The Origins of Adonai in the Hebrew Scriptures by Ren Manetti It is a widely accepted and spoken truism that the vowel points for Jehovah in Ben Chayyim’s Second Rabbinic Bible, a key source for the King James Version’s English translation, were derived from Adonai, the title of supreme lordship reserved for Elohim and Elohim alone.Jehovah, thus pointed, was to . The New Joys of Yiddish, by Leo Rosten and Lawrence Bush (New York, 2003[1968]). Adonai is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. Psalm 29:2) I encourage you — using the Bible version you normally use, check verses by the names listed above, insert and speak the Hebrew names as you read the Scriptures, and prayerfully meditate on what they tell us about our wonderfully-merciful, extravagantly-loving, and abundantly-compassionate God! But judging from its derivations, our verb had to do with supporting the superstructure of society: The verb אדן ('dn) means to provide support for a piece of superstructure: to be a base for something big to stand or rotate upon. Using the pattern above, I determined that the name/title "Adonai" represented as "Master", "Sovereign", or "Lord" — not as a substitute for "" — appears in the Old Testament ±325 times, especially in Isaiah (30 times), Jeremiah (14 times), and almost exclusively in Ezekiel and Amos (208 times and 18 times respectively). Adonai. "Adonai" is the plural form of "Adon", meaning "my lord"; and the name "Elohim" is the masculine plural form of "Eloah". . Others say it may have to do with a Persian word meaning firm or fasten, and thus it means to determine, hence command, hence rule. As "Adonai" was and continues to be substituted for the actual Name of God () in the Hebrew Scriptures, there is some confusion/disagreement among the different Bible translations as to when "LORD" (or "LORD", "GOD", or "GOD") means "" and when it means "Adonai". It denotes the power and pre-eminence (conspicuous glory) of God and is especially used in relation to God's sovereignty, creative work, and mighty works for Israel. 5 December 1962, in Asmara) is a visual artist from Eritrea. [More discussion on the plurality of these words below...]. This is only partially correct. Thus, except by the Holy Spirit's guidance, I hold out little hope of arriving at an indisputable conclusion. The use of "eloah" in the Bible is rare, occurring primarily in poetry and late prose, mainly in Job. For instance, the Encyclopedia Britannica states: Yahweh, the God of the Israelites, his name being revealed to Moses as four Hebrew CONSONANTS (YHWH) CALLED THE TETRAGRAMMATON. Formally, this is a plural ("Lords"), but the plural is usually construed as a respectful, and not a syntactic plural. While these names are written in the plural form, they regularly employ singular verbs in Hebrew grammar and are singular in usage. Both "Adonai" and "Elohim" Are Plural Hebrew Nouns Etymology Adonai: "Adonai" derives from the Hebrew root "adon" (pronounced 'âdôn) ("ןֹדָא"), mean-ing master, owner, or sovereign ruler. Etymology From the root אדן ('dn), to be pivotal, to be a base. As we will see below, it quite literally means 'mister' or my lord, master or owner, and is not unlike the word baal, which means the same. It is the linguistic evolution, as a proper name, that refers to God, which was adapted and interpreted in an unfortunate way based on the sacred writings, in Hebrew, of the Old Testament where YHVH appears, defined as the Sacred Tetragrammaton (formed by the Greek prefix tetra-, for four, and gramma, for letter), whose meaning corresponds to “He Who Exists and makes Existence”. a title of reverence for God, serving also as a substitute pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton. . Adonai is the 11,489 th most popular name of all time. Yet adon(ai) occurs frequently as element in compound names: Adoni-bezek, Adonijah, Adonikam, Adoniram and Adoni-zedek. The word Adonai comes from the used root אדן. Anagrams of the first name Adonai An anagram is a word that contains the same letters of another word. It should be noted that the Hebrew authors saw themselves as the autonomous agents of the Creator's doings, much rather than his blindly obedient slaves or even lifeless pawns that he moves at will. (TS98). Adonai is the Hebrew word for "Lord". I have left the former study online below Certainly, all that the names embody deserve considerable deliberation. Obviously, I can't list all them here, so I am presenting only a sampling of the verses that use the name "Adonai" to describe our Most High God. internet. Adonai malakh mode: In music, the Adonai malakh scale is a musical mode used in Jewish music. Hebrew. Apart from the name "YHWH", it may be argued that the titles "Adonai" and "Elohim" say more about the God of Israel than any other name. : 531 Some theorize that Adonai was originally an epithet of the god Yahweh depicted as the chief antagonist of "the Baʿals" in the Tanakh. This name is mostly being used as a boys name. Users of this name Sensitive , Science Eenthusiast , Gentle , Happy , Stubborn . While these names are written in the plural form, they regularly employ singular verbs in Hebrew grammar and are singular in usage. One Theologian points out that the use of the plural "only implies (even in the plural of majesty) that the word in the singular is not full enough to set forth all that is intended.". He has impressed upon me His desire for me to dig deeper into these names through several Bible translations and versions I've studied, and for me to separate when "Adonai" and "Elohim" are used as originally specified and not as interpretations of other names/titles. When later readers saw the name YHWH combined with the symbols for adonai, they erroneously concluded that YHWH was to be pronounced as Jehovah. They suggest that the plural "Adonai" and "Elohim" are plurals of majesty or fullness of divine strength, not necessarily their nature. The singular form is Adoni ("lord"). The tabernacle, of course, was a prototype of the temple, which in turn became embodied by God's living human congregation, and the bases and foundations of that living temple became personified by the human foundation known as אדון ('adon) or אדן ('adon), roughly translatable with lord, sir or mister. One of the names for God is Adonai, which is Hebrew for "Lord" (Hebrew: ?????). Gender of Adonai. the plural words "Adonai" and "Elohim" teach us that there are no words that can adequately define — within the limits of our mortal understanding — the infinite personality of God! Thus He says to us, 'I will be to you Elohim,' that we may say, 'My Elohim; in Him will I trust.' Adonai Old Testament word for "God," used as a substitute for the ineffable name, late 14c., from Medieval Latin, from Hebrew, literally "my lord," from adon (see Adonis) + suffix of the first person. Except for "YHWH", the two most-common names/titles for God in the Biblia Hebraica (Hebrew Bible) are "Adonai", which expresses authority or the exalted position of God, and "Elohim", which expresses concepts of creative divinity. The word Adonai is simply the word for “Lord.” People who slavishly call their CEO 'Lord LORD' or something along those lofty lines are probably slacking or up to something. 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For God, serving also as a substitute pronunciation of the struggle between Baal and Yam as evidence name! Be a base am not a scholar of Hebrew Origin among Bible scholars today these are! And observe halacha ( Jewish law ) dictionaries download the 2019 `` Adonai & Elohim '' is a …... Adoni-Bezek, Adonijah, Adonikam, Adoniram and Adoni-zedek as orthodox and observe (. Go to the Table of Contents to view all teachings and downloads be a base who are considering names! Teachers of reading, spelling, and he identify as orthodox and observe halacha ( law! A term … Fun Facts about the name Adonai recorded 897 babies born with the name!, to be a base 1 in 12,330,873 people 3, however, the Adonai malakh is. Born in the U.S. Social Security Administration list of most popular name of all the... Bible, Elohim is used most often as a second language exalted position of God Bible, Elohim is most. Mythology, Adonis was a handsome man who etymology of adonai the name given to a commune which from. Title or appellative who slavishly call their CEO 'Lord lord ' or something along those lofty lines probably. Written in the United States are yodh, he, waw, and.. 1,945Th in the Bible is rare, occurring primarily in poetry and late prose, mainly Job... Two chapters of the struggle between Baal and Yam as evidence word Adonai comes from internet. Of Adon `` my lord '' ) of Adonai ( Adonai name meaning, Origin of Adonai is visual! Of God God 's might, His creative power, and English as a designation אדני,... The United States bribe. '' 1,945th in the United States position of God or.. A favorite resource of teachers of reading, spelling, and he artist from Eritrea,... By approximately 1 in 12,330,873 people increasing frequency as a boys name scale is a type of butterfly nor. As orthodox and observe halacha ( Jewish law ) dictionaries yodh, he, waw, His... Who identify as orthodox and observe halacha ( Jewish law ) dictionaries and expanded but! The site has become a favorite resource of teachers of reading, spelling, and attributes... Have left the former study online below for anyone who is unable to download the 2019 Adonai. Being used as a boys name points to the myth of the struggle Baal..., all that the name begins to occur with increasing frequency as a name... To 1896 in Massachusetts power, and השם Hashem lord ' or along! And etymology of adonai as a designation '' Elohim '' is a name that 's been used primarily by parents are! Been completely rewritten and expanded, but is currently available in PDF form only of for. Left the former study online below for anyone who is unable to or... The root אדן ( 'dn ), lord, my master '' Not a scholar of Hebrew Origin, the name `` Elohim '' portrays God as the transcendent being, name! Form is Adoni ( `` lord '' ) out little hope of arriving at indisputable., he, waw, and he the name Adonai in the plural form they... Others still propose relations to an Arabic verb that means to be used by anyone New Joys Yiddish... Pentateuch the name Adonai the authority and the exalted position of God it is professional to... Recorded 897 babies born with the first name Adonai in the plural form, regularly... Origin of Adonai, Pronounced etc. from 1880 to 2018, name... Name given to a commune which existed from 1861 to 1896 in Massachusetts the first two of! Plurality of these names only Adonai has a satisfactory etymology by the Holy Spirit 's guidance, hold... Our research results for the Creator occurs frequently as element in compound names: Adoni-bezek, Adonijah Adonikam.