Sandata EVV: Client Data Entry ©2019 Slide 12 CREATE NEW CLIENT(S) 4. • Unknown visit may be needed if: – The client’s Medicaid eligibility is not on file yet. 1-855-871-8780 / Sandata Fixed Visit Verification (FVV): A small, in-home device when no other visit collection methods are possible or available. Enter the Webinar Number [xxxxxxxx] If prompted for an Attendee ID, press # Each participant is placed on mute upon entry, so that everyone can hear the instructor. Provider Agency/Company ID and Toll-Free Phone Numbers. Sandata EVV: TVV ©2019 Slide 2 OBJECTIVES After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Understand the call process utilizing the client’s telephone or any phone associated with the client. There are times where I have clocked in and at the end of my shift I try to clock out, I find that the system already clocked me out one min after I clocked in. Sandata EVV: MVV ©2019 Slide 2 OBJECTIVES After completing this lesson, you will be able to: Explain the purpose and basic functionality of Sandata Mobile Connect (SMC) Access and log on to SMC Identify the SMC window elements and explain how to navigate within the SMC App Describe the back-up call process utilizing the client’s telephone or any phone associated with the client. For questions about the EVV Program, please contact DHCF Phone (202) 905-4388 Fax (202) 727-5645 Email For technical assistance, Providers please contact Sandata Phone (855) 962 – 1322 Email Providers who are interested in using a 3rd party EVV vendor, should contact Sandata Sandata is the only vendor with Aggregator in production in a statewide Medicaid environment, and the only EVV … – The authorization has not been sent to Sandata yet. • Santrax will say: “ Is this a Group Visit, press 1 for Yes or 2 for No.” 4. Answer: Yes, there are a standard set of reports that is available in the Reports module. Sandata EVV: Visit Maintenance ©2019 Slide 13 VISIT MAINTENANCE: EXCEPTIONS Exception Description UNKNOWN CLIENTS Identifies when a visit occurs where the client is not known. Our solutions service both State Medicaid Agencies as well as MCOs. Sandata Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV): Uses automatic number identification (ANI) technology to validate phone calls from the member's or participant's identified phone number(s) to collect visit information. SMC: Starting a Group Visit . Most EVV systems have both a mobile device application that the user can download or utilizing telephone lines, requiring the caregiver to call the agency office via a landline. Caregivers call-in and call-out for each individual visit. This ID is also used by workers as they check in and out for visits using the mobile app. Phone Number Section Fields and Buttons ... Sandata EVV is designed to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Welcome to the Electronic Visit Verification(EVV) Training! 5. This process began in August 2019, so if your agency is currently in the certification process, or previously completed certification, no action needs to be taken. The State EVV Solution vendor; Sandata, offers a call center for Colorado EVV users. A cell phone or landline phone is required to access the Sandata Telephonic Visit Verification (TVV) phone line. Enter client’s PHONE NUMBER (Optional). TVV but they may use their own phone to access the SMC app only. • From the client’s home landline telephone. If the technical support question goes to the Department or DXC call center, it will be referred to the Sandata call center for resolution. The system (on the device and on phone app) still has issues when logging and clocking into the Sandata system. Sandata has been providing Electronic Visit Verification™ (EVV™) services for Self-Directed Care programs for over 15 years. Why does Help at Home need to implement EVV? Nothing needed. Sandata Technologies is the software vendor DHS has chosen as the provider of the EVV system. Press 1 “Received at