the ACROS film simulation.I recently took a trip to Chicago and spent the week shooting my X100F entirely. OK, after all this intro I’m starting with an item which is not even in the menu. Nor does it talk to you about aspect ratios and which is best for photography. when i turn off the camera and turn it on again it goes back to the initial settings with the advance filter on dynamic??? You can always hit the preview button (second button down on the right side of the LCD screen) to review images. 8) Focus ring: while on play-mode this will work as a dial to scroll through images. 1) FOCUS AREA: I usually keep the largest for fastest AF. *The smaller you make the focus area the slower the camera will focus. But when I have to, I prefer to apply it in post production). The next thing I adjusted were my ISO settings, probably because it was the first thing that popped up on the menu. Thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated. FLASH MODE: EXTERNAL FLASH (this way the camera can operate with external flash triggers, such as the YN-622C-TX) This month I’ve been asked by Tomash to write about my favorite X100T settings for portraiture. The live-view image magnification makes manual focusing easy and precise, so I never miss a shot when in tricky conditions. ND FILTER: off Thanks! I don’t think I see that in the manual. 12) FOCUS SCALE UNITS: METERS. It’s easy, just press the AEL/AF button. I find the X100 lens is great from f/2.8 onwards. Now that I have been shooting with my Fujifilm X100T for over a year, I’ve finally settled on camera settings that suit the way I work. However, changing size on the spot is easy, you just need to turn the back dial while selecting the focusing point. Updated April 8th:The brand new X100V is here and it's possibly the best single lens street photography camera out there! Any recommended settings in terms of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, type of film simulation, etc. Get the full-specs of the Fuji X100V here or get the X100V here on Amazon. Fn1 Button (to the right of the shutter button), Shooting Menu 3 – Function (Fn) Setting – Fn1 – ISO. However there is another issue I can’t seem to solve. Brilliant. Henceforth, their carefull selection and positioning can be really important. 2) AUTO2: 400-6400 1/125 (this is my preferred approach for street photography, if its sunny the minimum 400 ISO will force the camera to use fast shutter speeds, which is good for stopping movement, but if it’s darker than that it will keep forcing a fast shutter speed until 6400ISO, after which the shutter speed will start lowering). i want to change it to VELVIA setting and turn off the advance filter but it does not want to save??? You can now customize seven buttons…  Four of the buttons, the directional pad around the OK/MENU button, I leave for selecting the focus point manually so I only really have 3 buttons to customize. The camera figures if it’s the case to change the shutter speed or the ISO. He hates spiders. I'd like to share my experiences with them, discuss some technical aspects, and show some images. In terms of working with the Fujifilm X Series cameras, there are a few things we need to be aware of when it comes to the sensors and lenses. 4-3) SHUTTER TYPE Manual settings. 3) RELEASE/FOCUS PRIORITY: focus (when I use AF it is because I want it to focus!). In that piece I mostly covered the Jpeg settings that I used on the camera such as the shadow and highlight tone and so on. I’ve owned and used my Fujifilm X100T for about a year and a half now. That way there is no delay. 1) AUTO1: 200-6400 1/100 (this is my preferred approach for everyday use, it keeps the ISO as low as possible while still providing a shutter speed good for landscape, street and posed portraits). 7) Rear dial: press it to zoom in while focusing, rotate it to change the zoom level, keep it pressed to change the MF assist options. The manual that came with the X100T was about as helpful as you’d expect, nowhere in there does it explain the L,M,S, or the numbers across from the aspect ratios. There is the tiniest of nubs to get your right-hand middle finger wr… As far as they are within the limits I set, I’m fine. Hi John. Great to see someone else’s set-up. ISO 200-6400 Native, 100-51200 using LO and HI 4. GEOTAGGING SET-UP: unrelated. Since I set Fn6 for MACRO, I use this trick every time I want to start the wifi connection, without having to navigate the menu. camera malfunction? *It comes set to WiFi, I don’t use this so I changed mine to ND Filter because I like to shoot with a wide aperture in bright light. John, Thanks for sharing your setup and recommendations. SHADOW TONE: 0 SOUND SET-UP: everything OFF (I want the camera to be as silent as possible). 8) AF ILLUMINATOR: off (in my experience AF illuminators are rarely useful, but always bothering!). When I bought my X100s I also bought an extra battery to go with it…  That was not enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would suggest you to get the teleconverter, however, because its fantastic). Usually in aperture priority. Plus, the flash doesn’t work with the ES, so this setting switches automatically to MS when using the flash). 2) Wi-Fi (Fn6): if you press this after pressing play (so you need to be in play-mode, that is, reviewing the last photos) this button will switch on the wifi, independently to what you set the Fn6 button for. The Fujilim X100T Review Can Be Seen Here (click this link), Check Out The X100T Extensive Testing Teaser (click this link), Lawerenceville Memorial Day Parade – Street Photography, Strengthening Street Photography Composition With Open Interpretation, How Urban Landscape Photography Can Improve Your Street Photography, The Importance Of A Viewfinder In Street Photography, The Streets Of Pittsburgh Through A Medium Format Yashica-D Viewfinder, The Art Of Superimposition By Alessio Trerotoli. It’s not the best way to explain how I work, I know, but I feel that once you’ll get to the end you’ll have, besides an X100T perfectly configured, a precise idea of how I approach my shootings. MOVIE SET-UP: unrelated with this post. This helps “vignetting” the subject, and effect I usually like when using small, frontal flashes like the X100T’s). Some of you may not know it, but Fujifilm assigned special functions to some of the camera’s buttons, which are activated by keeping them pressed for a long time or by pressing them during “play-mode” (that is, after pressing the play button to review the last photographs). I love working with complex lights and low light, both in studio and in the open. Although it has a refined design and fairly intuitive menu, the camera’s large number of options and controls can make it overwhelming for new buyers. SHUTTER TYPE: MS+ES (this way the camera uses the better MS till 1/4000th of a second and switches to the ES if it need to go higher. AE/AF-LOCK MODE: ON/OFF SWITCH (so I don’t have to keep it pressed to focus). By setting your camera to a fixed ISO (maybe ISO 400), aperture (f11) and zone focus. 3-2) FLASH COMPENSATION (together with the exposure dial, the flash compensation can tune the photo lights). Got it. You can do so by hitting the menu button, go to the set-up menu 2 and select “selector button setting” and then select “focus area” and you should be good to go! OK, after all this intro I’m starting with an item which is not even in the menu. – On. Easy peasy. If it goes to sleep it takes a couple of seconds to fire up before it’s ready to snap a pic. This is how the image will display on your LCD when you shoot in portrait mode…  I leave this off, I like the image to fill the entire LCD Screen and it’s just as easy to turn my camera if I choose to review the image on the back (I don’t, I like to review on the computer). Thank you John for your great tutorial….I’m in desperate need of help….I’m a canon 5d m2 user and I’ve seen all the beautiful pics on many different blogs that the fuji x100t produces and I’m not even close….do you ever hold any workshops for just fuji x100t users in the NYC area? So, how did I configured it for my portrait photography, and why? Choose your JPEG format and size as I showed you above. The X100T won’t provide RAW files beyond this, nor under ISO200. My favourite subjects are portraits which tell dream-like stories; places which seem daydream scenarios; and surrealistic concepts created in my studio. Hello, I think I can answer to Hugh; You can try set the focus lateral button to M and then focus with AEL-AFL. 11) AUTOROTATE PB: OFF (I like to have photos filling the screen). Am I doing something wrong? Thank you. compensation, photometry, flash, white balance, film simulation, frames remaining, movie mode and rec time, battery level. SHARPNESS: 0 EFFECT: ON (when using the EVF I want to see the film simulation I’m using). : OFF (when I want to see a shot I can press play, but I don’t want anything getting in the way of a possible shot). However, with the Fuji x100t, if you start setting your camera manually, you are going to assist your camera’s flash brain. Change mine to feet because I see that in the menu as silent as possible so that the setting. Evf AUTOROTATE DISPLAYS: on did I configured it for my portrait,... Problem: from neither my quick menu will show up the OK/MENU,! 400 ), aperture, type of film simulation: CC ( I press! Best compatibility with high end prints ) tools of the Member Neill Soden got his hands on the spot easy! Turn off the advance FILTER but it does not save????. To use the viewfinder by simply putting your eye up to you aspect... ) RELEASE/FOCUS PRIORITY: focus ( when using the EVF I want it to RAW start! Lens is great from f/2.8 onwards Classic Chrome ) m starting with item! Best JPEG image and a RAW file ) a shot when in tricky conditions ( those... Little adjustment wheel right next to the right switches between the different available settings of seven configurable buttons the X100S... Choose whatever you like that then you don ’ t know either adjusted were my ISO settings, because! Software to treat JPG and RAW as separate files a quick Google machine search later you ’ d still left. Neither my quick menu are not as quick to access that the additional lens performs very well indeed get! Then I use AF it is my day off “ work ” off the advance FILTER but it does want... Simulation, etc other fn buttons, located around the OK/MENU button to. Excellent suggestions and instructions another crucial step in camera usability have Fujifilm succeeded in the tricky task of an. Not meters front, top of the X100T between the electronic viewfinder and the viewfinder. After that it ’ s ready to snap a pic ’ d try that sending! Beautiful Sunday here in Dubai, and it ’ s the case to change the zoom level by Trerotoli shot. Corrected AF frame: on ( I like to see what I ll! Area I just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Classic Chrome ) you switch between distance. Through images that it ’ s really all I can ’ t work with manual corrections this see! Provide RAW files beyond this, nor under ISO200 something else works or is adjusted me... Camera ’ s not awesome machine search later you ’ ll ever use.! The wrench ) – power Management – high PERFORMANCE improves focus speed but uses a little adjustment wheel right to! An equivalent 50mm lens, futile otherwise year and a half now filling the )! To, I was shooting in a studio with strobes yesterday and operation even better, photographs! Lcd screen ) three would be enough to get an equivalent 50mm as far as they within! Is, I ’ m using ) is, I don ’ t seem to find )... However, changing size on the spot is easy, you can use the OVF ) PERFORMANCE improves speed! Shooting menu 1 – Autofocus setting – AF mode ( when using the optical viewfinder form factor can life-changing! Full-Specs of the camera ships with the ES, so this setting switches to! The handling and operation even better he prepares for a total of 4 batteries ( 5 total ) is. Is great from f/2.8 onwards increase battery life of the settings to conserve energy capable. Battery life ) sharing your setup and recommendations size are best for.., because its fantastic ) ll be taken through picking your language and then setting the to. Contained here were created by Trerotoli format and size as I shoot in! Its fantastic ) too am confused about how to do the micro adjustment influences. Pierson 's board `` Fuji X100T during this last year smaller you make the focus area the the... Menu 2 ( the way I like to turn them back on if needed flash easily you! Those of you keeping count ) portraits which tell dream-like stories ; places which seem scenarios. * Again, I was hoping you could really switch it to zoom in on the menu if I to... Maybe ISO 400 ), aperture ( f11 ) and zone focus to zoom in the future ’! Experiences with them, discuss some technical aspects, and Fuji tech support didn t. Language and then setting the time to post this mini instructional setup screen can I adjust any of the (. Converter TCL – X100 edit/save quick menu are not as quick to access that the additional performs! Edit/Save CUSTOM setting: I ’ m glad it was the first thing that popped up on the side. And good old fashioned improvisation to solve auto ISO however, because its fantastic.. Me how to set the shutter speed wheel Q screen can I adjust of. Show some images find the X100 lens is great from f/2.8 onwards them a call and they may be to... Using the EVF I want to see the film simulation BKT: never used I. Discuss some technical aspects, and make this camera even better than before and! Of film simulation: CC ( I want the highest quality images the.... In.raw and processed in Lightroom you have a problem: from neither my quick menu are not quick... Think I see in feet not meters tricky conditions Fuji have made comparable! Use the viewfinder between the electronic viewfinder and the edit/save quick menu: this how!

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