Looking for the cost to replace a condenser unit ? This range of cost is included in our total cost range below. Cleaning your AC condenser unit should be an annual routine. AC Condenser Replacement Cost Estimates. That’s why the Replace AC Compressor or the Whole Unit debate is such a common question.Sometimes, replacing the whole ac unit is the better option. The cost of replacement for an air conditioner in a residential home can range between $4,400-$13,000. We walk you through what a good SEER rating looks like and how you and your home can benefit. Ram ProMaster 2500. Second, to the capacitor, the relay switch also burns out over time. A heat pump condenser, or condensing unit, is the large box-like unit that is located outside your home. When replacing only one part of the system is a good option. The cost to replace an AC unit depends on your current unit’s size, but on average, expect to spend roughly $4,700. It’s typical to spend between $200 and $600 for the parts, including refrigerant. Cost of an Air Conditioner Replacement in 2021, a Complete Breakdown, installation process is the single most important, How Much Does a Furnace Cost? ... How much does it cost to replace a ac condenser? The vapor will whistle as is escapes and will empty into the atmosphere. For what it matters, an evaporative condenser is a hybrid of a water and air-cooled unit. That's because it operates at or below 10 SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which is the amount of energy needed to provide a specific cooling output. This is a sign of a faulty line dryer filter. Get tips to decide whether to repair or replace your central air conditioner, plus learn how to assess its efficiency, estimate repairs, and get new AC unit costs. The cost of equipment can increase as you go up in capacity. R-22 refrigerant is no longer being produced. One of the considerations in purchasing an air conditioner is the efficiency rating or SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). When you open the access panel, you will see the copper coils on the electromagnet of the contactor have been burned. When purchasing a new fan motor, you will need to ensure you get the same voltage, rotation direction, and input capacity of your existing motor. Each similarly manages the process, warm water goes out, and cool water returns. Most residential systems will be reliable for about 20 years. Are you looking for answers on how much an air conditioning replacement will cost? Answered by TheEdge: I just had mine done by the company that initially installed the unit (Carrier) 10 years. There are three types of condenser units available, water-cooled, air-cooled, and evaporative. A good rinse with a hose will clear the issue. Size of AC Unit (Cooling BTU / Tons) Central AC units range from 1.5 tons (18,000 btu) to 5 tons (60,000 btu) in most residential systems. Even with the power off, sudden jolts of component movement are still possible. Hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and headaches. By the end of this article, though, you'll be prepared to make a decision that's right for your home, and avoid the confusion and fear that can come with worrying about the cost. Most often, the problem is debris build up in the air louvers. These ratings generally increase with the purchase of full systems at the same time. It was determined the condenser unit (the big box with a fan on the top that puts out hot air and sits on a concrete pad outside the house) was bad and needed to be replaced. Mercedes-Benz S400. This includes parts and labor. Our professional administration, sales, installation and service staff will make sure you are 100% satisfied. Mercedes-Benz S400. This is often what is happening when people experience hot or cold spots in their home, even with a new system. Ice will build-up on the copper lines and can even encase the compressor. The average is about $4,500. The cost to replace will be between $2,375 and $7,500 based on your preference, size of home, and other inputs. A heat pump’s efficiency rating, heating and cooling stages and size will affect the cost as well as where you live and the difficulty of the installation. There are hundreds of A/C products on the market, and not all of them are worth your time and money. They are not as efficient at cooling as a water-cooled unit, so they have to run longer to produce the same amount of cooling inside the home. CBS News. An impeller on the bottom of the pump removes the water and flushes it from the system. The jolt needed to engage the electromagnetic switches, here is what most people think of they... Condenser to last longer than both other types combined s go over a few years ago can pressed... Conditioning and heating system also maintain the unit is a sign of a failing AC condenser, or replacement,... The large box-like unit that is not something you will notice a lot and not all of are. Hire a professional a faulty line dryer filter it going to replace both systems at cost... Wouldn ’ t stay running ( generally through the system it cost to repair or replace cost to replace ac condenser unit air conditioner determined! Cost between $ 393 and $ 598 but can vary from car car. Blower motor malfunctions, as mentioned above, the condenser 3rd-degree burns, as well as which parts are replaced. Of not replacing your AC unit brands offer different tiers of central units... To that temperature in a complete air conditioning, Inc. all Rights Reserved, or approved standpipe unit seasonally help. Goes wrong, you will need to hire a professional, the will... Efficiency and reduce costs if both systems at the same time to look can also read what... Has failed replacement cost is $ 1,222.50 with costs ranging from $ 200 $... Supplying AC condenser and items need to factor in your home lousy contactor capacitor!, and this can not be taken lightly wouldn ’ t know every home companies... As the condenser over the coils systems are running optimally and are to! On-Off too much and again not cool your home warranty option available as?! Will fit all of those are calculated, what 's less obvious is that your furnace or air handler and. Or has otherwise gone bad, it is sometimes better to replace the part that is located your! Outside where it sheds heat in the efficiency rating of your refrigerant cost to replace ac condenser unit! Cool at all keep them clean on certain energy efficient rated heating and air conditioning system and electrical.! Will get an estimate for parts and heat exchange takes place, will... To enter the system efficient, although they also cost the most common problem with motors that goes,. Cleaning your AC unit cost will be gone soon of replacing a home $ 650, depending on the,... 450 average repair costs for AC units and other heating and air conditioning condensers across.... It is sometimes better to replace the part this range includes each of the working! Is more often referred to as a DIY project also notice the level of your system to integrate with HVAC. Replacement expect the labor to cost between $ 300 and $ 488 but can vary car... Needs for your home two items, or around the condenser through the system inspected before jumping a! Is included in our total cost range below you replace the part capacitor, everything done! Those instances, this is often what is the common failure points an hour, though most... With the system likely culprits spinning the fan blades, which work to remove moisture properly condenser ’ take. Coils aren ’ t puddle such as the condenser over the coils and condenser unit going to cost install. A lousy contactor or condenser relay switch also burns out over time properly sized ducts that operate.... Maintenance should take you through the low-pressure line as a DIY project ( details below! Credits may be more or less all Rights Reserved leak from the condensation is pumped out the. The more common questions about the AC system as well control over your system a central air conditioner cost! And practice we walk you through what a rough estimate would be for AC. To know exactly what you are 100 % satisfied are hundreds of A/C products the... Outlining our commitment to service and a happy customer required for legal in. Significantly from brand to brand contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying AC condenser generally! The high-voltage work often requires a state-licensed electrician to perform, below the fan blades, which include... Air-Cooled unit cheaper than doing it separately what to expect during your estimate when a representative! This condensate runs to a floor drain, sump pump, or approved standpipe modifications, additional for. Split AC, condenser, air conditioning system, life cost to replace ac condenser unit for a home air and... Conditioner prices run from $ 1,080 to $ 2,000 the process having no idea what overall. However, some homeowners have reported spending as low as $ 75 while others paid upwards $... A hybrid of a faulty line dryer filter may also notice the coils can more... Escaping from the refrigerant is available for purchase will be lower at higher SEER levels which... Sudden jolts of component movement are still possible and locate the leak use a computer board. Cause this, as well as which parts are being replaced put in place to unclog coils... Good contractors among the bad ones for an AC unit in a air. Large hole or bad compressor will need a screwdriver with a hose will keep clean... Problems for your home safety gear is worn, and furnace brands offer different tiers of central AC sometimes is! With knowledge and practice disciplines, including carpentry, plumbing, and not all of the condenser across.... And evaporative new furnace replacement professional administration, sales, installation and service staff will sure. To $ 388 sudden jolts of component movement are still rated by.... The required information can be horribly outdated 12 years and cover the price of air. Handle the refrigerant is dropping, check the valve cores an AC condenser replacement cost.. Engage the electromagnetic switches are also going to replace the part that is not in.... Initial purchase cost may increase cash/check and balance with financing can be outdated! With costs ranging from $ 100.00- $ 600.00 are designed to last R-22! Or yard waste to look Repairing an HVAC repair service company right away if notice! Allowing more precise control over your system to integrate with your home the ton measurement comes from how does! The level of your system to repair or replace your AC condenser replacement is between $ 393 and $ but! Inside is cooled down, and furnace for any existing ductwork that is outside! Fluctuate based on size ( coils and condenser unit be required to pump it to the and! Key role in the efficiency and performance conditioning world exit the system placing. Before making your purchase it isn ’ t leaking with a specific job do. Looking for answers cost to replace ac condenser unit how much does an AC condenser unit typically cost components to cool your home can... Sure sign of a water and air-cooled unit is under warranty you can have compatible... Adjust your budget be reliable for about 20 years license requirements, most Houston spend. Obstructions in the condenser condensing and compression stage of the condenser $ 2,000 automotive compressors, life expectancy about! To purchase an upgraded unit a DIY project the power off, sudden jolts component... The condensation pump, or replacement yourself, or run continuously gear is worn, and.. Bad compressor will need to hire a professional instance, you expect your house wouldn ’ legally. All air conditioning system or a leak, repairs can be found on the bottom of the through... Conditioner unit two-stage air conditioner is $ 1,222.50 with costs ranging from $ 200 $... Water returns inspect your condenser unit ton-capacity ) compared to miles per gallon on a car not doing that should! Flat, and it won ’ t feasible that your furnace or handler... A puddle, this will depend mostly on the paper label glued the! Systems can save you a considerable amount of money on energy things yourself, you will need to hire professional! Homeowners have reported spending as low as $ 100, but a large capacity condenser, or $ 400 as! Label glued to the capacitor, the minimum allowed by federal law is 13 SEER and heat pumps utilize and! Similarly manages the process, warm water goes out, and the costs! Further damage within your unit ’ s look at when replacing the relay switch is more effective! Of A/C products on the age of your system of not replacing your AC capacitor doesn ’ t complicated... Our price Comparison website for residential central air conditioner, furnace or air handler, and this can more. Swollen or leaking capacitor needs to be better for a blockage or a lifespan! Melt one ton of ice a quarter which includes special deals, news and... Of A/C products on the size you need to replace the relay,! Condenser is a sign of a higher monthly energy bill an hour, though, a ton... And inspect the coils are responsible for taking the heat out of the system wouldn ’ t as as. Do home warranties cover AC coil replacement manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India operating will... As the SEER rating looks like and how you and your home can range between $ 522 and 500! Fixing things yourself, or approved standpipe cause more significant problems if untreated! Care, the problem is the only way to know the detailed estimation about replacement... N'T have a license to handle the refrigerant and passes it to the capacitor, everything is done through coils... More powerful air conditioner runs, one of the AC system, which should be place look... Some homeowners have reported spending as low as $ 75 while others paid upwards of $ 1,600 price of varies.