mame_current_mouse_enable = "enabled" Interesting. Next, I thought I'd try an ROM specific setting. If you mess up some controls (or a screen like volume or similar is coming on when you press a button), delete the "default.cfg" file that is in the "cfg" folder in MAME™. Sound Samples kannst du dir … I added the input line to retroarch.cfg, but still did not have luck when running Centipede or Marble Madness. It sounds like we might have similar configurations. At some point a trackball mode was added. Install trackball and screw into place. I did this for vertical and horizontal and mame.ini. Product Information. labamba31 January 3. Price $9.95 Suzo Happ 3" White High Lip Trackball Assembly The easiest way to do this is to disable the other mouse/touchpad in Device Manager (The X-Arcade™ Trackball shows up as "Samsung" mouse), then re-enable it. My other choices are lr-fbalpha, lr-imame4all, mame4all, and pifba. Trackball Setup Forum: AdvanceMAME Help. Then under controller mapping, make sure "Trackball device" says "Mouse." Note the vertical part of the housing is slightly conical to enable it to be molded in one piece, so to enable a perfect fit you will need to enlarge the hole from the underside of the panel slightly, using a file. In any case, I found how to edit the cfg file and it responds the same either way. Ive been through all the readmes, forum posts, and input mapping exercises to try to get trackball recognized inside of lr-mame2003. Trackball-Mäuse benötigen eine gewisse Eingewöhnungszeit. It works well for trackball games with MAME (make sure you enable Mouse input) as well as the included Atari games software and supports USB or PS2 connection. From there I selected the option to edit the rom-specific retroarch config. If I boot up to the Raspian image that came with my RPi3B+, it works perfectly as a mouse. It was recent updates to lr-mame2003 where these ideas apply and it is important to be on the same page if we are troubleshooting. This post is the only place I found in the internet that mentioned this setting for the retroarch-core-options.cfg file. Are you using that now? I run a four-player cocktail cabinet using a keyboard controller (IPAC4) for all joysticks and pushbuttons, plus I have the Ultimarc UTrak trackball and a pair of TurboTwist2 spinners. So my intention here was basically to tell mame that there is no other mouse except the trackball. page for more information. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. But on the other hand, I really think there is light at the end of the 2003 tunnel. I have a working copy of both Marble Madness and Pole Position installed and running under "Arcade". This topic has been deleted. I've been following along here, trying to get my system going, thanks for all of the notes. Track Ball - 3 Inch Arcade Game Trackball for Mame and Jamma Boards - Translucent White Ball. SO, I have three analog devices that appear as two separate "mouse" inputs. Get The Two Player USB Fight Stick Manual. My goal is to get a trackball working with Marble Madness and Pole Position (as suggested in article below). The problem is that MAME doesn't read well the mouse up movement. Sounddateien müssen extra heruntergeladen werden und im Ordner Samples gespeichert werden. Fit the trackball with the arrow on the top of the housing pointing to the rear of the panel. Actually, the reason I've bought 2 is that I intend to use the 3" trackball from one of them and install it into a full sized MAME … How to Setup A TrackBall on MAME – Works with PC & Pi. Looks like your connection to RetroPie Forum was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. The wireless trackball costs $67.26 while the wired version is available for only $53.92 on Amazon. Suzo Happ Trackball Assembly - 3" with USB & PS/2 Interface - 56-0300. But lr-mame2003 seems to be the only one that will work. In this video I unbox, setup, and play games using a raspberry pi and retropie. 99. I figured I had to choose a Device Index 1 based on the info I mentioned earlier, but all four choices have "N/A" next to them. For reference, I don't have any game controllers, just the arcade cabinet controls hooked to a controller that emulates a keyboard (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment). I can play mame games with a trackball. Yet I know that Retroarch can see the device because pressing any of the buttons on the trackball goes back one menu in Retroarch itself (the ball does nothing). I set both the device index and mouse index to 1. Then remove trackball and enlarge holes to 1/4 in (6mm). Hello, I received yesterday a PS2 trackball + usb converter from Alieexpress. @jvinga1 As described in the thread I linked, to record logs you need to start the game in verbose mode using the runcommand, and then use ssh to access /dev/shm/runcommand.log. Options: Yes; No (Default) Loop List. This flexibility is sufficient for most games, but there are exceptions on complex control panels. I downloaded the full retropie package and did a default install about 8 weeks ago. Ive been through all the readmes, forum posts, and input mapping exercises to try to get trackball recognized inside of lr-mame2003. Well, I was feeling like it was getting close and this would do it, but no luck. This topic has been deleted. Somewhere there is a controllers menu that lets you enable or disable controllers for MAME32, including the mouse. The X-Arcade works as a simple keyboard, so if it is working in the test program but not in MAME, then you have a problem with your MAME software settings, not the controller! I’m having a really frustrating problem with the new blender widget. User 1 Device Index. Spinners operate by rotating a spindle which turns an encoder wheel. Enable Sound And Sound CPU's: Schaltet Sound Ein- oder aus. As soon as I enabled this option, my trackball started working. I'm not sure exactly what steps to take next. If not, the in-game config menu, brought up with the tab key after you start a game, should get you to where you need. Push the bezel over the housing. by Drewtalks May 20, 2020. by Drewtalks May 20, 2020. This makes sense, as most interfaces are for either trackballs or two spinners. I go to Settings/Input and down to Input User 1 Binds. Using RetroPie 4.4 and RetroArch 1.3.7 and lr-mame2003 with 0.78 roms. @caver01 The wiki document is the one I was using. If you have a USB mouse, you can simply unplug it, reboot, and then plug it back in again. It seems that since I saw characters on screen when rolling the ball after the cat /dev/input/mouse1 that I now have the info I need: device 1, right? You have to try at least like 7 times in order to get MAME understand that you want to define "Mouse up" (Mouse Y-) for "P1 Up". Perhaps we need to include that option in the wiki. What should I be using for the three settings at the top? And that worked. I am not familiar with that option, but I am glad it worked for you. If your controller doesn't work in the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program, then it will NOT work in MAME™. @ajacks504 This worked for me! Creator: Mark Jaques Created: 2015-11-17 Updated: 2015-11-19 Mark Jaques - 2015-11-17 Hi, Im using an iPac2 and AdvanceMAME in RetroPie. A convenient hardware test is to simply boot the Pi to a desktop and see if you can move the cursor with your trackball or spinner. I can understand tweaking it, but not working out of the box? I thought I could type it at the shell prompt, but it's not recognized. You can exit a game by holding the player 2 start button and pressing the left pinball button (closest to you) simultaneously. If we still cannot get a working config for you, you can always try AdvanceMAME which is much more explicit about analog inputs in its configuration and it always works great with analog. 2 Replies Last reply Reply Quote 2. caver01 @ajacks504 last edited by . List of trackball arcade games. Glue can be used if required. I can play mame games with a trackball. Golden tee, marble madness, tempest, bowling can now be enjoyed via the controls of a trackball. It has a section "setting mouse indexes via the RetroArch GUI" and then one under it "setting mouse indexes via retroarch.cfg. So I'm learning how to setup the controls in MAME for my arcade cabinet, specifically for games like Crystal Castles, Tempest, Tron, etc that use the trackball & spinner. Lifetime Warranty → Easy Returns → Shipping Fees & Times → 100% Secure Shopping → Relive Thousands of Classics. This is handy, especially when using a default and multiple emulator cores, but confusing if troubleshooting after you may have added or changed a setting in one of them. $119.99 $ 119. I'll be happy to check the logs, but I need a little help getting retroarch to run in verbose mode. Mouse Button 3 also exits, so if you want to add another button to your Tankstick for Exit just use the Orange. For MAME driving games, using a trackball or spinner is iffy at best, and I'm not even referring to the obvious fact that trackballs and spinners don't look or feel like an arcade steering wheel. For command line versions of MAME: In the MAME folder you will need to open the file 'mame.ini' with notepad and change the line that says 'ctrlr' to 'ctrlr X-Arcade' (see image on the right). If you have movement, you should be able to configure MAME to use it. I might go try a driving game now as suggested in the Wiki. Actually, I use per-game configs for this, as my player1 mouse varies depending on if it is a spinner/driving game or a trackball game. For command line versions of MAME: In the MAME folder you will need to open the file 'mame.ini' with notepad and change the line that says 'ctrlr' to 'ctrlr X-Arcade' (see image on the right). The little editor opened to a blank file. But using core option configs for the ROMs that need it I was able to get everything sorted. For 'core input automatic enable options' I put trackball_device to mouse and mouse device to none. No. Many times it will understand "Mouse Y- Mouse X+" instead of plain "Mouse Y-". I changed Centipede to use AdvancedMAME in the same way it it works too, so I'm in business. @jvinga1 These log entries are consistent with what I saw and another user shared in the thread I linked above. Bernie-ran last edited by . A convenient hardware test is to simply boot the Pi to a desktop and see if you can move the cursor with your trackball or spinner. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Is that necessary? Spinners, Trackballs, and Lightguns are often described together because they are seen as mouse devices by the operating system. Okay, installing AdvancedMame was pretty easy - found it on the retropie menu and installed 1.4. So I launched it from the EmulationStation menu. Once you've done that, the games that require analog controls may start automagically working with the mouse. Thanks again for the fast reply. Did you find it helpful? These are the key mappings for navigation in GameEx. @ajacks504 said in Getting Trackball to work with MAME: I had to enable this option, then it started working immediately. Suzo Happ Idler Shaft (#95-0675-00) and 2 Roller Shafts (#95-0676-00) for use with 2-1/4" Suzo Happ or Atari trackballs. Lightguns were common accessories for both arcade and console games. At the game list, under options, choose "Default Game Options," under "Controllers" make sure "Enable mouse input" is checked. $10.25 shipping. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Oh, now I see what you mean about runcommand - just pressing a key before the game loads and choosing to load it in verbose mode. Download the X-Arcade™ controller config file, Download the X-Arcade™ Test Utility Program. Spinners and Trackballs appear on the control panels of many arcade classics. Trackballs; Trackball Accessories; Spinners; Spinner Accessories; Stay Connected Tap the expanding inserts into place. It sounds like I now have to configure the trackball in both Retroarch and in MAME? Thanks! The HotRod controller essentually looks like the x-arcade Dual Player and is $99 vice $125, so if a trackball isn't a desired requirement here is another $25 you can knock off the price. I exited to a prompt and used "cat /dev/input/mouse1 then rolled the trackball and saw input, so I assume this means my trackball is device index 1. To enable trackball support, also change the line that says 'mouse' from a 0 to 1. I am glad you grabbed the latest image. It's definitely different from what the wiki says to expect for udev. Another test can be performed at the command prompt. The Esc key on your keyboard exits also. [INFO] [Joypad]: Found joypad driver: "udev". [INFO] [udev] Adding device /dev/input/event2 as type ID_INPUT_MOUSE. I found this post:,-Trackballs,-Lightguns,-and-other-Mouse-Devices. On the one hand, congrats for getting the AdvanceMAME config working. This can also help you troubleshoot the connections for X and Y inputs. With the rise of MAME emulation, home gamers have long been able to enjoy these classics on their PCs, but authentic control has been a bit of a problem. Set Up USB Trackball in Recalbox. @jvinga1 I can tell you a few things to get you on the right track. i recommend getting the mounting plate, you can use any 12vdc adapter you have to run the lights. Yes, I'm still using the 4.3 image I downloaded and installed fresh last night. Hosting provided by @jvinga1 I gave that wiki link because it was updated and the new edits might not yet be in the prettier Docs. I found this article: and attempted to follow the instructions under the section "Pointer/Trackpad/Touchscreen support". In fact, it works better now that I have no overlap. I never could get the AdvancedMAME mouse testing command to run so I just moved on to editing the config files, all as described in the wiki (,-Trackballs,-Lightguns,-and-other-Mouse-Devices). If you have movement, you should be able to configure MAME to use it. So my intention here was basically to tell mame that there is no other mouse except the trackball. It outlines analog control setup. Trackball: If you have another mouse/touchpad connected to the PC, you will want to be sure that the option for 'Enable multiple mice' is unchecked. i was able to get my trackball roms running in mame-libretro by first editing the config file. For example, if you specify mame2003-mouse_device = "mouse" or input_player1_mouse_index = "X" in more than one location, the setting will be overridden the closer the config gets to the ROM. EDIT : tried it in one of my local MAME wich is 0.81, mame -cc does work but the generated .ini contains only the CORE INPUT OPTIONS not the CORE INPUT AUTOMATIC ENABLE OPTIONS, but this should be … 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. It starts out with some challenges in lr-mame2003 with trackballs after the most recent update but goes on to describe how to generate and check log files and how to set core options to work the way you want. ra-Track-Ball Track Ball - 3 inch Arcade Game trackball for mame and Jamma Boards with Translucent White Ball. Trackball not working in RetroArch/MAME. file, I had to enable this option, then it started working immediately. Mythic-Beasts. I tried lots of changes to various config files with no luck. If you still have problems, please visit the. Enable Custom Keyboard Controls. Here are any lines from the log file that I thought might be involved in any way: Any other ideas before attempting to jump to AdvanceMAME? When I open it, it says "no core" at the bottom. Macmame - Any Mame Trackball Titles; Downloadable PC Golf Demos. No luck. Check the logs, yes. Einmal verinnerlicht, geht die Arbeit mit dieser Mausvariante aber leicht von der Hand. Nutzer, die eine möglichst genaue Cursor-Positionierung erreichen wollen, sollten eine Maus mit Trackball-Prinzip kaufen. I have a USB trackball that I can't get working in Retropie to save my life. There you will find references to the mouse devices that the core is seeing and their indices, although your troubleshooting kinda makes that irrelevant if you have tried all of them, but perhaps it has not been in the context of other correct settings. In other words, it will load core options /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-core-options.cfg but then it will append the /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfgand any repeat here will override, followed by arcade and finally rom specific configs. After you start up a game, use the left pinball flipper button on the left side of the X-Arcade™ to insert coins, and press the white start button(s) to play. I thought I 'd test the game by just configuring the game itself, so I launched it and hit TAB, Input This Game, and selected the "track" items, but moving the ball didn't get accepted as an input. See, told you I was a beginner at this! The addition of the trackball lets you play games like Crystal Castles with their original controls. I should update the example block in the wiki page so it is a closer/exact match. Also, take a look at this thread. User 1 Device Type Sorry we couldn't be helpful. [INFO] [udev] Adding device /dev/input/event3 as type ID_INPUT_KEYBOARD. Tiger Woods ™ PGA Tour Series; Tiger Woods™ 2004 - Use TrueSwing; Tiger Woods™ 2005 - Use TrueSwing; MS Links 2003™ Golden Tee™ PC - (Win98/ME only) Shop with confidence. Purchased the trackball for my Retropie arcade table, it came quickly. and if that doesn't work, try index 1. The only way I know how to run it is from the GUI. Here are the lines from the log: [INFO] [udev] Adding device /dev/input/mouse0 as type ID_INPUT_MOUSE. Edited again with index of 1 and still no luck. That's how I knew to try the command to find that mine is mouse1. I don't really know the menus in there anyway since I never use it. Strong competitor for the Kensington Expert Wireless and it’s currently the best selling trackball. So EmulationStation just sees the joysticks and buttons as keyboard keys and does not recognize any game controllers. I substituted a mouse in the same port and get the same results. As far as retroarch GUI, the Wiki actually does say to do that. If you have a USB mouse, you can simply unplug it, reboot, and then plug it back in again. [WARN] [udev]: Full-screen pointer won't be available.,,-Trackballs,-Lightguns,-and-other-Mouse-Devices, Any other ideas? When set to on GameEx will loop to the top or bottom of a list after navigating past the top or bottom. I'm using an xtension control panel, with 2 usb connections, one is for the sticks/buttons & the other is for the trackball/spinner. User 1 Analog to Digital input_player1_mouse_index = "0". @jvinga1 I am torn. You need to tell the core what device to map to what player, and we were doing it with core options in the config files based on details from the logs. For Device Type, my only choices are RetroPad, Retropad+Analog and None. I don't know) so I followed the instructions in that section like this: Emulation Station / Retropie/Retropie Setup/Config Tools/Configedit/Advanced Config/Manually Edit All Configurations and scrolling down to find all/retroarch-core-options.cfg. Although RetroPie is often able to accommodate the use of a joystick instead, manypopular titles are best played with their native controls. Optical sensor… And that worked. The easiest way to do this is to disable the other mouse/touchpad in Device Manager (The X-Arcade™ Trackball shows up as "Samsung" mouse), then re-enable it. (Tipp: Manchmal kann die Geschwindigkeit eines Spiels mit dem Ausschalten des Sounds gesteigert werden.) I edited and changed the index from 0 to 1 with no effect.

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